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Eid, S. M., M. A. Sultan, R. I. Badr, and O. Hegazi, "Heuristic improvement of traffic networks via directivity adjustment", Proceedings of the 25th. Conference on Statistics, Computer Science and Operations Research, Cairo, EGYPT, pp. 4.119-4.135, 1990.
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Fifty-one patients with CCT verified cerebral infarction were submitted to serum and CSF radioimmunoassay of FSH, LH, estradiol (E2), progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and T4. The results were compared to those of 82 matched controls. Our findings suggest that (1) high serum E2 is a risk factor of stroke in males; (2) low serum T4 is a risk factor in males; (3) serum testosterone is reduced in acute stroke in males confirming that it is stress sensitive; (4) serum LH was higher in hypertensive thrombotic males when compared to normotensive ones, and (5) FSH, LH, E2 and T4 are undetectable in CSF of patients and controls.

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Gaafar, K., A. R. laila khalek, N. K.El-Sayed, and S. H. Karam, "Histoenzyme changes in chronic methyl alcohol retinotoxicity in rats", the egyptian journal of histology, vol. 14, pp. 377-384, 1991. Abstracthistoenzyme_changes.pdf

Male albino rats were administered methyl alcohol in their drinking water as 2,4 ad 6% solutions for four weeks. Methyl alcohol concentration was determind in the sera of rats after 1,2 and 4 weeks and was found too increase significantly.

Retinal tissue was removed at similar time intervals for histopathologic and histoenzymologic examination. The retinal damage was directed at the photoreceptors primarily and the neuronal elements. A significant finding was the loss of outer layers of the retina after prolonged methyl alcohol intake. Succinic dehydrogenase (SDH) increased and NAD-linked lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) decreased indicating enhanced aerobic glycolysis and depressed anaerobic glycolysis. Acid phosphatase (ACP), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) activities were notably increased in the pigment epithelium, choroid and sites of enzyme activities in the retina. The increase in ALP and ATPase in the pigment epithelium may be attributable to the increased demands of the retina for metabolic exchange and reflect modified membrane permeability induced by the toxin.

El-Mawla, N. M. G., A. S. Ibrahim, S. EL-Said, A. A.Zaki, M. M.Saber, A.I.El-Khodary, Hussein.M.Khalid, M. G. Rabab, H. M.El-Zawahri, Abdel-Wareth, et al., "Hodgkin's disease: A clinico-epidemiological study of 587 cases", J. Egypt. Nat, Cancer Inst., vol. 5, issue 2, pp. 393-399,, 1991.
Khalil, M. W., and A. M. A. Rahim, "Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Titanium and Oxide-Covered Titanium Electrodes", Mat.-wiss. u. Werkstofftech. , vol. 22, pp. 390-395, 1991.
Youssef, S. A., A. Ramadan, N. A. Afifi, and M. D. Aziz, "Haemodynamic alterations induced by toxic level of sodium taurocholate.", DTW. Deutsche tierarztliche Wochenschrift, vol. 98, issue 2, pp. 56-60, 1991 Feb. Abstract

Haemodynamic effects of sodium taurocholate (S.T.) were studied on isolated guinea pig's auricles, rabbit's heart, rabbit's aortic strip, guinea pig's tracheal chain as well as the blood pressure and ECG pattern changes in pentobarbital anaesthetized dogs. S.T. induced significant negative inotropic and chronotropic effects on the isolated auricles of guinea pig's especially in higher concentrations. Using isolated rabbit's heart, the negative inotropic and chronotropic effects induced by S.T. were found to be depending on the concentration. Cardio-inhibitory actions of the salt are not due to either cholinergic beta 1-adrenergic blocking effect or nicotine like activity. S.T. in all tested concentrations had no effect on the contractile response of isolated rabbit's aortic strip or guinea pig's tracheal chain and did not prevent the contractile response induced by noradrenaline and histamine. In anaesthetized dogs, i.v. injections of the salt in a dose of 30 mg/kg b. wt. produced a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic pressure, but lower doses induced no significant changes. A dose of 30 mg/kg b. wt. of the salt potentiates the decrease in systolic and diastolic pressure when coadministered with the neuromuscular blocking agent, atracurium besylate. Atropine, propranolol and phentolamine did not alter the hypotensive effect of S.T. (neither cholinergic nor beta 1-adrenergic blocking effect). The electrocardiographic pattern induced by S.T. (20-30 mg/kg b. wt.) in dogs were mainly characterized by decrease in heart rate and prolongation of P-T interval.