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Elsayed, W. T., H. Farag, H. H. Zeineldin, and E. El-Saadany, "Dynamic Transitional Droops for Seamless Line-Switching in Islanded Microgrids", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS,, vol. 36, pp. 5590-5601, 2021.
Aboshady, H. M., N. Mandonnet, Y. Félicité, J. Hira, A. Fourcot, C. Barbier, A. M. Johansson, E. Jonas, and J. - C. Bambou, "Dynamic transcriptomic changes of goat abomasal mucosa in response to Haemonchus contortus infection.", Veterinary research, vol. 51, issue 1, pp. 44, 2020. Abstract

Gastrointestinal nematode (GIN) infections are one of the major constraints for grazing sheep and goat production worldwide. Genetic selection for resistant animals is a promising control strategy. Whole-transcriptome analysis via RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) provides knowledge of the mechanisms responsible for complex traits such as resistance to GIN infections. In this study, we used RNA-seq to monitor the dynamics of the response of the abomasal mucosa of Creole goat kids infected with Haemonchus contortus by comparing resistant and susceptible genotypes. A total of 8 cannulated kids, 4 susceptible and 4 resistant to GIN, were infected twice with 10 000 L3 H. contortus. During the second infection, abomasal mucosal biopsies were collected at 0, 8, 15 and 35 days post-infection (dpi) from all kids for RNA-seq analysis. The resistant animals showed early activation of biological processes related to the immune response. The top 20 canonical pathways of differentially expressed genes for different comparison showed activation of the immune response through many relevant pathways including the Th1 response. Interestingly, our results showed a simultaneous time series activation of Th2 related genes in resistant compared to susceptible kids.

Mahmoud, H. H. M., T. Ismail, and S. M. Darweesh, "Dynamic traffic model with optimal gateways placement in IP cloud heterogeneous CRAN", IEEE Access, vol. 8: IEEE, pp. 119062–119070, 2020. Abstract
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Saroit, I. A., F. A. Amer, and I. A. Saroit, "Dynamic Three Stages Task Scheduling Algorithm on Cloud Computing", International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, vol. 18, issue 6, 2020. naglaa_master_ijcsis_june_2020.pdf
Zohir, R. M., and F. A. Omara, "Dynamic Task Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic in Homogenous and Heterogeneous Distributed Memory Systems", The Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Computing anf Information Systems (CICIS2011), Cairo, Egypt, pp. 127-132, 2011.
Zohir, R. M., and F. A. Omara, "Dynamic Task Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic in Homogenous and Heterogeneous Distributed Memory Systems", The Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems (CICIS2011), Faculty of Computer and Information, Ain Shams University, Egypt, pp. 127-132, 2011.
F. Omara, and R. M. Zohier, "Dynamic Task Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic in Distributed Memory Systems", The 7th International Conference on Informatics and (INFOS 2010), Cairo, Egypt, pp. 32-35, 2010.
Omara, F. A., and D. Abdelkader, "Dynamic Task Scheduling Algorithm with Load Balancing for Heterogeneous Computing System", The Egyptian Informatics Journal, vol. 13, issue 2, pp. 135-145, 2012.
Omar, A. I., Z. M. Ali, S. A. H. E. Aleem, E. E. M. Abou-El-Zahab, and A. M. Sharaf, "A Dynamic Switched Compensation Scheme for Grid-Connected Wind Energy Systems Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm", International Journal on Energy Conversion (IRECON), vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 64-74, 2019. Abstract

This paper presents a novel stabilization FACTS-based scheme that acts as a switched compensator for grid-connected wind energy systems. It is a member of a family of devices and switched dynamic voltage stabilization converters that were developed to ensure minimal loss of excitation, voltage stabilization, energy efficient utilization, power quality enhancement and harmonic distortion reduction in AC distribution grid networks. A novel-dual action distributed FACTS based–switched power filter compensator (SPFC) scheme is developed for efficient utilization of wind energy under varying wind conditions and major load excursions. A dynamic multi-level error-driven decoupled time de-scaled multi regulation control strategy is used to guarantee better power quality performance in terms of voltage enhancement and stabilization of the AC buses, improvement of power factor, and harmonic distortion reduction. The proposed SPFC was controlled using an inter-coupled weighted modified proportional-integral-derivative (WM-PID) controller. Cuckoo search (CS) optimization algorithm is employed to get the PID controller gains in terms of variations and excursions in wind speed and dynamic load excursions to reflect the performance of the compensator scheme. The effectiveness of the proposed SPFC with the multi-level control strategy has been assessed by time-domain simulations in Matlab/Simulink environment. The results obtained show the robustness of the proposed topology.

Boggula, R., Y. Abo-Madyan, H. Wertz, F. Lorenz, D. Wolff, F. Lohr, F. Wenz, and J. Hesser, "Dynamic strategy for compensating interfractional errors using post-optimization tools for Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART) of prostate cancer", STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE, vol. 184: URBAN & VOGEL NEUMARKTER STRASSE 43, D-81673 MUNICH, GERMANY, pp. 74–74, 2008. Abstract
AbdelFadeel, K. Q., K. Elsayed, A. Khattab, and F. Digham, "Dynamic Spectrum Access for Primary Operators Via Carrier Aggregation in LTE-Advanced Environments", IEEE ICNC , Feb. 2015. Abstract


AbdelFadeel, K. Q., K. Elsayed, A. Khattab, and F. Digham, "Dynamic Spectrum Access for Primary Operators Exploiting LTE-A Carrier Aggregation", IEEE ICNC, Anaheim, CA, 2015.
Taha, M. H., M. NASSER, and A. Anwar, "Dynamic snap-through of a negative shallow arch resting on a fluid layer", Ships and Offshore Structures, vol. 9, issue 3, pp. 266-271, 2014. dynamic_snap_through_.._-_saoa.pdf
Anwar, A., M. H. Taha, and M. Nassar, "Dynamic snap - through of a negative shallow arch resting on a fluid layer", Ships and Offshore Structures, vol. 9, issue 3, pp. 266-271, 2014. saos_-_2014.pdf
Rasmy, M., A. Gad, H. Abdelsalam, and M. Siwailam, "A dynamic simulation model of desertification in Egypt", The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science, vol. 13, issue 2, no. 2, pp. 101–111, 2010. Abstract


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Embaby, S. A., A. S. Moussa, and I. Farag, "A Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Spawn Processes in MPI-2 to Improve and Maintain Load Balancing", International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 106, no. 12: Foundation of Computer Science, pp. 1–6, 2014. Abstract
Pouyanfar, S., Y. Tao, A. Mohan, H. Tian, A. S. Kaseb, K. Gauen, R. Dailey, S. Aghajanzadeh, Y. - H. Lu, S. - C. Chen, et al., "Dynamic Sampling in Convolutional Neural Networks for Imbalanced Data Classification", IEEE Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval, 2018.
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