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Elbendary, A., and D. Elston, "Dermatologic Aspects of Behcet Disease", Medscape, 2016.
Kapiel, T., "The Development of Olive Farming in AL Baha Province, KSA. (In Arabic). ", Arab Scientific Community Organization., 2015. Abstractthe_development_of_olive_farming_in_al_baha_province_ksa._in_arabic.pdf

قامت جامعة الباحة بإنشاء كرسي الشيخ العنقري "لأبحاث الزيتون" الذي يهدف إلى تأسيس بنية معرفية ترتكز عليها الأبحاث والتدريب والأنشطة والفعاليات والمشاريع التطويرية لقطاع زراعة الزيتون لتحقيق زراعة مستدامة للزيتون. وتسعى الجامعة للتميز والريادة محلياً وتهيئة بيئة علمية بحثية واستشارية وتدريبية، حديثة ومتطورة تدعم روح الابتكار والإبداع لدى الباحثين بصفة خاصة والمجتمع بصفة عامة من خلال إثراء المعرفة وإدخال ثقافة زراعة الزيتون بالمنطقة على أسس علمية والتعريف بالفرص الاستثمارية لأشجار الزيتون البري بمنطقة الباحة. كما يهدف الكرسي لإدخال ثقافة زراعة الزيتون عند المزارعين بالمنطقة نظرا لحداثتها وذلك بالتوعية والإرشاد وخدمة الزراعة وتعزيزها كركيزة من ركائز التنمية الوطنية وذلك بالتركيز على تطوير أساليب زراعة الزيتون في المنطقة وحل المشاكل والمعوقات التي تواجه المزارعين ورفع مداركهم العلمية وتنمية قدراتهم المهنية وتنمية الوعي بأهمية زراعة الزيتون والقيمة الغذائية والعلاجية والاقتصادية لمنتجاته. ومن أهم التطبيقات البحثية المستهدفة من هذا الكرسي هو استثمار أشجار الزيتون البري (العتم) بالمنطقة وكذلك استغلال الغابات والجبال والأودية بالمنطقة والمناسبة لزراعة الزيتون من حيث المناخ والتربة والمياه وغيرها من العوامل المحددة لزراعته، والذي قد يساعد في توفير الأمن الغذائي مع تزايد عدد السكان وقلة الانتاج الزراعي واتساع رقعة الجفاف.

Fahmy, G. M., "Diversity of parasitic plants in Qatar",, 2008.
Othman, I. S., and S. A. Eissa, "Double rectangular suture sulcus reconstruction in the management of aphakia with absent capsular support", Kasr Al Ainy Medical Journal, vol. 9, issue 21, pp. 16-21, 2015. kasralainymedj21116-2730152_073501.pdf
Gawdat, G., M. Youssef, D. el Fayoumi, and M. A. Salah, Dr, , Submitted.
, d-dimer level in familial Mediterranean fever patients, , Giza, Cairo university, Submitted.
Bastawissy, A. H. E., O. Hegazy, and A.Z.ElQutaany, Data cleaning in the virtual data integration environment, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.
Salama, M., Data Mining for Medical Informatics, , Cairo, Cairo Unv, 2012. AbstractThesis.pdfPresentation.pdf

The work presented in this thesis investigates the nature of real-life data, mainly in the medical field, and the problems in handling such nature by the conventional data mining techniques. Accordingly, a set of alternative techniques are proposed in this thesis to handle the medical data in the three stages of data mining process. In the first stage which is preprocessing, a proposed technique named as interval-based feature evaluation technique that depends on a hypothesis that the decrease of the overlapped interval of values for every class label leads to increase the importance of such attribute. Such technique handles the difficulty of dealing with continuous data attributes without the need of applying discretization of the input and it is proved by comparing the results of the proposed technique to other attribute evaluation and selection techniques. Also in the preprocessing stage, the negative effect of normalization algorithm before applying the conventional PCA has been investigated and how the avoidance of such algorithm enhances the resulted classification accuracy. Finally in the preprocessing stage, an experimental analysis introduces the ability of rough set methodology to successfully classify data without the need of applying feature reduction technique. It shows that the overall classification accuracy offered by the employed rough set approach is high compared with other machine learning techniques including Support Vector Machine, Hidden Naive Bayesian network, Bayesian network and other techniques.
In the machine learning stage, frequent pattern-based classification technique is proposed; it depends on the detection of variation of attributes among objects of the same class. The preprocessing of the data like standardization, normalization, discretization or feature reduction is not required in this technique which enhances the performance in time and keeps the original data without being distorted. Another contribution has been proposed in the machine learning stage including the support vector machine and fuzzy c-mean clustering techniques; this contribution is about the enhancement of the Euclidean space calculations through applying the fuzzy logic in such calculations. This enhancement has used chimerge feature evaluation techniques in applying fuzzification on the level of features. A comparison is applied on these enhanced techniques to the other classical data mining techniques and the results shows that classical models suffers from low classification accuracy due to the dependence of un-existed presumption.
Finally, in the visualization stage, a proposed technique is presented to visualize the continuous data using Formal Concept Analysis that is better than the complications resulted from the scaling algorithms.

Habib, S. E. - D. E. - S., DC Theory of Switching in MI Tunnel-np Silicon Device, : c1978., 1978. Abstract


Bassiouni, M. E., S. E. D. A. A. ElMoneim, A. A. E. M. Farrag, and M. A. Salem, Delayed enhancement cardiac MRI in Heart failure related to dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease, , Cairo, c, 2011.
Nassar, D. Y., and D. G. Nazih, Demonstrator , , Cairo, Cairo Asr Ainy, 2016. img_7210.png
Abbas, E. N. E., Demotic Accounts, , Cairo, Cairo University , Submitted. summary.pdf
El-Sherbieny, H. H. M. A., D. E. H. Mobarakand, and D. H. A. A. W. El-Deeb, Dentin Bond Durability of Fluoride Containing Self-Etch Adhesive Under Simulated Intra-Pulpal Pressure, , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
HH, A. S., M. EH, and E. - D. HA, Dentin bond durability of fluoride containing self-etch adhesive under simulated intrapulpal pressure, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2011.