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Kamal, A., M. Salama, A. Kamal, A. Mohsen, and I. Siam, "Klotho (rs1207568 and rs564481) Gene Variants and Colorectal Cancer Risk", Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 31, no. 7: AVES, pp. 497-502, 2020. AbstractWebsite

Background/Aims: Whereas colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide, klotho gene has been reported as a tumor suppressor gene. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the association between klotho (rs1207568 and rs564481) variants and CRC in Egyptian patients. Materials and Methods: A case-control study comprising 100 patients with CRC and 100 age- and sex-matched healthy controls was conducted. Genotyping of klotho was performed by polymerase chain reaction with confronting two-pair primers. Results: The frequencies of the A allele of rs1207568 and the AC haplotype were significantly higher in patients with CRC than in the controls (p=0.019 and p=0.005, respectively). Conclusion: We propose that klotho (rs1207568 and rs564481) variants play a significant role in colorectal carcinogenesis and that the klotho protein could be a target for oncotherapy. © Copyright 2020 by The Turkish Society of Gastroenterology

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