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Abd El Ghani, M., R. Hamdy, and A. Hamed, "Aspects of vegetation and soil relationships around athalassohaline lakes of Wadi El-Natrun, Western Desert, Egypt", Journal of Biology and Earth Sciences , vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 21-35, 2014.
Abd El Ghani, M., R. Hamdy, and A. Hamed, "Aspects of vegetation and soil relationships around athalassohaline lakes of Wadi El-Natrun, Western Desert, Egypt", Journal of Biology and Earth Sciences , vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 21-35, 2014.
Abd El Hameed, Y. F., A. M. Boghdadi, C. M. Ghobrial, and M. A. Hassan, "Association of and parasitic infections in childhood: impact on clinical manifestations and implications.", Journal of parasitic diseases : official organ of the Indian Society for Parasitology, vol. 45, issue 3, pp. 790-796, 2021. Abstract

The association of (. ) infection and parasitic infections including (), especially in childhood, is widely recognized to be high in developing communities. We aimed to study the impact of concomitant intestinal parasitic and infections on the different clinical presentation of infected children and whether this coinfection could in turn cause any alteration in the clinical manifestations of each other. This cross-sectional study included 150 children of both sexes with their age ranging from 1 to 15 years, having gastrointestinal complaints, throughout 8 months duration. All cases were subjected to full history taking, clinical examination and stool analysis by direct wet smear and formalin-ethyl acetate concentration technique, permanent staining with cold acid fast stain in addition to coproantigen detection in stool. Parasitic infection was recorded in 58.6% of patients, with the most detected parasite (35.2%). Cases infected with were 63 cases (42%) of which 61.9% of cases showed associated parasitic infection. Diarrhea was the most frequent complaint (63.2%) in cases infected with intestinal parasites, while it was less frequently recorded in co-infected cases (35.8%) and in cases with infection only (29.1%) ( value 0.0008). On the other hand, vomiting was less recorded in coinfected cases than cases with infection. Coinfection with intestinal parasites (including ) and . could modulate the clinical manifestation of each other especially diarrhea in parasitic infections and vomiting in infection.

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Abd El Rahman, M. Y., W. Hui, J. Timme, P. Ewert, F. Berger, F. Dsebissowa, R. Hetzer, P. E. Lange, and H. Abdul-Khaliq, "Analysis of atrial and ventricular performance by tissue Doppler imaging in patients with atrial septal defects before and after surgical and catheter closure.", Echocardiography (Mount Kisco, N.Y.), vol. 22, issue 7, pp. 579-85, 2005 Aug. Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To compare the effects of surgical and device closure of atrial septal defects on atrial and ventricular performance assessed by the novel tissue Doppler derived strain rate.

BACKGROUND: Despite the increasing number of transcatheter closures, there is no information comparing the effect of the transcatheter closure technique on atrial performance with that of conventional surgery. Tissue Doppler derived strain rate can effectively quantify local myocardial function independent of the overall heart motion.

DESIGN AND PATIENTS: Twenty-four patients [aged 21.5 (6-70) years] with isolated atrial septal defect of the secondum type before and 1 week after surgical (n = 12) or Amplatzer Septal Occluder closure (n = 12) and 30 healthy controls [aged 26.0 (2-58) years] were studied. Atrial and ventricular strain rate curves were assessed in the middle of their corresponding lateral walls in an apical four-chamber view. The systolic, early diastolic, and late diastolic strain rates peaks were measured.

RESULTS: Compared to preclosure condition, the right atrial late diastolic (P < 0.01), right ventricular systolic (P < 0.01), right ventricular early diastolic (P < 0.01), and left atrial late diastolic peak (P < 0.01) strain rates were reduced after surgery but not after Amplatzer Septal Occluder closure. The LV parameters did not significantly differ before and after atrial septal defect closure by either technique.

CONCLUSIONS: In contrast to surgery, transcatheter closure of atrial septal defect preserves atrial and right ventricular function. Tissue Doppler derived strain rate can be applied to provide quantitative analysis of regional atrial and ventricular performance.

Abd El Rahman, M. Y., T. Raedle-Hurst, A. Rentzsch, H. J. Schäfers, and H. Abdul-Khaliq, "Assessment of inter-atrial, inter-ventricular, and atrio-ventricular interactions in tetralogy of Fallot patients after surgical correction. Insights from two-dimensional speckle tracking and three-dimensional echocardiography", Cardiol Young, vol. 25 (7), issue october, pp. 1254-62, 2015. Abstractassessment_of_inter-atrial_inter-ventricular_and.pdf

Background: We aimed to assess biatrial size and function, interactions on atrial and ventricular levels, and atrio-ventricular coupling in patients after tetralogy of Fallot repair. Methods: A total of 34 patients with a mean age of 20.9±9 years, and 35 healthy controls, underwent two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography for ventricular and atrial strain measurements and real-time three-dimensional echocardiography to assess ventricular and atrial volumes. Results: When compared with controls, tetralogy of Fallot patients had significantly reduced right atrial peak atrial longitudinal strain (p<0.01), right atrial peak atrial contraction strain (p<0.01), right atrial ejection fraction (p<0.01), left atrial peak atrial longitudinal strain (p<0.01), left atrial peak atrial contraction strain (p<0.05), and left atrial ejection fraction (p<0.01). In the tetralogy of Fallot group, left ventricular ejection fraction was negatively related to the right ventricular end-systolic volume normalised to body surface area (r=-0.62, p<0.01). An association was found in patients between the right atrial peak longitudinal strain and mean right ventricular strain (r=0.64, p<0.01). In patients, the left atrial peak longitudinal strain correlated negatively with right atrial end-diastolic volume normalised to body surface area (r=-0.67, p<0.01), whereas the left atrial ejection fraction correlated weakly with left ventricular ejection fraction (r=0.41, p<0.05). Conclusions: In asymptomatic tetralogy of Fallot patients, biatrial dysfunction exists and can be quantified via two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography as well as real-time three-dimensional echocardiography. Different forms of interactions on atrial and ventricular levels are evident among such cohorts

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