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Taha, M. H. N., M. H. N. Taha, and N. E. M. Khalifa, Enabling AI Applications in Data Science, : Springer Cham, 2021.
Dahab, A., E. El-dahshan, A. Hemeida, and O. A. Sayyouh, M.H., Encyclopedia in petroleum engineering terms, , Saudi Arabia , Published by King Saud University, 2001.
Said, M. E., Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions, , 2017. Abstract

This authoritative reference source covers all higher education themes in a comprehensive, accessible and comparative way. It maps the field for the twenty first century reflecting the massive changes that have occurred and the challenges ahead for future research. It provides a rich diversity of scholarly perspectives and covers the entire spectrum of higher education from a geographical, a topical and disciplinary perspective. It is unrivaled in its capacity to go beyond national boundaries and provides indispensible comparative analyses.

The major reference works available about higher education have been published more than two decades ago and since then higher education has undergone major changes that have resulted in a much larger, diverse, global, and multidimensional reality. One of the main trends has been relentless expansion on a worldwide scale. This has led to mass higher education becoming a reality across continents, substantial growth in the number of countries with universal access to higher education, and great diversification of the student body. The tremendous increase in the international links in higher education, through issues such as training, students’ mobility, staff mobility, research activities, is another major change. The consequence is a global dimension that is strongly associated with the intensification of international networks in which institutions and researchers explore, create and share knowledge. As a result of the changes and trends, higher education has increasingly become part of debates that highlight its complexity as an institution that combines relevant political, social, economic, and cultural purposes and dimensions. Asked to play important and varied economic and social roles, higher education has had to reshape its priorities, and organizational and decision-making structures. The growth and increased complexity of the field have both led to more attention being paid to all aspects of higher education and to the expansion of research.

Hawary, M. S. E. L., Endocrine, , Cairo, Doors press, 2015.
, Energy & Agriculture, : King Saudi University Press, 1986. Abstract
Khalil, H. A. E. E., and E. E. Khalil, Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment, : CRC press, Taylor and Francis, 2015. AbstractWebsite

Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment is a study of energy crisis, urbanisation, and climate change, as well as a discussion of how to combat these global challenges. With a special focus on Egypt, this book addresses the macroscale of urbanism from the perspective of city dwellers’ quality of life, and explores the microscale of buildings and the perspective of ensuring indoor air quality within the boundaries of energy efficiency.

Offering an integrated view of energy systems and urban planning supported by extensive data, references, and case studies, this text:

- Examines the energy efficiency performance of cities following sustainable urbanism principles
- Investigates how informal areas in developing countries achieve sustainable development
- Presents energy-efficient urban planning as a tool for improving city energy performance
- Proposes the development of a common procedure for obtaining an energy performance certificate
- Calculates the energy performance of buildings, accounting for heating/cooling systems and other variables

Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment demonstrates the importance of implementing an energy performance directive to aid energy savings in large buildings and set regulations for energy-efficient designs based on standard calculation methods. This book provides engineers working with sustainable energy systems, urban planners needing information on energy systems and optimisation, and professors and students of engineering, environmental science, and urban planning with a valuable reference on energy sustainability.

Khalil, H. E. E., and E. E. Khalil, Energy Effieciency in the Urban Environment, , New York , USA, CRC Press, 2015.
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Mohamed, N. N., Energy in Agriculture Under Climate Change, : Springer, Cham, 2020. Abstract

In general, both agriculture and energy have double roles as user and supplier for each other. Agriculture supplies energy by wood, charcoal, vegetable and crop wastes as primary energy. Moreover, it supplies biogas and biofuel with both ethanol and diesel as clean and sustainable energy.

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, Engineering Drawing, Two Parts,, : Cairo University Press, 1982. Abstract
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Abdel Aziz, M. S. E. D., M. Elsamahy, M. A. M. Hassan, and F. M. A. Bendary, "Enhancement of turbo- generators phase backup protection using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system", Fuzzy Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, vol. 2-3, pp. 835-854, 2017. AbstractWebsite
Taha, M., E. Shokir, A. Attia, A. Yahia, and K. Mansour, Enhancing Hydrocarbon Production Through Thermal Gas Injection from a Retrograde as Condensate Reservoir in the Western Desert in Egypt, , Dubai, UAE, September 2021, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE-206190-MS, 2021/09/15. Abstract

In retrograde gas condensate reservoirs, condensate blockage is a major reservoir damage problem, where liquid is dropped-out of natural gas, below dew-point pressure. Despite that most of this liquid will not produce due to not reaching the critical saturation, natural gas will be blocked by the accumulated liquid and will also not produce.This work investigates the effects of gas injection (such as methane, carbon-dioxide, and nitrogen) and steam at high temperatures on one of the Egyptian retrograde gas condensate reservoirs. Several gas injection scenarios that comprise different combination of gas injection temperature, enthalpy, injection gas types (CO2, N2, and CH4), and injection-rates were carried out.
The results indicated that all conventional and thermal gas injection scenarios do not increase the cumulative gas production more than the depletion case. The non-thermal gas injection scenarios increased the cumulative condensate production by 8.6%. However, thermal CO2 injection increased the condensate production cumulative by 28.9%.
It was observed that thermal gas injection does not vaporize condensate It was observed that thermal gas injection does not vaporize condensate more than conventional injection that have the same reservoir pressure trend. However, thermal injection mainly improves the condensate mobility. Appropriately, thermal injection in retrograde reservoirs, is mostly applicable for depleted reservoirs when the largest amount of non-producible liquid is already dropped out. Finally, this research studied executing thermal gas injection in retrograde gas condensate reservoirs, operationally, by considering the following items: carbon dioxide recovery unit, compressors, storage-tanks, anti-corrosion pipe-lines and tubing-strings, and corrosion-inhibitors along with downhole gas heaters.

Abo-el-Ata, G. A., and T. M. Sobeih, Environmental and Health Impacts of Primary Aluminum Industries, , Damascus- Syria, Arab Labor Organization and Arab Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, 2000.
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