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Starzyk, J. A., and M. A. El-Gamal, "Artificial neural network for testing analog circuits", Circuits and Systems, 1990., IEEE International Symposium on: IEEE, pp. 1851–1854, 1990. Abstract
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Khalil, E. E., and A. M.AbouZied, "Assessment of Air Distribution in Office Spaces: Improving Indoor Thermal Comfort", ASHRAE Kuwait, Kuwait, March 2016.
Jomaa, M. K., N. M. Gado, H. Elgazawy, F. Sayed, A. Mousselhy, and A. S. AlFaar, "Assessment of breast cancer screening awareness among relatives of Egyptian breast cancer patients", Asia Congress of the European-Society-for-Medical-Oncology (ESMO), Singapore, SINGAPORE, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, GREAT CLARENDON ST, OXFORD OX2 6DP, ENGLAND, pp. 26 - 26, 2015///. Abstract

Aim/Background: This study aims to assess the level of Breast cancer (BC) screening awareness among Egyptian females with correlation of being a relative of breast cancer patient, and assess possible obstacles to participate in screening programs. Methods: A 45- question survey, based on the modified Arabic version of the Breast Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM) version 2.1, was introduced to 240 relatives of Egyptian BC females (arm A) and compared to 240 Egyptian females in control group who are not relatives of BC patients (arm B). The questionnaire collected data about their knowledge of BC warning signs, risk factors, screening methods and possible obstacles. Results: Of the 472 respondents, 41% and 42.5% in arm A and B respectively were aware that there are factors could increase the risk of BC. Study arms showed slight difference in awareness level of the relation between age, family history of BC, prior history of benign beast problems, contraception, radiation exposure, high breast density, early menarche and late menopause as risk factors. However, 52.2% and 43% consider lactation as a protective factor in arm A and B respectivelyAbout 51% and 54% were aware of BC screening in arm A and B respectively. Moreover, 47% and 42.5% in arm A and B respectively were aware of methods of BC screening and 38.8%, 33.8% knew how to do Breast Self-Examination (BSE). Nevertheless, about 92.7%, 93.8% had never had a mammogram before. Only 19.4% and 18.8% performed regular BSE in arm A and B respectively. The most important barriers were not knowing the importance of the test (62.3%), fear (31%), negligence (10%) and the cost of conducting it (9%). only 18.5%, 28.9% and 31% of arm A have the intention to do SBE, CBE and mammography respectivelyin contrastto12%, 25%%and 27 % of arm B respectively. Conclusions: The level of awareness of breast cancer and breast self-examination is still low and need more effort to prevent advanced BC presentation.

Khalil, E. E., and R. A. Kameel, "Assessment Of Commercial Buildings’ Air-Conditioning Systems In Egypt ", Proceedings IECEC 2003, AIAA-2003-6032, USA, August, 2003.