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Sayed, A., H. Elwan, F. Fouad, A. Taha, K. Elhindawi, H. Khairy, A. Gad, and H. Kamal Eldin, "Behcet Extracranial Carotid Aneurysms: Is There Still a Role for Ligation?", Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg , vol. 39, pp. 17-22, 2010.
Sayed, A., H. Elwan, F. Fouad, A. Taha, K. Elhindawi, H. Khairy, A. Gad, and K. H. Eldin, "Behcet extracranial carotid aneurysms: is there still a role for ligation?", European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, vol. 39, no. 1: Elsevier, pp. 17–22, 2010. Abstract
Elfishawi, M., G. Mossallam, D. G. Augusto, G. Montero-Martin, H. de Bruin, L. Van de Pasch, P. J. Norman, E. Rozemuller, M. Fernandez-Vina, A. Abrudescu, et al., "Behçet disease, new insights in disease associations and manifestations: a next-generation sequencing study.", Clinical and experimental immunology, 2021. Abstract

Behçet disease is a multi-system disease associated with human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I polymorphism. High-resolution next-generation sequencing (NGS) with haplotype analysis has not been performed previously for this disease. Sixty Egyptian patients diagnosed according to the International Study Group (ISG) criteria for Behçet disease and 160 healthy geographic and ethnic-matched controls were genotyped for HLA class I loci (HLA-A, B, C). For HLA class II loci (DRB1, DRB3/4/5, DQA1, DQB1, DPA1, DPB1), 40 control samples were genotyped. High-resolution HLA genotyping was performed using NGS and the results were analyzed. Clinical manifestations were oral ulcers (100%), genital ulcers (100%), eye (55%) and neurological (28%) and vascular involvement (35%). HLA-B*51:08 [odds ratio (OR) = 19·75, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 6·5-79; P < 0·0001], HLA-B*15:03 (OR = 12·15, 95% CI = 3·7-50·7; P < 0·0001), HLA-C*16:02 (OR = 6·53, 95% CI = 3-14; P < 0·0001), HLA-A*68:02 (OR = 3·14, 95% CI = 1·1-8·9; P < 0·01) were found to be associated with Behçet disease, as were HLA-DRB1*13:01 and HLA-DQB1*06:03 (OR = 3·39, 95% CI = 0·9-18·9; P = 0·04 for both). By contrast, HLA-A*03:01 (OR = 0·13, 95% CI = 0-0·8; P = 0·01) and HLA-DPB1*17:01 were found to be protective (OR = 0·27, 95% CI = 0·06-1·03; P = 0·02). We identified strong linkage disequilibrium between HLA-B*51:08 and C*16:02 and A*02:01 in a haplotype associated with Behçet disease. HLA-B*51:08 was significantly associated with legal blindness (OR = 2·98, 95% CI = 1·06-8·3; P = 0·01). In Egyptian Behçet patients, HLA-B*51:08 is the most common susceptibility allele and holds poor prognosis for eye involvement.

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Beynon-Davies, P., "The behaviour of systems analysts", The Computer Bulletin, pp. 21–23, 1990. Abstract

Argues that cs ug should be taught material from behavioural sciences

A.Elsawaf, S., and M. M. Hassan, "Behaviour of structural sub-assemblies of steel beams with openings in fire conditions", Journal of Constructional Steel Research , vol. 148, pp. 27-638, 2018.
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, "BEHAVIOUR OF RC COLUMNS STRENGTHENED BY STEEL JACKET", Housing and Building National Research Center Journal , vol. 11, pp. 201-212, 2014.
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Abdel-Latif, L. A., Z. S. Safar, and M. O. A. Mokhtar, "Behaviour of non-Newtonian lubricants in rough bearing applications", Interface Dynamics, vol. 12: Elsevier, pp. 133, 1988. Abstract
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Sayed, E. E., A. Hamed, S. Badran, and A. Mustafa, "Behaviour and fate of polychlorinated biphenyls during processing of some dairy products", Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation, issue 472, pp. 55-65, 2014.