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Asal, Y. M., A. M. Mohammad, S. S. Abd El Rehim, and I. M. Al-Akraa, "Augmented formic acid electro-oxidation at a co-electrodeposited Pd/Au nanoparticle catalyst", Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, vol. 26, issue 4, 2022. AbstractWebsite

In this study, the formic acid electro-oxidation reaction (FAEOR) was catalyzed on a Pd-Au co-electrodeposited binary catalyst. The kinetics of FAEOR were intensively impacted by changing the Pd2+:Au3+ molar ratio in the deposition medium. The Pd1-Au1 catalyst (for which the Pd2+:Au3+ molar ratio was 1:1) acquired the highest activity with a peak current density for the direct FAEOR (Ip) of 4.14 mA cm−2 (ca. 13- times higher than that (ca. 0.33 mA cm−2) of the pristine Pd1-Au0 catalyst). It also retained the highest stability that was denoted in fulfilling ca. 0.292 mA cm−2 (ca. 19-times higher than 0.015 mA cm−2 of the pristine Pd1-Au0 catalyst) after 3600 s of continuous electrolysis at 0.05 V. The CO stripping and impedance measurements confirmed, respectively, the geometrical and electronic enhancements in the proposed catalyst. © 2022 The Author(s)

Abdelazeem, R. M., and M. Agour, "Adaptive wavefront sensor for accurate characterization and evaluation of circular optical elements", Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology II, 20 May, 2022.
Agaiby, S. S., and P. W. Mayne, "Analytical CPTU Solutions Applied to Boston Blue Clay", Geo-Congress 2022, North Carolina, USA, 17 March , 2022.
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Abdel-Salam, R., R. Gody, M. Maher, H. Hosny, and A. S. Kaseb, "AnimaChaotic: AI-Based Automatic Conversion of Children’s Stories to Animated 3D Videos", International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, 2022.
Salem, M. H., E. I. ElHadidy, and E. E. Salem, "Association between socioeconomic status and motor development in early childhood", International journal of Health sciences (IJHS), vol. 6, issue S4, Giza, Cairo, pp. 6343–6351, 2022.
Abou-El-Sood, H., and D. El-Sayed, "Abnormal disclosure tone, earnings management and earnings quality", Journal of Applied Accounting Research, vol. 23, issue 2, pp. 402-433, 2022.
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Abdel‑Ghany, H. S. M., S. Abdel‑Shafy, M. M. Abuowarda, R. M. El‑Khateeb, E. M. Hoballah, and M. M. Fahmy, "Acaricidal Efficacy of Biosynthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Against Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodidae) and Their Toxic Effects on Swiss Albino Mice", Acta Parasitologica , vol. 67, issue, pp. 878-891, 2022.
eLsherpieny, E. A., H. Z. Muhammed, and E. M. Almetwally, "Accelerated Life Testing for Bivariate Distributions based on Progressive Censored Samples with Random Removal", Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability An International Journal, vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 203 - 227, 2022.
Nassr, S. G., A. S. Hassan, R. Alsultan, and A. R. El-Saeed, "Acceptance sampling plans for the three-parameter inverted Topp– Leone model", AIMS Mathematical Bioscience and Engineering, vol. 19, issue 12, pp. 13628–13659, 2022. asp_transmuated_itl_distribution.pdf
El-Beltagi, H. S., T. A. Shalaby, H. El-Ramady, and S. M. El-Bialy, "Acclimatization of In Vitro Banana Seedlings Using Root-Applied Bio-Nanofertilizer of Copper and Selenium", Agronomy, vol. 12, issue 2, pp. 539, 2022.
Elnaggar, R. K., A. Alhowimel, M. Alotaibi, M. S. Abdrabo, and M. A. Elshafey, "Accommodating variable-resistance exercise enhance weight-bearing/gait symmetry and balance capability in children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy: a parallel-group, single-blinded randomized clinical trial.", European journal of physical and rehabilitation medicine, vol. 58, issue 3, pp. 378-386, 2022. Abstract

BACKGROUND: Children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy (HCP) tend preferentially to bear their body weight on the non-paretic side, which leads to the emergence of asymmetrical walking patterns and limited ability to maintain balance. Therefore, improved and clearly effective intervention strategies to remedy these impairments are needed.

AIM: This study endeavored to evaluate the efficacy of an accommodating variable-resistance exercise (AVr-Ex) program on weight-bearing symmetry, gait symmetry, and dynamic balance in children with HCP.

DESIGN: This study employed a parallel-group, single-blinded randomized controlled design.

SETTINGS: Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic and University Hospital, and a tertiary referral hospital.

POPULATION: Thirty-six children with HCP aged between eight and 16 years were assigned randomly to the AVr-Ex group (N.=18) or control group (N.=18).

METHODS: Children in the AVr-Ex group undergone an AVr-Ex program, three sessions/week over eight consecutive weeks, besides the usual physical therapy while children in the Control group received the usual physical therapy alone. Outcome measures were evaluated before and after intervention and included weight-bearing symmetry indices [rearfoot (RF-WbSI), and forefoot (FF-WbSI)], gait symmetry indices (spatial [GSIspatial], and temporal [GSItemporal]), and dynamic balance.

RESULTS: The post-treatment RF-WbSI (P<0.001; ηp=0.41), GSIspatial (P<0.001; ηp=0.42), GSItemporal (P<0.001; ηp=0.52), and dynamic balance variables (all P<0.05; ηp ranged from 0.21 to 0.51) improved significantly in the AVr-Ex group compared to the control group, when controlled for the pre-treatment scores.

CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that AVr-Ex can improve weight-bearing symmetry, gait symmetry, and dynamic balance in children with HCP when incorporated into the usual physical rehabilitation program.

CLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: AVr-Ex is likely an effective training paradigm to address weight-bearing/gait asymmetry and balance issues in children with HCP, which provides the basis for its incorporation in rehabilitation programs for such a patient population.

Ismail, T. H., Accounting and Auditing: A Review of Practices and Empirical Research , , Republic of Moldova, Europe. , Elvia Press, 2022.
Youssry, N., and A. Khattab, "Accurate Real-Time Face Mask Detection Framework Using YOLOv5", IEEE International Conference on Design & Test of integrated micro & nano-Systems (DTS), Egypt, IEEE, 2022.
Shaker, R. A. E., Y. Ibrahim Nagy, M. E. Adly, R. A. Khattab, and Y. M. Ragab, "Acinetobacter baumannii, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Elizabethkingia miricola isolated from wastewater have biodegradable activity against fluoroquinolone", World Journal of Mocrobiology and Biotechnology , vol. 38, issue 187, pp. 1-15, 2022.
Shaker, R. A. E., Y. Ibrahim Nagy, M. E. Adly, R. A. Khattab, and Y. M. Ragab, "Acinetobacter baumannii, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Elizabethkingia miricola isolated from wastewater have biodegradable activity against fluoroquinolone.", World journal of microbiology & biotechnology, vol. 38, issue 11, pp. 187, 2022. Abstract

Ciprofloxacin (CIP) and levofloxacin (LEV), widely used fluoroquinolone antibiotics, are often found in sewage from the sewage treatment plants and marine environment. In this study, CIP and LEV biodegrading bacterial consortia were obtained from industrial wastewater. Microorganisms in these consortia were identified as Acinetobacter baumannii (A. baumannii), Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae) and Elizabethkingia miricola (E. miricola). The impacts of the critical operating parameters on the elimination of CIP and LEV by bacterial consortia have been investigated and optimized to achieve the maximum levels of CIP and LEV biodegradation. Using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS), possible degradation pathways for CIP and LEV were suggested by analyzing the intermediate degradation products. The role of the enzymes fluoroquinolone-acetylating aminoglycoside (6'-N-acetyltransferase) and cytochrome P450 (CYP450) in the breakdown of fluoroquinolones (FQs) was investigated as well. According to our findings, various biodegradation mechanisms have been suggested, including cleavage of piperazine ring, substitution of F atom, hydroxylation, decarboxylation, and acetylation, as the main biotransformation reactions. This study discovers the ability of non-reported bacterial strains to biodegrade both CIP and LEV as a sole carbon source, providing new insights into the biodegradation of CIP and LEV.

Elshaarawy, O., R. A. ELaziz, N. Zayed, A. Hany, Z. Hammam, S. Mueller, A. Yosry, and H. I. Shousha, "Acoustic radiation force impulse to measure liver stiffness and predict hepatic decompensation in pregnancy with cirrhosis: A cohort study.", Arab journal of gastroenterology : the official publication of the Pan-Arab Association of Gastroenterology, vol. 23, issue 2, pp. 89-94, 2022. Abstract

BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS: Pregnancy in association with cirrhosis is a rather uncommon and highly risky situation for both mother and child. We aim to study all factors and the utility of liver stiffness (LS) measurement by Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse elastography (ARFI) to predict hepatic decompensation in pregnant cirrhotic patients.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: We prospectively recruited 224 pregnant women at the multidisciplinary clinic of liver disease with pregnancy, Cairo University. LS was measured using ARFI (Siemens ACUSON S3000 ultrasound system) during the second trimester and 8-12 weeks post-delivery. The outcome of pregnancy and the incidence of hepatic decompensation were assessed.

RESULTS: Our cohort comprised 128 normal pregnancies, 37 patients with pregnancy-related liver disease (Intrahepatic cholestasis (n = 6), preeclampsia (n = 23), and hyperemesis gravidarum (n = 8)) and 59 patients with an established chronic liver disease not related to pregnancy. In all patients, LS significantly decreased after delivery from 1.19 m/s to 0.94 m/s (P < 0.001). In multivariate analysis, LS was an independent predictor for the outcome of pregnancy in all patients (odds ratio (OR) = 5.442 (3.01-6.82), cut-off = 1.21 m/s). Patients with cirrhosis, mean LS was 1.57 ± 0.66 m/s and 26 (44%) patients had hepatic decompensation (hepatocellular jaundice (n = 8), ascites (n = 9) and variceal bleeding (n = 6)). In multivariate analysis; LS, platelets, albumin, and bilirubin were independent predictors of decompensation post-delivery and the OR for LS was 6.141(4.32-7.98). The optimal cut off value of LS to predict decompensation was 1.46 m/s (8.4 kPa) with AUROC of 0.827.

CONCLUSION: LS can be used to predict hepatic decompensation after delivery in pregnant women with manifest cirrhosis.

Magdy, A., L. Said, A. R. G. Ahmed Madian, and A. M. Soliman, "Active and passive sensitivity analysis for the second‑order active RC filter families using operational amplifier: a reviewid", Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 2022. s10470-022-02079-y.pdf
Yassin, H. M., R. R. Abdel-Wahab, and H. H. Hanafy, "Active and Reactive Power Control for Dual Excited Synchronous Generator in Wind Applications", IEEE ACCESS, vol. 10, pp. 29172 - 29182, 2022.
Hanafy, H. H., H. M. Yassin, and R. R. Abdel-Wahab, "Active and Reactive Power Control for Dual Excited Synchronous Generator in Wind Applications", IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 29172-29182, 2022.
Salem, A. A., M. H. Ismail, and A. S. Ibrahim, "Active Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted MISO Integrated Sensing and Communication Systems for Secure Operation", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, issue to appear, 2022.
Atta, M. E. E. - D., D. K. Ibrahim, M. I. gilany, and A. F. Zobaa, "Adaptive Scheme for Detecting Induction Motor Incipient Broken Bar Faults at Various Load and Inertia Conditions", Sensors, vol. 22, issue 1, pp. Article 365, 2022. Abstract

This paper introduces a novel online adaptive protection scheme to detect and diagnose broken bar faults (BBFs) in induction motors during steady-state conditions based on an analytical approach. The proposed scheme can detect precisely adjacent and non-adjacent BBFs in their incipient phases under different inertia, variable loading conditions, and noisy environments. The main idea of the proposed scheme is monitoring the variation in the phase angle of the main sideband frequency components by applying Fast Fourier Transform to only one phase of the stator current. The scheme does not need any predetermined settings but only one of the stator current signals during the commissioning phase. The threshold value is calculated adaptively to discriminate between healthy and faulty cases. Besides, an index is proposed to designate the fault severity. The performance of this scheme is verified using two simulated motors with different designs by applying the finite element method in addition to a real experimental dataset. The results show that the proposed scheme can effectively detect half, one, two, or three broken bars in adjacent/non-adjacent versions and also estimate their severity under different operating conditions and in a noisy environment, with accuracy reaching 100% independently from motor parameters.

Atta, M. E. E. - D., D. K. Ibrahim, and M. Gilany, "Adaptive Scheme for Detecting Induction Motor Incipient Broken Bar Faults at Various Load and Inertia Conditions", MDPI Sensors, vol. 22, issue 1, 2022.