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Ohtsuka, N., M. E. Shabshiry, M. Ismail, A. Faessler, and J. Aichelin, "Does photon production in heavy-ion collisions depend on the equation of state?", Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, vol. 16, no. 8, pp. L155-L161, 1990. AbstractWebsite

Photon production cross sections in 12C-12C and 40Ca-40Ca collisions at Elab=84 and 200 MeV/A are calculated in the framework of the quantum molecular dynamics approach using the medium-dependent NN cross section obtained from the G matrix. Photons are assumed to be produced by incoherent pn bremsstrahlung and a simple classical expression for the production cross section is used. The effects of the equation of state for nuclear matter on the photon production cross section are studied in detail. In the 12C-12C collision, the authors found little difference in the photon cross section due to differences in the equation of state both at 84 and 200 MeV/A. In the 40Ca-40Ca collision, slightly more high-energy photons are produced in the case of the soft equation of state and the difference is slightly larger at higher incident energies.

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