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Hanafy, N., and A. Samir Al-Faar, "Developing A Specialized Central Venous Catheter Nursing Team In Pediatric Oncology Setting.", International Conference on Cancer Nursing, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012. Abstract
Samer, M., Dairy Farms: Mechanization, Automation & Robotization, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.
, Dairy Technology and Engineering, : Cairo University Press, 2000. Abstract
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Fahmy, H. M., T. M. A. El-Daim, and A. B. E. - D. Mustafa, Depression: The silent Killer, : Noor Publishing, 2018. 978-620-2-34835-5_coverpreview.pdf
Saraya, A., Des engagés pour la cause des droits de l'homme en Egypte, , Paris , L'Harmattan , 2009.
Mansour, M., Description of the Mixing Status of Partially Premixed Flames Using Regime Diagram, , 2015/06/07. Abstract

Partially premixed combustion is one of the common modes for many practical combustion systems where the mixture is not homogenous and characterized by fluctuations in mixture fraction. This mode covers a wide range between fully premixed and non-premixed combustion modes. Quantitative description of the several regimes in partially premixed mode is essential for understanding and modeling the flame structure. In this work a new regime diagram describing the mixing status for partially premixed environment is proposed in order to be used for the characterization of partially premixed flames. The mixing regime diagram describes different regimes within the partially premixed mode. The limits of mixture fraction and its mean value within the mixture fraction field are used to classify those regimes. In addition, the range of flammability limits and its mean are used for normalization of the diagram axes. The diagram describes the nature of the regimes within the partially premixed conditions and thus provides quantitative tool for the analysis and discussion of partially premixed flames. It classifies the partially premixed modes into eight well defined regimes. In general, partially premixed mode is defined as non-homogenous mixture with pockets at different stoichiometric values. The limits of partially premixed regimes of different fuels are listed in this work. The link between the flame stability and its mixing status within the proposed diagram is discussed using mixture fraction measurements.Several partially premixed turbulent flames of methane and propane are selected in order to be located within the proposed diagram. The relation between the flame stability and its location within the diagram is then discussed. The data show that the location of the flames in the regime diagram is related to its stability characteristics. The proposed mixing regime diagram can thus be used as an initial step for the design of stable partially premixed flames based on its mixing characteristics.

Hegab, K. K., F. G. El-Ebaby, Y. B. Abd-Elhy, and K. M. Abd-Elbary, Desert Habitation, , vol. 1: Open University in Cairo University, 2014. Abstract
1993, Desert Housing, : Open Education Center, Cairo University Press, Submitted. Abstract
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H, G., Desflurane and the liver , , 2016.
El Abbass Hussein, A., M. Kamel, O. Mahgoub, and M. Fikri, Design & Implementation of an Industrial Control System for Tension in Winding Section of an Aluminum Rod-Wire-Rolling Machine” , , vol. 2001, Cairo-Egypt, 2001. Abstract
Mostafa, H., M. Anis, and M. Elmasry, Design for Yield and Reliability for Nanometer CMOS Digital Circuits, , Saarbrücken, Germany, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014. COVER.jpgWebsite
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Atta, N. F., A. Galal, E. H. El-Ads, and S. A. M. Hagar K. Hassan, Asmaa Hamdy, Designing Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications , , London, IFSA, 2017.
Mohamed, Y. E. R., W. Y. M. Morsy, and H. A. A. Elfeky, DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF ACUTE DRUG POISONING: NURSES'S KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICES , , Germeny, LAMBART Academic Publishing, 2015.
Hassanien, A. E., Developing Advanced Web Services Through P2P Computing And Autonomous Agents: Trends And Innovations, , USA, IGI-Global USA, 2010. AbstractWebsite

In recent years, the development of distributed systems, in particular the Internet, has been influenced heavily by three paradigms: peer-to-peer, autonomous agents, and service orientation. Developing Advanced Web Services through P2P Computing and Autonomous Agents: Trends and Innovations establishes an understanding of autonomous peer-to-peer Web Service models and developments as well as extends growing literature on emerging technologies. This scholarly publication is an important reference for researchers and academics working in the fields of peer-to-peer computing, Web and grid services, and agent technologies.

Youssri, E., A. Dakrory, and A. Abu-Taira, Development Of Bubulcus Ibis Sense Organs, , 2014.
Aboulnaga, A., The Development of Samuel Beckett's Dramatic Technique, , Germany, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2013. AbstractWebsite

A semiotic analysis can be of great help in understanding a given dramatic text.This book offers in-depth analysis of how Beckett makes use of verbal and non-verbal elements in his plays. The book examines the development of his technique from using verbal elements in his earlier plays to non-verbal ones in his later plays.The plays reflect Beckett's attempt to dispense with language as a means of communication and to use mime instead.The plays discussed reflect the suffering and anguish of the characters who find relief in resorting to silence.

Cross, N., Developments in {Design} {Methodology}, , Chichester, Wiley, 1984. Abstract