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Abu-Hamd, M., D. Atef, and M. Masoud, "Application of 4D and 5D BIM in Cold Formed Steel Residential Buildings", 5th International Structural Specialty Conference CSCE, London, Canada, 10 June, 2016.
El-Ansary, A. S., and D. N. Contractor, "Application of a Finite-Element Model to Overland Flow and Channel Flow in Arid Lands", Hydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest, Tucson, AZ, 1984. Abstract

A mathematical model to simulate overland and channel flow using the finite element technique was adapted and applied to a small semi-arid rangeland watershed (2,035 acres) in the USDA Walnut Gulch experimental watershed in the Southwestern United States. The Holtan equation was used to estimate precipitation excess, and with the precipitation excess as input, the finite-element technique was used to route overland and channel flow. The program was structured with sufficient flexibility so that effect of land use changes either gradual or sudden, on runoff hydrograph could be estimated. Abstraction losses in the stream channel are accounted for. The simulation model predictions are compared with field data for several storms and the comparisons are satisfactory; however, improvements could be made with additional data on antecedent moisture content and better estimates of abstraction losses. Based on these comparisons, it is felt that the model can be used to estimate runoff hydrographs from ungaged watersheds in semi-arid regions.

Kamel, A., and P. G. Sorenson, "The Application of Capture-Recapture Log-Linear Models To Software Inspections Data", ACM-IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE 2003), Rome, Italy, 2003.
Badawy, A. M., A. A. B. El-Aleem, and A. S. Saad, "Application of densitometric, and HPLC techniques as stability indicating methods for determination of tazarotene in pharmaceutical preparations", 2nd Scientific Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University "Quality Assurance in Pharmacy Education" , Cairo University, Egypt., 26th April, 2010.
Aboelela, M., "Application of expert systems in fault diagnosis and classification‎", Symposium on Computer Networking and Distributed Databases", Riyadh, KSA, 3-4 March, 1998.
Hassan, M. A. M., A. A. Seif, and M. F. Saker, "Application of Fuzzy Concepts in Power Systems", 18th conference for Operation Research, Cairo University , Cairo University, Giza , Egypt., Dec. 1983.
Zakaria, A. S., M. M. Hafez, J. Ochi, K. S. Zaki, M. Loloi, and A. Abou-Sayed, "Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Optimization of Pressure Transient Analysis of Water Injectors using Type Curves", SPE European Formation Damage Conference, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 7-10 June, 2011. Application of Genetic Algorithms to the Optimization of Pressure Transient Analysis of Water Injectors using Type Curves
, "Application of Geo-education methods on Egyptian elementary schools students ", 35th International Geologic Congress, South Africa, September , 2016.
Abdel-Kareem, O., A. Khedr, M. Abdelhamid, and M. A. Harith, "Application Of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Technique In Investigation Of Historical Metal Threads", THE 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LASER APPLICATIONS—ICLA 2009, vol. 1172, no. 1: AIP Publishing, pp. 85–90, 2009. Abstract
Youssef, D., H. Kandel, and J. El-Azab, "Application of laser speckle imaging methods for the evaluation of articular cartilage surface roughness", 9th International Conference of Laser Applications (ICLA), Egypt, 2016.
Salam, A. Z., and M. A. Harith, "Application OF LIBS To Estimate The Age Of Broiler Breeders", THE 8TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LASER APPLICATIONS-ICLA 2011, vol. 1380, no. 1: AIP Publishing, pp. 107–110, 2011. Abstract
El-Hussein, A., H. Ismail, A. K. Kasem, and M. A. Harith, "Application Of LIF Technique In The Diagnosis Of Some Human Cancer Types", THE 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LASER APPLICATIONS—ICLA 2009, vol. 1172, no. 1: AIP Publishing, pp. 101–105, 2009. Abstract
Fahim, M. M., A. K. A. Moustafa, and N. A., "Application of microelements on barley plants and their role in suppressing powdery mildew disease.", 7 th Cong. of Phytopathol., April, Cairo, Egypt, pp. 285–291, 1994. Abstract
Badawy, W. A., ""Application of nanotechnology and porous structures in solar cell fabrication"", Nanotech Conference & Expo 2012, June 18-21, 2012, Santa Clara, CA, USA., Santa Clara, CA, USA, 18 June, 2012.
Badawy, W. A., "Application of nanotechnology in solar cell fabrication - Future perspectives” ", 2nd NACCPC- Humboldt-Kolleg. Sedi Bel-Abbas, Algeria, 10-15, December, 2010. , Sedi Bel-Abbas, Algeria, 10 December, 2010.
Atiya, A., S. El-Shoura, S. Shaheen, and M. El-Sherif, "Application of neural networks to the problem of forecasting the flow of the River Nile", IEEE XIII Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing, pp. 598–606, 1997. Abstract
Tayel, S. A., M. A. ElNabarawy, M. M. Amin, and M. H. H. AbouGhaly, "Application of Novel Orally Disintegrating Platforms in the Formulation of Sumatriptan Succinate Mucoadhesive Sublingual Tablets: in-vitro Characterization Studies", Fourth Scientific Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, 2013.
A., T. A., N. B, and E. K. I.A, "Application of Operations Research Techniques in Archaeology", the 1st International Conference: Egypt and Mediterranean Countries Through Ages, Faculty of Heritages,Cairo University, Giza, EGYPT, October , 2014.
Saleh, N., A. Sharawi, M. A. Wahed, and G. Balestra, "Application of Quality Function Deployment and Genetic Algorithm for Replacement of Medical Equipment", 7th Cairo International Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC 2014), 2014.
Rezaee, K., B. Abdulhai, and H. Abdelgawad, "Application of reinforcement learning with continuous state space to ramp metering in real-world conditions", Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), 2012 15th International IEEE Conference on: IEEE, pp. 1590–1595, 2012. Abstract
Boghdady, T. A., and Y. M. Gad, "Application of STATCOM With Photovoltaic Systems", 23rd International Middle East Power Systems Conference (MEPCON), 13-15 December, 2022.
Eshrah, I. A., and A. A. Kishk, "Application of the adaptive basis functions/diagonal moment matrix technique to arrays of dielectric scatterers", Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2004. IEEE, vol. 1: IEEE, pp. 647–650, 2004. Abstract
Bayoumi, H. N., M. S. Gadala, and J. Wang, "Application of the ALE Formulation to Metal Forming Problems", 3rd EUROMECH Solid Mechanics Conference, Stockholm, Sweden: KTH, 1997. Abstract