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Khaled, H. M., "Breast cancer at diagnosis in women of Africa and the Middle East", Breast Cancer in Women of African Descent: Springer Netherlands, pp. 81-90, 2006. AbstractWebsite

The myth behind the aetiology and efforts towards treatment and prevention of breast cancer were always present since antiquity. Two Egyptian papyruses, written approximately 1600 B.C. are concerned with the disease, the Edwin Smith Papyrus and the Ebers Papyrus. The first includes a case (no. 45) of bulging tumour of the breast recorded in lines 9 to 20 of the reproduction: If thou examinest a man having bulging tumours on his breast, (and) thou findest that (swellings) have spread over the breast; if thou puttest thy hand upon his breast upon these tumours, (and) thou findest them very cool, there being no fever at all therein when thy hand touches him, they have no granulation, they form no fluid, and they are bulging to thy hand, thou should say concerning him one having bulging tumours. An ailment with which I will attend. There is no (treatment). © 2006 Springer.

Yaseen, M., M. Attia, B. Maegaard, K. Choukri, N. Paulsson, S. Haamid, S. Krauwer, C. Bendahman, H. Fersøe, M. Rashwan, et al., "Building annotated written and spoken Arabic LR’s in NEMLAR project", Proceedings of LREC, 2006. Abstract
Ismail, S. A., C. H. Matta, and R. B. ElKholy, "Bayesian Estimation For Dependent Transition Probability Via MCMC Techniques", International Conference for Statistics and Modelling in social and human sciences, Statistics Department, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 29 March, 2005.
El Darouti, M. A., S. A. Marzouk, O. A. Azzam, H. R. Nada, R. M. Sobhi, and I. El Nabarawi, "Branchio-oculo-facial syndrome with bilateral linear scars of the neck.", International journal of dermatology, vol. 44, issue 8, pp. 674-6, 2005 Aug. Abstract

A case of branchio-oculo-facial syndrome with bilateral linear scars affecting both sides of the neck is described. The disease occured in a male patient aged 20 years and presented with facial asymmetry, pre and postauricular pits, lip pits, microphthalmia, broad malformed nose, colobomas and dystrophic right kidney. In addition, there were bilateral linear hypertrophic scars on both sides of the neck. We believe that the latter lesions may represent the end stage of dermal thymus; a rare condition which has been reported so far in only four cases, two of which had branchio-oculo-facial syndrome.

Youssef, B., T. A. Mageed, and S. E. Gamal, "BTS, A Proposed Customized Encryption Algorithm Based On Rc6 Structure", 3rd International Conference On Informatics And System Infos2005, 19-22 Mars 2005 Faculty Of Computers And Information,Cairo University-Egypt 05163., Egypt, 2005.
Zohdi, A., "Brain Endoscopy (Dos & Don'ts) ", 13th World Congress of Neurological Surgery, Main Topic Session (Neuroendoscopy), Innovations and Contraversies, Marrakesh, 19-24 June , 2005.
Hafez, A. M., M. B. Riad, and N. M. El\_dein, "Building Web Ontology for Crop-Pests Domain to Allow Better Search on the Web", INFOS2005, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University , 19-22 March 2005. Abstractbuilding_web_ontology_for_crop-pests_domain_to_allow_better_search_on_the_web.pdf

Ontology is the backbone of the semantic web. To apply
the semantic web concept, you should build ontology for
your domain. Building ontologies require cooperation
among domain experts to classify items in the domain,
specify properties, and determine rules for inferring new
information from the ontology. Once ontology was built,
stored in knowledge base system and published on the
web, an intelligent search engine or an inference engine
can query and make inference on this ontology. Also
ontology developers can reuse and extend this ontology. In
this paper we will show how we can build ontology for the
crop pests in the Agriculture domain, specify what the
benefits of this ontology are and how the query result is
more accurate than searching traditional web. In our
process we used the Ontology Web Language (OWL) [1]
as it is the most recent Ontology language proposed by
World Wide Web Consortium W3C (
and for its powerful features. Also we used protégé2000 as
Ontology Editor as it is suitable for OWL.

El-Said, H., "Bank Mergers: Motives and Impacts", Research Papers Series, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, issue 22, 2005.
Abo-el-Ata, G. A., Basic Steps to Prepare a Plan for Health Care Waste Management in Healthcare Facilities, , Cairo, Ministry of Health and Population and World Health Organization- East Mediterranean Regional Office, 2005.
Hala A.H. Khattab, I. Z. A. Abdallah, and K. A. Ahmed., "Bees honey abolishes the physiological disorders induced by some synthetic food colourant additives administered to young male albino rats", Med. J. Cairo Univ., Vol., vol. 73, No. 2, pp. 111- 126., 2005.
Darwish, A., N. Ghorab, H. El-Ashmawy, M. Kamal, and A. soliman Nasr, "Biochemical markers for prediction of pregnancy outcome in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss", The Middle East fertility Society Journal , vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 59-62, 2005.
M.Rashad, M., A. E. Mahmoud, M. A.El-Desouky, and M. U.Nooman, "Bioconversion of some aquatic plant extracts for production of B-fructofuranosidase", Advances in Food Sciences, vol. 1, issue 27, pp. 32-40, 2005.
Abdel-Kader, A., S. A. H. Hamdi, and R. M. Sayed, "Biological and biochemical studies on Biomphalaria alexandrina snails treated with low concentrations of certain molluscicides (synthetic of plant origin)", J. Egypt. Soc. Parasitol., vol. 35(3): , pp. 841-858, 2005.
Hashem, M. Y., I. I. Isamail, and M. H. Naroz, "Biological studies on fennel wasp, Systole sp. (Hymenoptera, Eurytomidae) anew record to Egypt", Bull. Ent. Soc. Egypt, vol. 82, pp. 221-228, 2005.
El-Azab, S. M., "The biological value of syndecan-1 expression in salivary gland tumors", Egyptian Dental Journal, vol. 51, issue 2, pp. 903-917, 2005.
Abu-Ibrahim, B., "Breakup effect on the reactions of 4;6He and 6Li", Progress of Theoretical Physics,, vol. 113, pp. 341, 2005. AbstractWebsite

The breakup effect on the scattering and reaction of 4,6He±p, 12C, 40Ca and 6Li±p at energies of 50–800 MeV/nucleon has been studied in the framework of the eikonal approximation. The eikonal phase-shift functions have been calculated completely employing Monte Carlo integration. Realistic 6-nucleon wave functions for the 6He and 6Li nuclei have been used. The dynamic polarization potentials have been determined. We find that the breakup effect is minimal at an incident energy of 200 MeV/nucleon. At this energy, the imaginary part of the polarization potential changes sign (negative to positive with increasing energy). The real part of the polarization potential also changes sign (repulsive to attractive) around 400 MeV/nucleon. This sign change depends neither on the target nor the projectile. It depends only on the ratio of the real to the imaginary parts of the underlying nucleon-nucleon (or nucleon-target) potential. The breakup effect is stronger in 6He than in 6Li.

S, B., N. S. Gadallah M, M. M. A. B. I. Youssef A, Costa A, and E. E, "Breast screening in the emerging world: high prevalence of breast cancer in Cairo", Breast., vol. 2005 Oct, issue Oct;14(5), pp. 340-6, 2005.
Mabrouk, W. M., "BVW As An Indicator for Hydrocarbon and Reservoir Homogeneity ", Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, vol. 49, issue 1-2, pp. 57-62, 2005.
El-Darouti, M. A., S. A. Marzouk, M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, A. Z. Zidan, and M. M. Fawzy, "Basaloid follicular hamartoma", International journal of dermatology, vol. 44, no. 5: Wiley Online Library, pp. 361–365, 2005. Abstract
El-Darouti, M. A., S. A. Marzouk, M. R. E. Abdel-Halim, A. Z. Zidan, and M. M. Fawzy, "Basaloid follicular hamartoma", International journal of dermatology, vol. 44, no. 5: Wiley Online Library, pp. 361–365, 2005. Abstract