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El Hadidi, N. M. N., "Decay of softwood in archaeological wooden artifacts", Studies in Conservation, vol. 62, issue 2, pp. 83-95, 2017. AbstractWebsite

Hardwoods and softwoods were used side by side throughout Egyptian history, and import of softwoods that had an attractive color and texture was common. Over the decades, artifacts based on hardwoods and softwoods underwent deterioration phenomena, sometimes reaching either a level of brittleness or turning into a wood powder that may easily crumble. These levels of decay/degradation are often difficult to handle in terms of conservation treatments. To study or identify the reasons for decay has always been a point of interest for conservation purposes, but to assess decay and choose an appropriate treatment according to the state of preservation for the sake of keeping an artifact intact has become a subject of major importance. It is difficult at times to understand the deterioration process, because hardwoods and softwoods are different in structure, properties, and chemical composition. For this preliminary study, decayed samples from three commonly used softwood types, cypress (Cupressus sp.), cedar (Cedrus sp.), and pine (Pinus sp.), were identified and chosen. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the samples indicated the degree of decay. Decayed and non-aged samples of the same wood type were
analyzed using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and all the major carbohydrate and lignin bands were recorded. The strong hydrogen bonded (O–H) stretching absorption associated with water linked by hydrogen bonds to the –OH groups of cellulose and hemicelluloses in all decayed samples increased with decay. The brown powdery, fragile samples that had been evidently affected by microbial decay had a higher amount of lignin. The lignin/carbohydrate ratio was calculated and results compared. The increase of either lignin percentage or extractives in some of the samples had caused a darkening of color in both cypress and cedar samples, but the pine sample did not have the same texture and appearance. In cases where lignin percentage decreased the samples changed into a slightly lighter color. FTIR results explained the decay phenomena observed in SEM micrographs and helped assess wood decay and also confirmed results that had been previously obtained while applying traditional chemical analysis on wood.

Ayaty, M., S. S. Ahmed, and E. D. ElDesouky, "A Decade of Experience with Radical Abdominal Trachelectomy after Supracervical Hysterectomy", The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine, vol. 85, issue 2: Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine, Pan Arab League of Continuous …, pp. 4303-4307, 2021. Abstract
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Mobarak, S., and A. Rachid, Débuts en comparaison, , Paris, Publisud, 2015. resume_du_livre.pdf
Rachid, A., S. Mobarak, and E. Samir, "Débuts en comparaison", Débuts en comparaison, France, Editions Publisud, 2015. Abstract

Débuts et/ou commencements. Pourquoi dit-on Les débuts d’une cantatrice mais Le commencement du monde? Angoisse de la page blanche au début d’une écriture. Adam chassé du paradis figure du premier exilé. Indétermination des débuts et des origines déclarées ou enfouies. Présence inévitable d’un déjà-là ou début absolu?

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