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El-Kabbany, S., E. Swelam, and E. Ewies, Environmental pollution with Pesticides, , Cairo, Ozeries, 2010.
El-hassan, D. A. G., and M. A. El-Doubab, Equine Diseases أمراض الخيول, : Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, 2011. Abstract
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Hussien Rizk, C. -author.1999, Essential Cardiology, , 1999.
Hussien Rizk, C. -author, Essentials of electrocardiography, , 2004.
Matar, M., H. Osman, Maged Georgy, A. Abou-Zeid, and M. Elsaid, Evaluating the environmental performance of pipeline construction using systems modelling, , pp. 1 - 26, 2019/05/07. Abstract

Environmental performance criteria currently represent major decision factors in civil engineering projects, including pipeline construction. This paper presents a framework based on systems modelling and multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) that captures different setups of pipeline installation techniques and the environmental impacts expected from different execution scenarios. A model is developed via SysML using the principles of systems modelling and engineering to capture the interactions of the pipeline as a product, the installation technique utilized, together with the environment. A TOPSIS-based MCDA module permits selecting the optimum alternative among construction alternatives. Open cut trenching and microtunneling are exemplified and a case study is provided where both techniques are evaluated in terms of environmental impacts. The contribution of this work is providing a structured and versatile framework that properly captures the interactions of different pipeline installation techniques and the environment, enabling the quantification of environmental impacts to a high degree of precision. The capacity to model different scenarios allows comparison and selection of the most suitable alternative.

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Osman, M. S., and H.I.Abdel-Gawad, Exact solutions of evolution equations with variable coefficients, , Berlin, Lambert academic publishing, 2014.
Osman, D., A. Yousef, and S. El-Badry, Exercise, stress, nutrition and breast-feeding, , Germany, LAMBERT, 2015. AbstractWebsite

If you are a breast-feeding mother, this book will provide you information about the most important factors that influence your breast milk immune system. These factors include exercise, stress and nutrition. To boost the immune system of the breast milk and subsequently the immune system of the breast-fed infant, the breast-feeding mother should be encouraged to exercise moderately, avoid stress and have a healthy nutrition.

Saber, M. M., Expanding Clinical Skill in Medical Oncology, , Cairo , Mohamed Mansour Press, 2018. 6_img-20190219-wa0000.jpg
Hassaan, G. A., Experimental Mechanical Vibrations, , Giza, Electronic Book, 2014. vibration_experiments.pdf
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