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AlKalaawy, M., M. AlZohairy, A. Mostafa, and A. AlKalaawy, "Major Hepatectomies Without Blood Transfusion (20 years experience)", European Society Of Surgical Oncology, Valencia Spain, 30 September, 2012.
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H.A.Khater, M.M.Kamel, and T.I.Borham, "Maize yield as influenced by some plowing practices and fertilization", American-eurasian J.Agric.&Environ.Sci., vol. 12, issue 5, pp. 664-668, 2012. plowing.pdf
Kamala, K. Y., M. Khodaeiaminjan, G. Yahya, A. A. EL-tantawy, D. A. Moneim, M. A. El-Esawi, M. Abd-Elaziz, and N. Amr, "Maize seedlings exhibit modulation of cell cycle progression and chromatin dynamic as tolerance machinery upon exposure to salinity and drought stress", Physiologia Plantarum, vol. 1, pp. 1-12, 2020. 2020_modulation_of_cell_cycle_progression_and_chromatin_dynamic_as.pdf
AbdElgawad, H., G. Zinta, B. A. Hamed, S. Selim, G. Beemster, W. N. Hozzein, M. A. M. Wadaan, H. Asard, and W. Abuelsoud, "Maize roots and shoots show distinct profiles of oxidative stress and antioxidant defense under heavy metal toxicity", Environmental Pollution, vol. 258, pp. 113705, 2020. AbstractWebsite

Heavy metal accumulation in agricultural land causes crop production losses worldwide. Metal homeostasis within cells is tightly regulated. However, homeostasis breakdown leads to accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Overall plant fitness under stressful environment is determined by coordination between roots and shoots. But little is known about organ specific responses to heavy metals, whether it depends on the metal category (redox or non-redox reactive) and if these responses are associated with heavy metal accumulation in each organ or there are driven by other signals. Maize seedlings were subjected to sub-lethal concentrations of four metals (Zn, Ni, Cd and Cu) individually, and were quantified for growth, ABA level, and redox alterations in roots, mature leaves (L1,2) and young leaves (L3,4) at 14 and 21 days after sowing (DAS). The treatments caused significant increase in endogenous metal levels in all organs but to different degrees, where roots showed the highest levels. Biomass was significantly reduced under heavy metal stress. Although old leaves accumulated less heavy metal content than root, the reduction in their biomass (FW) was more pronounced. Metal exposure triggered ABA accumulation and stomatal closure mainly in older leaves, which consequently reduced photosynthesis. Heavy metals induced oxidative stress in the maize organs, but to different degrees. Tocopherols, polyphenols and flavonoids increased specifically in the shoot under Zn, Ni and Cu, while under Cd treatment they played a minor role. Under Cu and Cd stress, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and dehydroascorbate reductase (DHAR) activities were induced in the roots, however ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activity was only increased in the older leaves. Overall, it can be concluded that root and shoot organs specific responses to heavy metal toxicity are not only associated with heavy metal accumulation and they are specialized at the level of antioxidants to cope with.

Hazman, M. Y., and F. F. Kabil, "Maize root responses to drought stress depend on root class and axial position", Journal of Plant Research, vol. 135, issue, pp. 105-120, 2022.
Al-Naggar, A. M. M., R. A. Shabana, M. M. M. Atta, and T. H. Al-Khalil, "Maize response to elevated plant density combined with lowered N-fertilizer rate is genotype-dependent", T H E C R O P J O U R N A L, vol. 3, pp. 96-109, 2015. new_copy_of_crop_j._paper.pdf
Talaat, N. B., M. M. Rady, M. T. Abdelhamid, B. T. Shawky, and E. - S. M. Desoky, "Maize (Zea mays L.) grains extract mitigates the deleterious effects of salt stress on common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) growth and physiology", The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, vol. 94, issue 6, pp. 777–789, 2019.
Aziz, M. Z., K. ayad, and M. M. Zaki, Maitland versus mulligan mobilization in treatment of knee osteoarthritis, : Cairo university, 2014.
Alansari, S. M., and E. F. Youssef, "Maitland mobilization versus mulligan mobilization in sub-acute and chronic non-specific neck pain", International Journal of Applied Research , vol. 5(9): , pp. 147-153, 2019.
Maher, H., M. F. Aly, A. H. Islam, and T. Abdelmaguid, "A maintenance optimization approach based on genetic algorithm for multi-component systems considering the effect of human error", International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, vol. 40, issue 1, pp. 51-78, 2022. AbstractWebsite

The total maintenance cost can be reduced by grouping maintenance actions of several components. This paper contributes to the existing literature by introducing an enhanced maintenance optimization approach that considers the effect of maintenance crew loading due to grouping on the maintenance decisions of multi-component systems. A modified mathematical model is firstly developed for evaluating the failure probability function of each component, the remaining useful life and the maintenance cost. Economic and structural dependencies are taken into consideration. A simulation is secondly implemented to provide estimates of the associated costs with changes in the decision variables. Using the simulation model, an optimization approach based on a genetic algorithm is thirdly developed to minimize the long-term mean maintenance cost per unit time. Computational results show that the proposed maintenance optimization approach provides considerable maintenance cost savings and emphasizes the importance of considering the effect of maintenance crew constraints in maintenance scheduling.

Hamshary, O. E., M. Abouhamad, and M. Marzouk, "Maintenance Framework for Subway Network Systems Using BIM", Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, vol. 36, no. 5: American Society of Civil Engineers, pp. 04022045, 2022. Abstract
Metwalli, S. M., A. M. E. Radwan, O. Abdel-Wehab, O. Shalaby, Y. A. Moussa, and Y. A. Hosni, "MAINTENANCE AND PARTS FABRICATION BY REVERSE ENGINEERING", ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Paper No. DETC99/CIE-9134, September 13, 1999. Abstract


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and Sahar M. Abd Elwahab, A. A. M. Allatif, and B. M. Mamdouh, "MAINTAINING FRUIT QUALITY OF COLD STORED MANGO CV. KEITT VIA EXOGENOUS POSTHARVEST TREATMENTS", Plant Archives, vol. 20, issue 2, pp. 9611-9619, 2020. maintaining_fruit_quality_of_cold_stored_mango_cv._keitt.pdf
Imam, S., "Maintaining Character through Urban Morphology Analysis", Jounal of Open House International, vol. 42, issue 4, 2017. abstract.pdf
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