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Kana, M. T. H. A., S. A. El‑Daly, and A. H. M. Elwahy, "Hamdan AS Al‑Shamiri, Mahmoud EM Sakr 3, Samir A. Abdel‑Latif 4, Nabel A. Negm 5", Scientific Reports, vol. 12, pp. 19937, 2022. Abstract
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Abdelmaguid, T. F., and W. Elrashidy, "Halting decisions for gas pipeline construction projects using AHP: a case study", Operational Research: An International Journal, vol. 19, issue 1, pp. 179-199, 2019. AbstractWebsite

This paper considers a decision making problem encountered by a natural gas pipeline construction company having a set of ongoing projects and facing unpredictable risks that can result in large deviations from planned schedules. This situation forces the company to consider the decision of halting one or more projects to avoid future losses and to allow for possible reallocation of some of their resources to other ongoing projects. This decision making problem involves different factors and criteria that need to be combined in an organized structure that exploits assessments of experts managing such projects. The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is found to be suitable for guiding decisions in this problem. A case study for a major natural gas pipeline construction company in Egypt is presented, where three ongoing projects are considered. The proposed AHP structure, along with collected pairwise comparison scores and calculated priorities, suggests halting one project. Sensitivity analysis is conducted to investigate the effect of changes in the pairwise comparison scores assigned to the main criteria on the final decision. The results and analysis provide some insights regarding the application of the AHP and the relative importance of the factors affecting decisions.

Galvan-Ampudia, C. S., M. M. Julkowska, E. Darwish, J. Gandullo, R. A. Korver, G. Brunoud, M. A. Haring, T. Munnik, T. Vernoux, and C. Testerink, "Halotropism is a response of plant roots to avoid a saline environment", Current Biology, vol. 23, no. 20: Elsevier, pp. 2044–2050, 2013. Abstract
Khan, A., T. Wang, T. Hussain, Amna, F. Ali, F. Shi, A. Latef, O. Ali, K. Hayat, S. Mehmood, et al., "Halotolerant-Koccuria rhizophila (14asp)-Induced Amendment of Salt Stress in Pea Plants by Limiting Na+ Uptake and Elevating Production of Antioxidants", Agronomy, vol. 11, issue 10, pp. 1907, 2021. AbstractWebsite

Endophytic bacteria are useful for their safe services in plant growth improvement and for ameliorating abiotic and biotic stresses. Salt-tolerant plant-growth-promoting Kocuria rhizophila 14asp (accession number KF 875448) was investigated for its role in pea plants under a saline environment. Salt stress (75 mM and 150 mM NaCl) was subjected to two pea varieties, peas2009 and 9800-10, in a greenhouse under a complete randomized design. Different parameters such as plant growth promotion, relative water content, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and mineral contents were analyzed to elucidate the extent of tolerance persuaded by PGPB (plant-growth-promoting bacteria). Exhibition of adverse effects was noticed in uninoculated varieties. However, inoculation of K. rhizophila improved the morphological parameters, antioxidant enzymes, and minimized the uptake of Na+ in plants under various saline regimes. Pea variety 9800-10 exhibited more tolerance than peas2009 in all traits, such as root and shoot length, fresh and dry biomass, chlorophyll contents, and antioxidant enzymes. Our results showed that halotolerant K. rhizophila inoculation plays a vital role in enhancing plant growth by interacting ingeniously with plants through antioxidant systems, enduring saline conditions.

Badawi, M. H., A. Mohy Eldin, S. Abd-elmonem, and S. M. Abdelsadek, "Halotolerant microresidents of mangrove swamps are among the pillars of barley development in salt-affected environments.", Inter. J. Advanced Eng. Manag. Sci.,, vol. 2, issue 8, pp. 1385-1398, 2016. Abstract
Badawi, M. H., A. Mohy Eldin, S. Abd-elmonem, and S. M. Abdelsadek, "Halotolerant microresidents of mangrove swamps are among the pillars of barley development in salt-affected environments.", Inter. J. Advanced Eng. Manag. Sci.,, vol. 2, issue 8, pp. 1385-1398, 2016. Abstract
Shaer, H. M. E. L., and E. A. Gihad, "Halophytes as animal feeds in Egyptian deserts", Halophytes as a resource for livestock and for rehabilitation of degraded lands: Springer, pp. 281-284, 1994. Abstract