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 Abd-Elaal, M., M. Lotfy, T. Nabil, and E. A., "Condition based monitoring of a small centrifugal pump by vibration analysis", International Conference on Aerospace Sciences & Aviation Technology, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt, April 9-11, 2019.
●, M. H. 1, S. A. A. Gouda1, L. R. 2● ●, M. A. M. 3 ●, H. S. 1 ●, and N. Sharawy, "The cellular selection between apoptosis and autophagy: roles of vitamin D, glucose and immune response in diabetic nephropathy", Endocrine (2017) 58:66–80, 2017.
والــى, ياسر رمضان, and سامر محمـد دغش, Construction of anatomical learning modules of so,e fresh water fish obtained from the egyption zone of the river nile /, , Giza, cairo univ, 2013. Abstract

This work was conducted on 4 species of fresh water fish (tilapia nilotica, common carp, catfish, and Nile perch) to construct anatomical learning module, focusing on the digestive, respiratory and urogenital systems of fish. The learning module composed of different learning materials included related books and computer assisted resources as CDs which were prepared in power point presentations for anatomy of the fish, museum jar specimens, dry specimens (mummified fishes) and skeleton as a model, handouts and frequent quizzes for self assessment by the students.

رجب, احمد, حاتم السحار, احمد ابو راضي, محمد حازم, عمرو ابراهيم, and اشرف ابو الفتوح, "Comparison between the DIEP Flap and the Free TRAM Flap for Breast Reconstruction Early Experience in Kar-Alainy Hospital", مجلة قصر العيني للجراحة, vol. 16, issue 3, 2015.
الفقى, ممدوح سالم, "Cloud Computing الحوسبة السحابية ",, 2014. cloud_computing_dr.mamdouh_al-fiky.doc
Zühlke, L., M. E. Engel, S. S. Sheta, S. Rangarajan, P. Mackie, B. Cupido, K. Mauff, S. Islam, A. Joachim, R. Daniels, et al., "Characteristics, complications, and gaps in evidence-based interventions in rheumatic heart disease: the Global Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry (the REMEDY study).", European heart journal, vol. 36, issue 18, pp. 1115-22a, 2015 May 7. Abstract

AIMS: Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) accounts for over a million premature deaths annually; however, there is little contemporary information on presentation, complications, and treatment.

METHODS AND RESULTS: This prospective registry enrolled 3343 patients (median age 28 years, 66.2% female) presenting with RHD at 25 hospitals in 12 African countries, India, and Yemen between January 2010 and November 2012. The majority (63.9%) had moderate-to-severe multivalvular disease complicated by congestive heart failure (33.4%), pulmonary hypertension (28.8%), atrial fibrillation (AF) (21.8%), stroke (7.1%), infective endocarditis (4%), and major bleeding (2.7%). One-quarter of adults and 5.3% of children had decreased left ventricular (LV) systolic function; 23% of adults and 14.1% of children had dilated LVs. Fifty-five percent (n = 1761) of patients were on secondary antibiotic prophylaxis. Oral anti-coagulants were prescribed in 69.5% (n = 946) of patients with mechanical valves (n = 501), AF (n = 397), and high-risk mitral stenosis in sinus rhythm (n = 48). However, only 28.3% (n = 269) had a therapeutic international normalized ratio. Among 1825 women of childbearing age (12-51 years), only 3.6% (n = 65) were on contraception. The utilization of valvuloplasty and valve surgery was higher in upper-middle compared with lower-income countries.

CONCLUSION: Rheumatic heart disease patients were young, predominantly female, and had high prevalence of major cardiovascular complications. There is suboptimal utilization of secondary antibiotic prophylaxis, oral anti-coagulation, and contraception, and variations in the use of percutaneous and surgical interventions by country income level.

Zohdi, A., "Complications & Avoidance in Intraventricular Endoscopy", 2nd Annual Conference of “ Neuroendoscopy Study Group of India and International Neuroendoscopy Course “ Under the auspices of World Federation of Neuroendoscopy & International Federation of Neuroendoscopy , Bangalore, India, 12 June, 2015.
Zohdi, A., "Case presentation ", 7th Baltic Sea International Hands-on Course on Full HD Endoscopic Neurosurgery, Greifswald Germany, 24 September, 2015.
Zohair, G. A. M., G. A. Al-Maktari, and M. M. Amer, "A Comparative Effect of Mash and Pellet Feed on Broiler Performance and Ascites at High Altitude (Field Study)", Global Veterinaria , vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 154-159, 2012. mash_and_pellet_feed-2012.pdf
Zobaa, A. M., S. A. H. E. Aleem, and H. K. M. Youssef, "Comparative Analysis of Double-Tuned Harmonic Passive Filter Design Methodologies Using Slime Mould Optimization Algorithm", 2021 IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC), College Station, TX, USA, 4 February 2021.
Zins, J. E., and A. M. Hashem, "Chemical Peels Discussion", The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery, New York, Thieme, 2018.
al Zifzaf, D. S., A. N. M. Mokbel, R. Mamdouh, and R. A. Khattab, "CXCR4 expression in peripheral blood T lymphocytes in patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and its relation to disease activity", Life science journal , vol. 9, issue 4, pp. 3073-3079., 2012.
Zidan, Y., W. NOSHY, W. NOSHY, and E. Salim, "A COMPARATIVE STUDY TO EVALUATE CONVENTIONAL AND NONCONVENTIONAL CLEANING TREATMENTS OF CELLULOSIC PAPER SUPPORTS", Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry,, vol. 17, issue 3, pp. 337-353, 2017.
Zidan, A. M., A. G. Radwan, and K. N. Salama, "Controllable V-shape multiscroll butterfly attractor: system and circuit implementation", International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol. 22, no. 06: World Scientific Publishing Company, pp. 1250143, 2012. Abstract
Zidan, A. M., A. G. Radwan, and K. N. Salama, "CONTROLLABLE V-SHAPE MULTISCROLL BUTTERFLY ATTRACTOR: SYSTEM AND CIRCUIT IMPLEMENTATION", International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol. 22, no. 06: World Scientific Publishing Company, 2012. Abstract
Zidan, Y., T. Handoussa, Hosni, H., and N. M. N. El Hadidi, "The Conservation of a Wooden Graeco-Roman Coffin Box", e-Preservation Science , vol. 3, pp. 27-33, 2006. zidan-27-10-2005.pdf
Zidan, M. A., A. S. Salem, H. Omran, H. A. H. Fahmy, and K. N. Salama, "Compensated Readout for High Density {MOS}-Gated Memristor Crossbar Array", {IEEE} {T}ransactions on {N}anotechnology ({TNANO}), vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 3–6, 2015. AbstractWebsite

Leakage current is one of the main challenges facing high-density MOS-gated memristor arrays. In this study, we show that leakage current ruins the memory readout process for high-density arrays, and analyze the tradeoff between the array density and its power consumption. We propose a novel readout technique and its underlying circuitry, which is able to compensate for the transistor leakage-current effect in the high-density gated memristor array.

Zidan, I., E. Emary, and K. Mostafa, "Caption Detection, Localization and Type Recognition in Arabic News Video", The 10th International Conference on Informatics and Systems, Cairo, Egypt, May 9-11, 2016.
Zidan, Y., A. El-Shafei, W. NOSHY, and E. Salim, "A COMPARATIVE STUDY TO EVALUATE CONVENTIONAL AND NONCONVENTIONAL CLEANING TREATMENTS OF CELLULOSIC PAPER SUPPORTS", Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, vol. 17, issue 3, pp. 273-289, 2017. Abstract19_salim_2nd.pdf

Aqueous cleaning of ancient paper samples is a common treatment for the removal of degradation products,
external contaminants and salts, which can cause degradation of cellulose by hydrolysis or oxidation
processes. The present study examined the influence of selected cleaning treatments on chemical properties
of some historical paper samples and studying the efficieny of cleaning methods in removing of degradation
products .It also investgated The effects of five different cleaning treatments, namely immersion in deionized
water, akapad paper sponge, hydro gellan gum, Cellulose nano Crystal gel and cleaning with wolbers solvent
gels on ancient cellulosic paper supports. In particular, the effect of the cleaning treatments on different
properties of cellulosic paper supports, namely colorimetric properties (CIE L*a*b* coordinates), crystallinity
index (X-Ray diffraction) Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FTIR), scanning electron microscopy
(SEM) and pH (cold-extraction method), were investigated. The study concluded that all cleaning treatments
affected the colorimetric properties of the selected paper samples.