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HEBA M. HAMAD, N. A. Fouad, and M. O. N. A. S. ATRESS, "Knowledge and Practices Regarding Menstrual Hygiene among Mentally Retarded Females at Schools ", Medical Journal of Cairo University, vol. Vol. 86,, issue No. 3, June, pp. 1743-1750, Submitted. menstrual_hygiene.pdf
Sumengen, B., M. El-Saban, and B. S. Manjunath, KNOWLEDGE-GUIDED INTERACTIVE SEGMENTATION USING CURVE EVOLUTION, , Submitted. Abstract
In Press
Elhassan, M. M., A. M. Mahmoud, M. A. Hegazy, and S. Mowaka, "Kinetic Degradation Study of Ipragliflozin Coupled with MS/MS Structural Elucidation", Chromatographia, vol. 85, issue 3: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 233-245, 2022. Abstract
Maurice, A. E., M. K. Azer, P. D. Asimow, F. F. Basta, H. M. Helmy, and T. Shibata, "THE KABR EL-BONAYA PERIDOTITES, SOUTHEASTERN SINAI, EGYPT: PETROLOGY, GEOCHEMISTRY, AND METAMORPHISM OF NEOPROTEROZOIC ARC ULTRAMAFIC CUMULATES", American Journal of Science, vol. 321, issue 10, pp. 1445–1496, 2021.
Elhamid, B. A., S. Samy, A. Abdullah, A. Saad, M. Ollaek, and A. Ahmed, "Ketamine versus neostigmine as adjuvants to bupivacaine during ultrasound-guided serratus anterior plane block in modified radical mastectomy. A randomized controlled trial", Egyptian Journal of Anesthesia. , vol. 37, issue 1, pp. 356–363, 2021.
Hegazy, M., and N. Kamareldawla, "Key audit matters: Did IAASB unravel the knots of confusion in audit reports decisions?", Managerial auditing journal, vol. 36, issue 8, pp. 1025-1052, 2021.
Nabil, R., "Khayri Shalabi’s Rehālāt al-Torshagi al-Halwagi fi al-Zamān: A Decolonial Reading", Academia Letters, 2021. Abstract

A decolonial reading presupposes provincializing the Eurocentric modernity/coloniality, which evaluates non-European cultural traditions exclusively in light of the European model, and from within the European tradition, instead of perceiving these traditions from the outside, and from an external position. As a result, non-European cultures are recognized and framed as subordinate not for being unfamiliarly different to their Western counterpart, but for being a deformed aberration to the universalized monolithic norm. Under such coloniality of imagination, the particular complexities of the non-European imaginaire are devalued by the rhetoric of modernity. A decolonial reading of Khayri Shalabi’s imaginary travelogue Rehālāt al- Torshagi al-Halwagi fi al-Zamān (1983) embarks from exploring the poetics of deconstruct- ing “the colonization of the imagination” (Quijano 23). The paper examines the revalidation of the local cultural heritage, and the restitution of narrative traditions as manifestations of alterity to modernity.

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Mostafa, A. M., E. M. Shoukry, M. R. Shehata, and E. Mohamed, "Kinetics, mechanism and DFT calculations on base hydrolysis of-amino acid esters catalyzed by [Pd (TMPDA)(H2O) 2] 2+", Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, vol. 64, issue 2: National Information and Documentation Centre (NIDOC), Academy of Scientific …, pp. 903-912, 2021. Abstract
HAMDY, M. O. N. A., I. Shaheen, H. S. E. Din, B. Ali, and O. A. E. Dayem, "Klotho Level as a Marker of Low Bone Mineral Density in Egyptian Sickle Cell Disease Patients", Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (JPHO), 2021.
Elgohary, D. H., T. F. Khalifa, M. M. Salem, N. M. Aly, E. Hassan, and A. A. Shamaa, "Knitted cardiac mesh to support left ventricular hypertrophy: an in vivo experimental study: “Supporting left ventricular hypertrophy using cardiac support mesh”", Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 2021. AbstractWebsite
Alboraie, M., M. A. Allam, N. Youssef, M. Abdalgaber, F. El-Raey, N. Abdeen, R. E. Mahdy, O. Elshaarawy, A. Elgebaly, T. Haydara, et al., "Knowledge, Applicability, and Barriers of Telemedicine in Egypt: A National Survey", International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications, vol. 2021: Hindawi, 2021. Abstract
Abdelhafiz, A. S., 2 Walaa A. Khairy, M. A. Fouda, R. M. Labib, E. A. Sultan, H. H. Ziady, and D. M. Sayed, "Knowledge, Attitude, and Opinions of Egyptian Medical Students Toward Biobanking Issues", Innov Dig Health Diagn Bio, vol. 1, issue 2, pp. 1-8, 2021.
Abdelhafiz, A. S., E. A. Sultan, H. H. Ziady, D. M. Sayed, and W. A. Khairy, "Knowledge, perceptions and attitude of Egyptian physicians towards biobanking issues", PLOS ONE, 2021. journal.pone_.0248401_1.pdf
Abdelmoezz, S., and S. M. Mohamed, "The Kumaraswamy Lindley Regression Model with Application on the Egyptian Stock Exchange", JURNAL MATEMATIKA, STATISTIKA DAN KOMPUTASI (JMSK), vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 1-11, 2021. the_kumaraswamy_lindley_regression_model.pdf
Abdelmoezz, S., and S. M. Mohamed, "The Kumaraswamy Lindley Regression Model with Application on the Egyptian Stock Exchange", Jurnal Matematika, Statistika & Komputasi, vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 1-11, 2021. the_kumaraswamy_lindley_regression_model.pdf