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Hutchinson, P., E. E. Khalil, J. H. Whitelaw, and G. Wigley, "The Calculation of Furnace Flow Properties and Their Experimental Verification", ASME J. Heat Transfer, vol. 98, issue 1, pp. 276-283, 1975.
Sobh, H. A., S. H. Aly, and S. Yehia, "Calculation of magnetization curves and probability distribution for monoclinic and uniaxial systems", Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials, vol. 331: North-Holland, pp. 174–182, 2013. Abstract
Abu-Ibrahim, B., and Y. Suzuki, "Calculation of nucleus–nucleus cross sections at intermediate energies using Glauber theory", Nuclear Physics A, vol. 706, pp. 111, 2002. AbstractWebsite

Nucleus–nucleus cross sections are calculated using nucleon–nucleus optical potentials in the framework of Glauber theory. The resulting cross sections are compared with experimental data. The reaction cross sections for various light nuclei including loosely bound nuclei are calculated from the nucleus–nucleus phase shift functions which need the nuclear density and the optical potential as an input. The calculated reaction cross sections in the energy range of 30 to 800 MeV/nucleon are in agreement with experimental data within error bars. The elastic differential cross sections of 4,6He+12C and 12C+12C are calculated at 41 MeV/nucleon and 30, 200 MeV/nucleon, respectively. At lower energy, a correction beyond the eikonal approximation improves the agreement between measured and calculated angular distributions significantly.

Khalil, E. E., and J. Truelove, "Calculation of Radiative Heat Transfer in a Large Gas-Fired Furnace", AERE Report R 8747., vol. 100, issue 1, AERE,Harwell,UK, pp. 210-216, May, 1977.
Khalil, E. E., T. Cebeci, and J. H. Whitelaw, "Calculation of Separated Boundary-Layer Flows ", 17th Aerospace Sciences Meeting ,Paper 79-0284., Reno, USA, January, 1979.
Abu-Ibrahim, B., K. Fujimura, and Y. Suzuki, "Calculation of the complete Glauber amplitude for p+6He scattering", Nuclear Physics A, vol. 657 , pp. 391, 1999. AbstractWebsite

A method for calculating the complete expansion of the Glauber amplitude is applied to the elastic scattering of protons on a 6He target using correlated wave functions. The angular distribution measured at Tp = 700 MeV is very well reproduced by a no parameter calculation using a fully microscopic, 6-nucleon α + n + n-cluster wave function. The accuracy of various approximations for the Glauber amplitude is compared with the complete expansion calculation. The matter radius of 6He consistent with the analysis is 2.51 fm. Simple shell-model or di-neutron cluster-model wave functions fail in reproducing the angular distribution.

Ismail, M., and S. M. Refaei, "Calculation of the energy dependence of the ion-ion potential using the Negele force", Physical Review C, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 1494-1498, 1982. AbstractWebsite

The energy dependence of the real part of the ion-ion interaction potential is studied using an energy density functional derived from the Negele realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction. It is found that the Negele force produces an ion-ion potential which varies slowly with energy compared to that derived using a simple two-body effective interaction. NUCLEAR REACTIONS Antisymmetrization effects, Fermi gas model, momentum density, Negele force, energy dependence of ion-ion potential. © 1982 The American Physical Society.

Ewiss, M. A. Z., and I. H. Al-Ahdali, "Calculation of the natural radiative lifetime of the 6snf 3 F 2 Rydberg series of barium spectrum", Il Nuovo Cimento D, vol. 18, no. 1: Springer, pp. 1–10, 1996. Abstract
Abou-Shady, H., "Calculation of the reaction cross section of the C12+N17 using relativistic heavy ion potential", Egyptian Journal of Physics, vol. 25, issue 3, pp. 399-408, 2004. Abstract

A relativistic version of the two colliding nuclear matter approach together with the eikonal approximation are used to calculate the reaction cross-section σr for the spherically deformed pair C12-N17. Both the energy and the orientation dependence of the σr are studied. A maximum variation of 13% was found in σr due to all possible orientations of the deformed nucleus.

El Sherbini, T. M., "Calculation of transition probabilities and radiative lifetimes for singly ionized krypton", Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics, vol. 8, issue 10: IOP Publishing, pp. L183, 1975. Abstract
Khalil, E. E., and J. Whitelaw, "Calculation Of Turbulent, Combusting Flows", ACTA ASTONAUTICA, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 1011-1015, 1979.
Khalil, E. E., and J. H. Whitelaw, "Calculation Of Turbulent, Combusting Flows", ”. Proc. 6th International Colloquium on Gas dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems, Stockholm, , Sweden, August, 1977.
Khalil, E. E., D. B. Spalding, and J. H. Whitelaw, "The Calculation of Two Dimensional Furnaces", INT. J. HEAT & MASS TRANSFER, vol. 18, issue 1, pp. 775-791, 1975.
Gosman, D., E. E. Khalil, and J. H. Whitelaw, "The Calculation Of Two Dimensional Turbulent Recirculating Flows", Turbulent Shear Flows, pp. .237-255, , UK, Imperial College, pp. 237-255, july, 1977.
Gosman, D., E. E. Khalil, and J. H. Whitelaw, "The Calculation Of Two Dimensional Turbulent Recirculating Flows”, Proc. 1st Symposium On Turbulent Shear Flows", Turbulent Shear Flows, vol. 1, issue 13, pp. 237-255, 1979.
Khalil, E. E., P. Hutchinson, and J. H. Whitelaw, "The Calculation of Wall Heat Transfer Rate and Pollution Formation in Axisymmetric Furnaces", 4th Members Conference of International Flame Research Foundation, May 1976,, Ijumuiden, IFRF, pp. Report 8337, 1976.
El Sherbini, T. M., "Calculation of Xe II line strengths and radiative lifetimes in intermediate coupling", Zeitschrift für Physik A Atoms and Nuclei, vol. 275, issue 1: Springer, pp. 1-3, 1975. Abstract
Khalil, E. E., "Calculations Of Air Flow Regimes Thermal And Moisture Patterns In Climatized Archaeological Church Of Christ In Cairo", , Proceedings CLIMA 2010, Paper 165, ISBN 978-975-6907-14-6, Turkey, m, 2010.
Farahat, A. S., E. M. El-Dewany, F. M. El-Hefnawi, Y. M. Kadah, and A. A. Youssef, "Calculations of Heating Patterns of Interstitial Antenna for Brain Tumors Hyperthermia Treatment Planning", Radio Science National Conference, 2006. Abstract
Lukyanov, V. K., E. V. Zemlyanaya, K. V. Lukyanov, A. Y. Ellithi, and I. A. M. Abdel-Magead, Calculations of the Pion-Nucleus Inelastic Cross Sections Using the Microscopic Optical Potential, , 2013. Abstract


M.Shokry, and A.H.El-Sheikh, "calf blood extract in treatment of equine foot lesions", Modern Veterinary Practice, vol. 56, pp. 831, 1975. calf_blood_extract.pdf
Bours, J., "Calf lens α-crystallin, a molecular chaperone, builds stable complexes with βs-and γ-crystallins", Ophthalmic research, vol. 28, issue Suppl. 1: Karger Publishers, pp. 23-31, 1996. Abstract
Elnahhas, A. M., E. H. El-Negmy, and H. M. El-Azizi, "Calf Muscle Strength and Standing Efficiency in Children with Spastic Diplegia", Trends in Applied Sciences Research, vol. 9, issue 9, pp. 503-511, 2014. calf muscle strength and standing efficiency in children with spastic diplegia.pdf
Elnahhas, A. M., E. H. El-Negmy, and H. M. El-Azizi, "Calf Muscle Strength and Standing Efficiency in Children with Spastic Diplegia", Trends in Applied Sciences Research , vol. 9, issue 9, pp. 503-511, 2014.