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Alfaar, A. S., M. S. Bakry, M. Kamal, S. Ezzat, I. Zaky, H. Taha, A. Ismail, and S. Abouelnaga, "Accelerating Innovation in Outcomes and Quality of Care Research Through Integration of Clinical Databases; Pediatric Oncology Experience in Egypt", American Society of Clinical Oncology, Chicago, ASCO - JCO, 2014. Abstract

Background: Children’s Cancer Hospital -Egypt was established to serve as the country major referral center. Within 6 years the hospital has received 13,865 patients with cancer among 19,744 screened ones. With this rapidly growing number the hospital looked for developing a reliable method for examining the quality of care and supporting health services research as an emerging field in the country. The aim of this paper is to describe the role of integrating several databases in providing a 360 view for healthcare picture. Methods: We have developed an online cancer registry database using RedCap data capture system to gather patients data from different sources. This database was integrated with the electronic medical records to share new patients data instantaneously. Two nurses were trained to curate the database daily and act as human quality control gateway. Cancer registry provided data about 19,927 patients were examined between 2007 and 2013. The second aspect was provided by digitizing and Optical Character Recognition of 12,573 pathology paper-based reports. Pathology reports were analysed electronically to extract dates, initial and final diagnoses, gross and microscopic pictures and markers used for diagnosis. A third aspect was added to the model by mining Radiology Information System database to extract 258,632 studies for all patients. Radiological studies were organized to show the type of investigation, time needed and outcome. Results: A unified comprehensive new database was developed showing uncountable number of quality of care indices and correlations between different initial and final timepoints. Those indicators included delay of diagnosis, reporting and difference in outcomes correlated with epidemiological aspects. The time used to develop this database was two weeks in the first time. A standard operating procedures was developed to decrease time during future updates. Conclusions: Accelerated pathway to research can be acquired in any settings including unprivileged low-middle income countries via structured reporting, integration between different databases and using simple information technology skills.

Zekri, W., M. Hammad, Y. ElBoraie, H. Taha, A. Refaat, A. S. AlFaar, and A. Younis, "Adrenocortical Carcinoma In The Pediatric Age Group; Experience At Children Cancer Hospital Of Egypt (CCHE)", American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Chicago, 2014. Abstract
Alfaar, A., M. Kamal, O. Hassanain, M. Sabry, S. Ezzat, and S. AbouElNaga, "Advancing Clinical Oncology Practice in Developing Countries: Integrating Research Informatics for Continuous Process Improvement.", European Society of Medical Oncology, Vienna, Austria, Oxford, 2012. Abstract
Alfaar, A. S., R. Nour, M. Kamal, S. Ezzat, and M. S. Bakry, "Automating clinical protocol monitoring: a model from developing countries.", European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2013. Abstract
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Aly, R., Abbas II, Khédive d’Égypte et Nubar Pacha Stratégies d’écriture de leurs Mémoires, , Paris, L’Harmattan, 2014. Abstract

Away from the political scene, Abbas II in exile, Nubar retired, each one has written his memoirs to offer to the posterity their precious testimony in french, not only about their public life but also about Egypt’s vice-kings and about their time.
Nubar, this pacha of armenian origin, and who served all the vice-kings of Egypt since Mohamed Ali to Abbas II, insists in his memoirs on the projects which he defended the most and his won challenges over the years: the justice reform, the defense of the fellah’s rights, the rejection of the canal of Suez project, his opposition to the whims of Saïd and especially those of Ismaïl which have led Egypt to the bankruptcy.
Abbas II defends himself in front of the history, especially against his rival’s charges: Cromer, the general British consul published in Modern Egypt and in Abbas II. The Khedive highlighted his nationalist struggle that he led in several fields: political, educational, cultural fields in order to face the British occupation. He explains the evolution of his relation with the British generals from the discord policy under Cromer leadership to the agreement that began in 1907 after the Denchaway incident (1906).
This form of personal writing differs from its related forms (the diaries, the autobiography, the travel novels) by its mixed identity (historical, legal, political and aesthetic). This explains the variety of the strategies followed by the pacha and the Khedive in their memoirs: strategy of denial, of disqualification of the opponent, of the interpretation, the caution, etc. We study these texts focusing on the literary side which is usually marginalized in the benefit of their historical side.
The memoirs are weapons of the politician which give him free style due to their hybrid identity. The political memoirist multiplies his writing strategies to prove his credibility. He defends himself and makes his book a monument able to cross the centuries by both historical and aesthetic value. Despite the debate about the subjectivity of the memoirist and its relationship with writing the history, the historical value of Memoirs is undeniable. At the end of our study, we reclaim to insert the Memoirs in the education programs: a way among others to save this precious heritage from oblivion and give it its rightful place in the collective memory.

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