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Alfaar, A. S., M. S. Bakry, and S. Ezzat, "Childhood Orbital, Ocular and Optic nerve tumors in Egypt ", ARVO Annual Meeting 2014, Orlando, Florida, 2014. Abstract

Purpose: Our aim is to study the incidence of different ocular, orbital and optic nerve tumors in childhood age group (between 0-18 years old) in the largest Egyptian pediatric oncology referral center and correlate the features of each disease and its survival outcomes.

Methods: Institutional cancer registry database was reviewed for patients who presented with orbital tumors as a primary site of involvement between July 2007 and November 2013. REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) system was used for data collection and organization. Integration between clinical information system and RedCap was established for real-time registry updating. Relevant ICD-O-3 topography codes were used to identify the sites. Data were presented in terms of frequencies and percentages. Other demographic properties were presented. Survival was demonstrated using kaplan-meier curves.

Results: Among 7277 patients presented with different childhood tumors 425 had the mentioned lesions. Males were affected more than females. Retinoblastoma, Astrocytomas of optic nerve and Rhabdomyosarcoma of orbit were the most frequent tumors. Mean age of retinoblastoma cases was 1.4 years while it was higher in other diseases except germ cell tumors. We've presented correlations of our findings with the current Egyptian population-based cancer registry and previous results from Cancer in five continents report. Overall Survival of Retinoblastoma was 95.4% while it was better in Germ cell tumors and less in all other tumor categories. Orbital bones masses were hard to identify due to the broad classification in current ICD-O topography coding.

Conclusions: Childhood orbital tumors distribution was similar to international publications except increased incidence of orbital lymphomas. Special attention should be paid to updating the ICD-O classification system to present different skull bones

Zekri, W., A. S. AlFaar, D. Yehia, M. ElShafie, M. Saad Zaghlol, H. Taha, N. ElKinaee, A. Refaat, and A. Younis, "Clear Cell Sarcoma of The Kidney", European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2013. Abstract
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Said, M. E., Cairo University: The Flagship University of Egypt, : Flagship Universities in Africa, 2017. AbstractWebsite

The main objective of this research is three fold; to analyze the status of CU since its founding as the flagship university of Egypt; to establish its standing in research and capacity building, and to identify its influence and impact on the development of the higher education sector in Egypt and beyond. The research methodology was a desk review of data from a wide range of relevant sources, verification of its integrity, and analysis and discussion of its implications. A secondary and noteworthy source of information was interviews and private communications with approximately 25 graduates of Cairo University (CU) whose professional careers have positioned them to comment insightfully and knowledgeably on higher education in Egypt and on CU’s role in particular.

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Rushdy, T. I., Warda Youssef Mohamed, and H. A. Elfeky, Care of patients connected to IABP: Nurses' knowledge and practices, , Saarbrücken, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015. Abstract

Provide a comprehensive overview about anatomy and physiology of the heart, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) definition, history, physiological effects, timing and timing errors, indications and contraindications, complications and nursing care of the patient undergoing IABP therapy. Thesis study aims to assess nurses' knowledge and practices regarding care of patients connected to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump at selected Intensive Care Units. finally, findings of the current study, discusses nursing implications and ends with recommendation for further study.

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Kapiel, T., Cell And Tissue Culture Laboratory Manual, , Cairo, Dr. Tarek Yehia Kapiel, Faculty of Biotechnology, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)., 2006. Abstractcell_and_tissue_culture_lab_manual_-dr._tarek_kapiel.pdf

Cell And Tissue Culture Laboratory Manual
by: Dr. Tarek Yehia Kapiel
B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
This practical course (BT 202) was provided to Biotechnology Students, Faculty of Biotechnology, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA).

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