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Tadros, S. J., D. H. Mohamed, M. M. S.Ahmed, and Y. H. A. Hussein, "Effect of Adipose-derived stem cells versus clomiphen on treatment of experimental polycystic ovary in rats: Histological and Immunohistochemical study", egyptian journal of histology, vol. 41 , issue 4, pp. 373-385, 2018.
Mostafa, D. R. S., "The effect of adipose derived stem cells on bone Regeneration in mandibular cavity defects", Egyptian Dental Journal, vol. 61, issue 5, pp. 1269, 2015.
Abdel-Wahab, M. M., "Effect of adiabatic heating on the change of surface pressure, ", Mausam. , vol. Vol.38, pp. 1, , 1987.
Abdel-Aziz, M., khaled azooz, N. Naguib, R. Reda, and A. Kamel, "The effect of adenotonsillectomy on obstructive sleep apnea in children with Down syndrome.", Acta oto-laryngologica, vol. 137, issue 9, pp. 981-985, 2017 Sep. Abstract

OBJECTIVE: Children with Down syndrome (DS) are liable to develop obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) due to many anatomical airway abnormalities. The tonsils and adenoid occupy part of the airway space, and their removal may be helpful in relieving airway obstruction. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of adenotonsillectomy in the treatment of OSA in those children.

METHODS: Fifty DS children with difficult breathing were recruited, and they were subjected to polysomnographic examination (PSG). Patients with apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) > 1 were considered to have OSA. Adenotonsillectomy was performed for patients who had OSA and adenotonsillar hypertrophy, and after 3 months PSG was done for them with recording of the same preoperative parameters.

RESULTS: Forty-three children demonstrated OSA on PSG, and they were included in the study. The preoperative mean AHI was 9.18 (± 6.17) that improved postoperatively to 2.72 (± 3.80) with its normalization in 72% of patients. Also, significant improvement of arousal index, minimum oxygen saturation, desaturation index, and peak end-tidal CO was achieved postoperatively.

CONCLUSION: Adenotonsillectomy is an effective method for the treatment of OSA in children with DS. However, the condition may persist in some children who usually have airway narrowing at multiple levels.

Abdel-Aziz, M., khaled azooz, N. Naguib, and R. Reda, "The effect of adenotonsillectomy on obstructive sleep apnea in children with Down syndrome", Acta Otolaryngologica, vol. 137, issue 9, pp. 981-985, 2017. the_effect_of_adenotonsillectomy_on_osa_in_down.pdf
Elmawgoud, A. A., A. Badawy, S. A. Elkassem, and D. Rashwan, "Effect of Addition of Magnesium Sulphate and Fentanyl to Ropivacaine Continuous Femoral Nerve Block in Patients Undergoing Elective Total Knee Replacement", J Med Sci, vol. 8, issue 4, pp. 395-399, 2008.
Dakhly, D. M. R., S. H. Gadallah, M. F. Ahmed, and S. B. Seif, "The Effect of Addition of Growth Hormone (GH) To the Short Agonist Down Regulating Protocol On IVF/ICSI Outcome in Poor Responders", Kasr Al-Aini Journal Of Obstetrics & Gynecology, vol. 3, issue 3, pp. 76-84, 2013. lbhth_lwl.pdf
Badee, A. Z.M., S. A. Helmy, A. A. Atia, and A. E. A. S. Azim, "Effect of addition of either coriander, cumin fruits or their essential oils on the quality characteristics of pan bread. ", Bull. Fac. Agric., Cairo Univ.,, vol. 57, issue 4, pp. 629 - 652., 2006.
Radwan, N. L., W. S. Mahmoud, R. A. Mohamed, and M. M. Ibrahim, "Effect of adding plyometric training to physical education sessions on specific biomechanical parameters in primary school girls.", Journal of musculoskeletal & neuronal interactions, vol. 21, issue 2, pp. 237-246, 2021. Abstract

OBJECTIVES: The study aimed to determine the effect of adding a school-based plyometric training program (PMT) to physical education (PE) sessions on the strength, balance, and flexibility in primary school girls.

METHODS: Students from grades 3-6 were randomized equally to a plyometric or control group. In the control group, students took their regular PE classes twice a week. In the plyometric group, students performed PMT twice a week during the initial 20 minutes of every PE session. The Lido Linea closed kinetic chain isokinetic dynamometer, Star excursion balance test (SEBT), and sit-and-reach test were used to assess muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, respectively, before and after nine weeks of training.

RESULTS: The improvement in extension peak force (p=0.04) and extension total work (p<0.001) was more prevalent in the PMT group than in the control group. SEBT scores had improved significantly (p<0.05) for all directions in the PMT group, except in the anterior direction, which was highly significant (p<0.001). Hamstring and lower back flexibility had improved more in the PMT group than in the control group (p<0.001).

CONCLUSION: Adding PMT to regular PE classes has a positive and notable effect on muscle strength, balance, and flexibility in primary school students.

Elsayyad, M. M., N. M. Abdel-Aal, and M. E. Helal, "Effect of Adding Neural Mobilization Versus Myofascial Release to Stabilization Exercises after Lumbar Spine Fusion: A Randomized Controlled Trial.", Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, vol. 102, issue 2, pp. 251-260, 2021. Abstract

OBJECTIVES: To test the effect of adding neural mobilization (NM) versus myofascial release (MFR) to stabilization exercises (SE) on disability, pain, and lumbar range of motion (ROM) in patients with lumbar spine fusion (LSF).

DESIGN: A single blinded, parallel groups, randomized controlled trial.

SETTING: Outpatient public and governmental hospital clinics.

PARTICIPANTS: Patients (N=60) who had undergone LSF were randomly assigned into 3 equal groups.

INTERVENTION: Group I received NM plus SE, group II received MFR and SE, and group III received SE only. Each group visited the hospital 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Oswestry disability index (ODI), visual analog scale, and back range of motion (BROM) were assessed before starting treatment, immediately after finishing treatment, and 1 month later.

RESULTS: There were statistically significant differences among the groups regarding the ODI and pain (P<.05) in favor of the study groups, but no statistically significant differences were found among groups regarding the BROM outcome (P>.05). Regarding the within-group effect, statistically significant differences were found in all outcomes after 1 month of treatment, as well as after 1 month of follow-up in each group (P<.05).

CONCLUSIONS: Patients who received NM or MFR combined with SE demonstrated better improvement, in favor of the NM group, regarding disability and pain than patients who received SE alone after LSF. No differences were found among the groups regarding lumbar ROM.

Helmy, H., R. M. El Rewainy, Y. Elbalawy, and A. Sabbah, "Effect of Adding Motor Imagery to Task Specific Training on Facilitation of Sit to Stand in Hemiparetic Patients", Achieves of Neurosciences, vol. 2020 July; 7(3):e102053., pp. 1-7, 2020.
Helmy H, Elrewainy R M, E. S. Y., E. R. M, E. y, and S. S, "Effect of Adding Motor Imagery to Task Specific Training on Facilitation of Sit to Stand in Hemiparetic Patient", ARCHIVES OF NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 7, issue e102053, pp. 3, 2020.
Elsabeeny, W. Y., and M. A. Wadod, "The effect of adding magnesium sulfate to low dose rocuronium on neuromuscular blockade and anesthesia for direct laryngoscopy: a randomized controlled trial", Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 607–612, 2021. Abstract