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Abd El-Ghani, M. M., R. S. Hamdy, and A. B. Farahat, "Aspects of vegetation and soil relationships around athalassohaline lakes of Wadi El-Natrun, Western Desert, Egypt", Journal of Biology and Earth Sciences, vol. 4, issue 1, pp. B21-B35, 2014. lakes_wadi_el-natrun.pdf
Abd El-Ghany, N. A., M. S. A. Aziz, M. M. Abdel-Aziz, and Z. Mahmoud, "Antimicrobial and swelling behaviors of novel biodegradable corn starch grafted/poly(4-acrylamidobenzoic acid)copolymers", International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, vol. 134, pp. 912 - 920, 2019. AbstractWebsite
ABD EL-HAKIM A., MONA F.ALI, N. A. S. S. E. R. G. A. B. D. E. L. - G. H. A. F. O. U. R., "AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF GRANITIC PICTOGRAPHS AND PETROGLYPHS IN THE OPEN AIR SITE, SOUTH EGYPT ", Journal of Science and Arts, vol. 20, , issue No. 1(50),, pp. pp. 143-154, 2020.
Abd El-Maksoud, A. A., I. H. Abd El-Ghany, H. E. El-Beltagi, S. Anankanbil, S. Banerijee, S. Petersene, B. Péreza, and Z. Guo, "Adding functionality to milk-based protein: Preparation, and physicochemical characterization of β-lactoglobulin-phenolic conjugates", Food Chemistry, vol. 241, issue 15, pp. 281-289, 2018.
Abd El-Raheem, A. M., M. H. Abu-Moussa, M. M. Mohie El-Din, and E. H. Hafez, "Accelerated life tests under Pareto-IV lifetime distribution: real data application and simulation study", Mathematics, vol. 8, issue 10: MDPI, pp. 1786, 2020. Abstract
Abd El-Rahman, Y., A. A. Surour, A. W. El-Manawi, M. Refai, A. Abdel Motelib, and K. A. Ali, "Ancient mining and smelting activities in Wadi Abu Gerida area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Preliminary results", Archaeometry, vol. 55, issue 6, pp. 1067-1087, 2013. archaeometry_paper_2013.pdf
Abd El-Rahman, Y., A. A. Surour, A. H. W. El Manawi, M. M. Rifai, W. K. Ali, and A. M. El Dougdoug, "Ancient Mining And Smelting Activities In The Wadi Abu Gerida Area, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Preliminary Results", Archaeometry, 2012. AbstractCU-PDF

Old mining and smelting features in the Abu Gerida area have been studied using field observations, microscopy and SEM–EDS to detect the ores that were exploited in antiquity. There are two groups of shafts in the area. The first group encloses secondary copper minerals and is associated with glassy slags containing copper prills. The other group is associated with hematite that was extracted and transferred to a smelting station to the west of the mining site, where iron slags and charcoal fragments are found. These slags are composed mainly of wüstite, fayalite–kirschsteinite and traces of metallic iron. Pottery fragments from this area were dated to the Ptolemaic Period, which may be the age of iron exploitation. Copper might have been exploited earlier.

Abd El-Salam, F. A., I. A. El-Tohamy, M. K. Ahmed, W. A. Rahoma, and M. A. Rassem, "Applied Mathematics and Computation", Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. 181, pp. 6-20, 2006.
Abd El-Shafi, M. A., and M. H. Taha, "Accuracy of Predicting Phyllochron and Genetic Variability in Some Spring Bread Wheat Genotypes Affected by Temperature", Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 1-7, 2014. Abstract
Abd Elfadeel, S. M., H. Amein, M. M. El-Bakry, and M. A. Hassan, "Assessment of a multiple port storage tank in a CPC-driven solar process heat system", Renewable Energy, vol. 180: Elsevier Ltd, pp. 860 - 873, 2021///. AbstractWebsite

Sensible thermal energy storage is the most common solution for small-to-medium solar process heat systems. Hence, it is vital to enhance the thermal stratification and energy utilization of stratified tanks. In this study, four process heat systems are dynamically simulated: 1) S0 with a single outlet port to the load, 2) S1 with a single port and a thermostatic mixing valve, 3) M0 with multiple ports, and 4) M1 with multiple ports and a mixing valve. Two novel models are proposed for the compound parabolic collectors and the stratified tanks. System M1, with annual system efficiency of 47.3% and solar fraction of 0.57, was found to be the best-performing one, followed by S1, M0, and S0. System M1 also reduced the annual energy consumption of the backup heater in S0 by 16.45%. The thermostatic mixing valve reduced the thermocline thickness. The incorporation of both mixing valve and multiple ports delayed the startup of the heater, reduced the system's thermal losses, and slightly improved the collectors' efficiencies. The proposed tank model can be a viable tool for solar energy designers to optimize the number and relative positions of the inlet and outlet ports for maximized system efficiency and solar coverage.

Abd-Al-Fattah, M. A., H. H. Hemeida, and M. E. NOUR, "The antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of propolis as a natural honeybee product. 1.-the antimicrobial activity of propolis", Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo Univ.(Egypt), 1993. Abstract
Abd-Allah, F., H. Rizk, M. A. Farrag, M. H. shaaban, and A. Nasreldein, "Assessment of intracranial collateral circulation using novel TCCS grading system in patients with symptomatic carotid occlusion", Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 11: Frontiers, pp. 666, 2020. Abstract
Abd-Allah, M., W. Khalifa, S. A. Hafiz, K., and N. Abdel Raheem, "Assessment of Flux Composition in A-TIG Weldments", Metals Processing and Manufacturing Conference (MPM 2007) Nov. 19-22, Cairo – Egypt, CMRDI, pp. , pp. 9-23., 2007.
Abd-El-Fattah, A. A., N. A. H. Sadik, O. G. Shaker, and A. M. Kamal, "Are SMAD7 rs4939827 and CHI3L1 rs4950928 polymorphisms associated with colorectal cancer in Egyptian patients?", Tumor Biology, vol. 37, issue 7, pp. 9387–9397, 2016.
Abd-El-Hafez, M. A., M. D. El-Shafee, S. H. Omar, A. A. Aburahma, and S. S. Kamar, "The ameliorative effect of curcumin on cryptorchid and non-cryptorchid testes in induced unilateral cryptorchidism in albino rat: histological evaluation.", Folia morphologica, vol. 80, issue 3, pp. 596-604, 2021. Abstract

BACKGROUND: Cryptorchidism, one or both hidden testes, is the most common abnormality of male sexual development. Subfertility or infertility is associated with both unilateral and bilateral cryptorchidism. In this study, we investigate the possible ameliorative effect of curcumin (Cur) on the induced-unilateral cryptorchidism testicular injury in both cryptorchid (Cryp) and non-cryptorchid (non-Cryp) scrotal testes through histological, immunohistochemical and morphometrics.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Forty adult male albino rats were divided into: control group, Cur control group, Cryp group, and Cryp+Cur group. The rat model was surgically established by fixing the left testis in the abdomen. The treated groups were subjected to surgically induced-unilateral cryptorchidism on the left side then were given Cur (80 mg/kg) orally, for 20 days. Histological analysis using haematoxylin and eosin and periodic acid Schiff's reaction was done. Immunohistochemistry was performed for proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA); to estimate the proliferation in the germinal epithelium, and vimentin; to evaluate Sertoli cells. The results were confirmed by statistical evaluation of the spermatogenic epithelium height, the seminiferous tubules diameter, the basement membrane thickness, the number of PCNA immunostained cells and the area per cent of vimentin immunostaining.

RESULTS: Distorted seminiferous tubules, substantial degeneration of the germinal epithelium, thickening of the basement membrane with a significant decrease in PCNA and vimentin immunostaining were observed in Cryp group; mainly in the cryptorchid testis. These structural changes were significantly reversed in Crypt+Cur group.

CONCLUSIONS: Curcumin proved to be an important and effective medical line for protecting against the unfavourable sequels of cryptorchidism in a rat model.

Abd-Elghany, A. A., and E. B. T. E. S. A. M. A. MOHAMAD, "Antitumor impact of iron oxide nanoparticles in Ehrlich carcinoma-bearing mice", Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences, vol. 14, issue 1, pp. 314-321, 2021. antitumor_impact_of_iron_oxide_nanoparticles_in_ehrlich_carcinoma_bearing_mice.pdf
Abd-Elghanya, A. A., and E. B. T. E. S. A. M. A. MOHAMAD, "Antitumor impact of iron oxide nanoparticles in Ehrlich carcinoma-bearing mice", Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences, vol. 14, issue 1, pp. 314–321 , 2021.
Abd-Elmonem, A. M., E. S. Albadry, A. A. Othman, and M. E. Abbass, Autistic features in relation to motor function and quality of life in children with autism spectrum disorder, , 2023.
Abd-Elmonem, A. M., E. S. Albadry, A. A. Othman, and M. E. Abbass, Autistic features in relation to motor function and quality of life in children with autism spectrum disorder, , 2023.