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Elawar, A., G. Sayed, N. Ibrahim, and W. Abdelrahman, Assessment of metabolic syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis patients and its realtion to disease activity, , Cairo, Cairo university, In Press.
hamid, A. Y. Z., M. A. Nada, A.M.Nawito, and undefined, Assessment of mixed forearm conduction velocity in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, , Submitted.
Makled, H. T. S. M., P. D. M. A. El-Hamid, P. D. M. A. Eldaly, and D. M. A. S. E. Abdelhakim, Assessment of Open Globe Injuries during Egypt Uprising of 25th January, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012.
Hamid, M. A. - G., P. D. H. A. Sami, P. D. H. Moustafa, and D. A. M. Amin, Assessment of pulmonary embolism using V/Q scan (Planar & SPECT) and MS spiral CT, , cairo, cairo, 2008.
Marzouk, A. M. A., S. A. E. - K. Hassan, A. A. A. E. - Hamid, and H. M. Gaafar, Assessment of Risk Factors for Fetal Congenital Anomalies Among Pregnant Women at El-Manial University Hospital, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractamany_mosad_ahmed_marzouk.pdf

Background, congenital anomaly is a defect that is present at birth,
and can result from either genetic, environmental factors, or both. Aim, was to
assess the risk factors which may lead to fetal congenital anomalies. Design, a
descriptive research design was adopted. Sample, a total of 265 pregnant women
were recruited according to the following criteria: pregnant in a fetus with a
congenital anomaly; at any reproductive age; no specific gravidity or parity; single
or multiple gestations. Setting, Fetal Medicine Unit at El-Manial University
Hospital. Tools, two tools were constructed and filled in by the researcher: 1) fetal
assessment sheet 2) interviewing questionnaire schedule. Results, age range of the
pregnant women was 17-44 years with a mean of 26.63 ± 5.37 years. Seventeen
percent of them cannot read and write while, 20% had university education. Renal
anomalies, central nervous system (CNS), muscloskeletal , and cardiovascular
anomalies were the most common congenital anomalies constituted 36.6%, 34.7%,
20.8%, 10.6% respectively of the total anomalies. Regarding to risk factors for
congenital anomalies, 45.7% of the pregnant women had first degree
consanguinity, 16.6% had a family history of a congenital anomalies, 19.2% had a
previous child with a congenital anomalies, 29.1% gave a history of consuming
drugs during present pregnancy, 18.5% of the pregnant women live near industrial
source and 21.5% of them experienced infection during present pregnancy.
Conclusion, renal, CNS and muscloskeletal anomalies were the most common
type of congenital anomalies. Positive consanguinity, family history for congenital
anomalies, previous child with a congenital anomaly, consuming drugs during
pregnancy, living near industrial source and exposure to infections during
pregnancy, were the most common risk factors associated with congenital
anomalies. Recommendations, premarital examination for consanguineous
marriages should be encouraged. Antenatal care is very important for suspection
and early detection of congenital anomalies.

Mohammed, E. T., A. M. Shebl, and W. E. Sherif, Assessment of Self Care Practices among Liver Cirrhotic Patients at Mansoura University Hospitals, : Mansoura Univ, 2014. Abstract

Liver Cirrhosis is a serious and irreversible disease characterized by replacement of liver tissue by fibrotic scar tissue as well as regenerative nodules. Patients with chronic liver disease experience a variety of symptoms with profound negative impact on their self-care practices and healthy life. Working with patients with chronic liver disease requires not just dealing with the medical aspects of their disorder, but also working with the whole person-physically, emotionally and socially. The aim of this study was to assess self-care practices among liver cirrhotic patients. Descriptive correlational research design was utilized in the current study. The present study was applied on 100 adult male and female patients with confirmed diagnosis of liver cirrhosis in the hepatology units at Mansoura University hospital was involved in this study. Data related to this study were collected through designed Patient Interviews Questionnaires and Self Care Assessment Questionnaire by the researcher based on recent relevant literatures. The Study findings revealed that the majority of the study sample had the highest scores of self-care practices for physical practice, followed by spiritual practice. On the other hand, the lowest scores of self-care practices are for psychological aspect., There was inverse statistical significant relation between scores of physical, patient knowledge about liver cirrhosis and patients' age ,also there was positive statistical significant relation between scores of spiritual self-care practices, psychological self-care practices and patients' age., and there was a statistically significant relation between scores of physical self-care practices and patients' educational status., also there was a statistically significant relation between scores of social self-care practices and patients' marital status, and there was inverse statistical significance between total self-care practices and patient knowledge. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommended that patients should be provided simple, illustrated guide booklet, video tape, pamphlets about liver cirrhosis and its management ., cooperation of multi-disciplinary health team members to overcome their problems and needs which reflect on overall self-care practices of patients' with liver cirrhosis.

Mohammed, N. A., S. A. A. El-Latief, A. A. El-Latief, and A. E. - R. El-Naggar, Assessment of Suicidality Risk Factors and Its Management at Poison Control Center Cairo University, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractnareman_aly_mohammed.pdf

Suicidality is undoubtedly a pressing clinical issue. It represents a significant
public health problem worldwide. Suicide represents a complex and multi factorial
human behavior, mental illness, genetics, biological, psychosocial and cultural
factors that contribute to the etiology of suicidal behavior. Effective treatment of
suicidal behavior can potentially save an individual's life; therefore, this study was
conducted to assess the suicidality risk factors and its management. A descriptive
correlational design was utilized in this study. A sample is convenient; all patients
who were admitted to Poison Control Center, Cairo University over three months
were recruited. Socio-demographic/medical data sheet, Perceived Social Support
Scale, Beck Depressive Inventory Scale, Beck Suicidal Ideation Scale, Life
Stressors questionnaire and Management questionnaire were used to achieve the
purpose of this study. Results revealed that most of attempters were female
adolescents, showed a higher tendency to be single, unemployed, moderate
education , resided urban areas, using drug self poisoning ,showed none previous
attempts ,high suicidal ideation and moderate depression. The most prominent
problems were family problems. Attempters found low family support and high
friend support and without receiving any type of management except medical
management. To conclude suicide attempters need social and emotional support
from their significant others. Further studies about suicidal ideation assessment
among group at risk for early detection are recommended.

Harb, I. A. A. - M., P. D. A. - R. M. El-Naggar, D. O. A. khorshid, and D..A. A. A. Labib, ASSESSMENT OF THE EFFECT OF SOME RECENT THREAPUTIC MODALITIES ON MUSCLE ACTIVITY IN ANTICHOLINESTERASE INTOXICATED RATS, , OSEM, CAIRO, 2012. abstract_-_copy.docintroduction.docresult.doc_4.doc
Ahmed, L. I., S. D. Morgan, R. S. Hafez, and A. A. A. A. - All, Assessment of the sanitary status of some fermented dairy products, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2012.