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Hassanien, A. E., Computational Intelligence in Biomedicine and Bioinformatics, , Germany, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer Vol. 151 , 2008. AbstractWebsite

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of powerful state-of-the-art methodologies that are currently utilized for biomedicine and/ or bioinformatics-oriented applications, so that researchers working in those fields could learn of new methods to help them tackle their problems. On the other hand, the CI community will find this book useful by discovering a new and intriguing area of applications. In order to help fill the gap between the scientists on both sides of this spectrum, the editors have solicited contributions from researchers actively applying computational intelligence techniques to important problems in biomedicine and bioinformatics.

Hassanien, A. E., Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques and Applications, , USA, Chapman and Hall/CRC , 2009. AbstractWebsite

A compilation of the latest trends in the field, Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques and Applications explores how intelligent computing can bring enormous benefit to existing technology in medical image processing as well as improve medical imaging research. The contributors also cover state-of-the-art research toward integrating medical image processing with artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches.

Hassanien, A. E., Computational Intelligence in Multimedia Processing: Recent Advances, , USA, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer Vol. 96 , 2008. AbstractWebsite

For the last decades Multimedia processing has emerged as an important technology to generate content based on images, video, audio, graphics, and text. Furthermore, the recent new development represented by High Definition Multimedia content and Interactive television will generate a huge volume of data and important computing problems connected with the creation, processing and management of Multimedia content. "Computational Intelligence in Multimedia Processing: Recent Advances" is a compilation of the latest trends and developments in the field of computational intelligence in multimedia processing. This edited book presents a large number of interesting applications to intelligent multimedia processing of various Computational Intelligence techniques, such as rough sets, Neural Networks; Fuzzy Logic; Evolutionary Computing; Artificial Immune Systems; Swarm Intelligence; Reinforcement Learning and evolutionary computation.

Hassanien, A. - E., Computational Social Networks Analysis, , London, Computer Communications and Networks Series - Springer, 2010. AbstractWebsite

Social networks provide a powerful abstraction of the structure and dynamics of diverse kinds of people or people-to-technology interaction. Web 2.0 has enabled a new generation of web-based communities, social networks, and folksonomies to facilitate collaboration among different communities. This unique text/reference compares and contrasts the ethological approach to social behavior in animals with web-based evidence of social interaction, perceptual learning, information granulation, the behavior of humans and affinities between web-based social networks. An international team of leading experts present the latest advances of various topics in intelligent-social-networks and illustrates how organizations can gain competitive advantages by applying the different emergent techniques in real-world scenarios. The work incorporates experience reports, survey articles, and intelligence techniques and theories with specific network technology problems.

, Computer Applications for Agriculture, : Cairo University Press, 2001. Abstract
Mumford, E., and M. Weir, Computer systems in work design, , London, Associated Business Press, 1979. Abstract
Borovitz, I., and S. Neumann, Computer {Systems} {Performance} {Evaluation}, {Criteria}, {Measurement}, {Techniques} and {Costs}, , Lexington, Massachusetts, Heath, 1980. Abstract
Kelle, U., Computer-{Aided} {Qualitative} {Data} {Analysis}, , London, Sage, 1995. Abstract
Wifi, A. S., Computerized stress and stability analysis of engineering structures, : General Directorate of Research Grants Programs, King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, 1989. Abstract
, Concept of salvation in Indian thought, : Dar Al tanweer, 2010.
DeMarco, T., Concise notes on software engineering, , New York, Yourdon Press, 1979. Abstract
Hassanean, M., and, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medical Plants Project: Western Desert & Oases Region, , Cairo, National Research Center, 2006.
Elramady, H. R., N. A. Abdalla., and S. A.Shehata, Contemporary Environmental Readings (volume 2), , Germany, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing , 2013.
El-Ramady, H. R., Abdel Aziz Belal, S. M. El-Marsafawy, S. A. Shehata, S. Z. A. Yehia, and E. - S. B. Belal, Contemporary Environmental Readings Volume 1 Climate Change A Blessing or a Curse for Agriculture, , Germany, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing , 2012.
wafaa hosny, coordination chemistry of polyvinyl Alcohol, , Deutschland/Germany, Lap Lambert academic, 2015.
Mosad, M. M., Copts in Egypt and their demands between inclusion and exclusion, , Beirut, Center of Arab Unity Studies, Submitted.
Deif, H. I. A., Correlates of fatigue among patients with chronic air way limitation, : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015. AbstractWebsite

Chronic fatigue is common, is difficult to measure, can be associated with considerable morbidity, and is rarely a subject of controversy. It is probably the most common symptom of illness affecting sufferers of both acute and chronic conditions. However, a growing interest in the health problem presented by fatigue both in clinical practice and research, coupled with a decreasing number of reported studies on fatigue in the last decade, make an updated and systemic review of factors related to fatigue necessary. Therefore the aim of this study was undertaken to investigate correlates of fatigue among patients with chronic airway limitation. Related factors may be described as any internal or external elements which have an effect on the person, family or community and which contribute to the existence, or maintenance of the person’s health problem. The study sample compromised 90 patients.

Badawy, M. A. E., M. A. E. Hamid, and Y. A. E. salam, correlates of missed nursing care in medical intensive care units, , German, lumbert academic publishing , 2014. screenshot_from_2014-12-15_08_53_49.png
Badawy, M. A. E., M. A. Hamid, and Y. A. Salam, Correlates of missed nursing care in Medical intensive care units: Factors contributing to errors of omission, , Deutschland/ Germany, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014.