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Metwally, N. H., F. M. Abdelrazek, and N. A. Sobhy, "About the reaction of $\alpha$-substituted cinnamonitriles with 3-substituted and 1, 3-disubstituted pyrazolin-5-ones", Afinidad, vol. 62, no. 520: Asociacion de Quimicos del Instituto Quimico de Sarria, pp. 616–621, 2005. Abstract
Metwally, N. H., F. M. Abdelrazek, and N. A. Sobhy, "About the reaction of α-substituted cinnamonitriles with 3-substituted and 1,3-disubstituted pyrazolin-5-ones. ", Afinidad,, vol. 62, issue 520, pp. 616-621, 2005.
Abdelrazek, F. M., and A. N. Elsayed, "About the reaction of β-dimethylamino-α,β-enones with active methylene nitriles.", J. Heterocyclic Chem., vol. 46, issue ---, pp. 949-953, 2009.
Ali, M. A., A. Assefa, D. Assefa, L. Bal{\'ık, A. Basu, O. Berger, E. Berhan, B. Beshah, E. Birhan, T. Buriánek, et al., "Abraham, Ajith 183, 293,303, 315, 371 Ahmed, Nada 315 Aldosari, Hamoud M. 303 Alhamedi, Adel H. 303", Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement: Proceedings of the First International Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement AECIA 2014, vol. 334: Springer, pp. 383, 2014. Abstract
Ismail, M. K., and A. A. A. Hassan, "Abrasion and impact resistance of concrete before and after exposure to freezing and thawing cycles", Construction and Building Materials, vol. 215, pp. 849-861, 2019.
Shewy, M. T. E., and H. Misbah, "Abrasion and Intrameniscal Needling for Partial tears During Arthroscopicaly Assisted ACL reconstruction", Egyptian Orthopaedic Journal, vol. 39(1), pp. 83:87, 2004.
Seyedfarizani, S., B. H. AbdelAleem, and A. A. A. Hassan, "Abrasion Resistance of Concrete with Different Mixture Compositions at Cold Curing Temperatures", ACI Materials Journal, vol. 119, issue 3, 2022.
Zaki, R. A., B. H. AbdelAleem, and A. A. A. Hassan, "Abrasion Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete under Cold Temperatures.", ACI Materials Journal, vol. 117, issue 5, pp. 221-232, 2020.
Ismail, M. K., A. A. A. Hassan, and M. Lachemi, "Abrasion Resistance of Self-Consolidating Engineered Cementitious Composites Developed with Different Mixture Compositions.", ACI Materials Journal, vol. 16, issue 1, 2019.
Zedan, I. A., K. M. Elsayed, and Eid Emary, "Abrupt Cut Detection in News Videos using Dominant Colors Representation", Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics (AISI 2016), Cairo, Egypt, 25 October, 2016.
Mansour, W. Y., B. K, P. C, D. E, and D. - D. J., "The absence of Ku but not defects in classical non-homologous end-joining is required to trigger PARP1-dependent end-joining.", DNA Repair, vol. 12, issue 12, pp. 1134-1142, 2013. mansour2013.pdf
Mansour, W. Y., K. Borgmann, C. Petersen, E. Dikomey, and J. Dahm-Daphi, "The absence of Ku but not defects in classical non-homologous end-joining is required to trigger PARP1-dependent end-joining.", DNA repair, vol. 12, issue 12, pp. 1134-42, 2013 Dec. Abstract

Classical-non-homologous end-joining (C-NHEJ) is considered the main pathway for repairing DNA double strand breaks (DSB) in mammalian cells. When C-NHEJ is defective, cells may switch DSB repair to an alternative-end-joining, which depends on PARP1 and is more erroneous. This PARP1-EJ is suggested to be active especially in tumor cells contributing to their genomic instability. Here, we define conditions under which cells would switch the repair to PARP1-EJ. Using the end jining repair substrate pEJ, we revealed that PARP1-EJ is solely used when Ku is deficient but not when either DNA-PKcs or Xrcc4 is lacking. In the latter case, DSB repair, however, could be shuttled to PARP1-EJ after additional Ku80 down-regulation, which partly rescued the DSB repair in these mutants. We demonstrate here that PARP-EJ may work on DSB ends at high fidelity manner, as evident from the unchanged efficiency upon blocking end resection by either roscovitin or mirin. Furthermore, we demonstrate for that PARP-EJ is likewise involved in the repair of multiple DSBs (I-PpoI- and IR-induced). Importantly, we identified a chromatin signature associated with the switch to PARP1-EJ which is characterized by a strong enrichment of both PARP1 and LigIII at damaged chromatin. Together, these data indicate that Ku is the main regulator for the hierarchal organization between C-NHEJ and PARP1-EJ.

Murugan, A. K., E. A. Humudh, E. Qasem, H. Al-Hindi, M. Almohanna, Z. K. Hassan, and A. S. Alzahrani, "Absence of somatic mutations of the mTOR gene in differentiated thyroid cancer.", Meta gene, vol. 6, pp. 69-71, 2015. Abstract

Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancy with increasing incidence. Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is an important downstream mediator of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K/Akt) signaling and regulates cell growth, apoptosis and metabolism. The mTOR gene is frequently mutated in human cancers. Although PI3K/Akt pathway and its component genes were extensively studied in thyroid cancer, it is not known whether mTOR gene is somatically mutated and play a role in differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). To determine the status of mTOR mutations in 53 DTC, we extensively examined 19 selected exons of mTOR gene which were reported to be frequently mutated in other human cancers. Unlike in other human cancers, we did not find common somatic mutations in the mTOR gene in differentiated thyroid cancer, except for some synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms. Our results suggest that mTOR mutation is very rare and may not play a significant role in DTC.

Kamel, M., and K. Elsayed, "ABSF Offsetting and Optimal Resource Partitioning for eICIC in LTE-Advanced: Proposal and Analysis using a Nash Bargaining Approach", IEEE ICCC, Budapest, Hungary, Proceedings of {IEEE} {ICC} 2013, Budapest, Hungary, June 2013. AbstractCU-PDF

Almost-blank subframe (ABSF) is a time-domain technique, proposed by the 3GPP to handle Inter-Cell Interference (ICI) in heterogeneous network environments (HetNet). We consider a HetNet environment comprised of a macro-cell and femto-cells distributed across the macro-cell area. We propose a novel approach, called ABSF offsetting, to reduce the blanking rate at the femtocells while preserving the required optimal blanking rate at the macro-cell. We also study the problem of optimal resource partitioning and offset assignment in the ABSF mode. The proposed solution for the problem is based on multistage Nash bargaining. The performance of the optimal resource partitioning, and ABSF offsetting is evaluated through simulations. The results show that the throughput of the macro-cell is improved, while the degradation in the aggregate femto-cell throughput is reduced due to the reduction in the blanking rate due to offsetting. The simulation results also demonstrate the fairness of the ABSF offsetting with the fairness index approaching 1 among the macro-cell UEs at low loads.

.Kamel, M. S., R. Shabana, A. Kandil, and S. El-Mohanes, "Absolute and relative productivity of some introduced sunflower hybrids", Bull.Fac.Agr.Cairo Univ., vol. 31, pp. 81–100, 1980. Abstract
Harmansyah, H., and et al, "Absolute neutrophil count as predictor of early onset sepsis. (Prof. Emad Daif was a peer reviewer for this article).", Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, vol. 4, issue 3, pp. 87-91, 2015.
Hussein, B. A., H. Sugiyama, and A. A. Shabana, "Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation Coupled Deformation Modes", ASME 2006 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, pp. 513–518, 2006. Abstract
Hussein, B. A., H. Sugiyama, and A. A. Shabana, Absolute nodal coordinate formulation coupled deformation modes: problem definition, : Technical Report MBS06-1-UIC, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2006. Abstract
Anantharaman, N., M. Ingremeau, M. Sabri, and B. Winn, "Absolutely Continuous Spectrum for Quantum Trees", Communications in Mathematical Physics, vol. 383, pp. 537-594, 2021. 200318ac.pdf
Lotfy, H. M., "Absorbance subtraction and amplitude modulation as novel spectrophotometric methods for the analysis of binary mixtures ", Int J Pharm Pharm Sci,, vol. Vol 6, issue Issue 1, pp. 735-741, 2014.
Osman, S. A., and A. M. Aboul-Enein, "Absorption and distribution of 7-I131 Iodocholesterol in tissues of normal and hypercholesterolemic rats", Bull. Fac. Agric. Cairo Univ., , vol. XXVIII, pp. 339, 1977.
Ayvacıklı, M., A. Khatab, A. Ege, İ. Şabikoğlu, M. Henini, and N. Can, "Absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy of Er3+-doped SrAl2O4 ceramic phosphors", Philosophical Magazine Letters, vol. 92, no. 4: Taylor & Francis, pp. 194–201, 2012. Abstract
Nassef, O. A., and H. E. Elsayed-Ali, "Absorption laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy", SPIE- Defense, Security, and Sensing 2009, Orlando, Florida, United States , 2009.
Khalifa, H., M. M. Khater, and M. A. Zayed, Absorption Spectra of Copper and Palladium Complexes of Arylazo Acetylacetone Egypt. J. Chem. 23(5), , pp. 311-321, 1980.