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foraysa talaat, nervana el faoumy, S. Nassef, and A. Abdelalim, arterial stiffness and carotid artery changes in multiple sclerosis, , 2013.
HUSSEIN, A. M. I. R. A. H. U. S. S. E. I. N. A. H. M. E. D., F. A. A. E. Mahmoudy, and U. M. Ali, The Artist Values For Combination Between Transparent And Reflective Surfaces As An Experimental Approach To Create Of Contemporary Handicrafts, , Giza, Cairo univ, 2013. Abstract

The research concerns with art values of pairing between surfaces transparent and reflective of light as an empirical approach for the innovation of contemporary artwork, through dealing with some materials of transparent and reflective property, through which the relationship between the artworks as a field, and transparency and reflection as a property, confirmed through materials the artist deal with to achieve their ideas in different forms.

Sabry, M. H. M., Ascetic fluid analysis in Malignancy and non-Malignancy related ascites in Egyptian patients, , Cairo, National Cancer Institute- Cairo University, 1994.
asmaa abd almeged hassan, asmaa abd almeged, : cairo, 2020.
Ossama.M.M.Abdelwahab, Assessing soil moisture content and its distribution under surface and sub-surface drip irrigation systems using neutron moisture technique, , VALENZANO, ITALY., ISTITUTO AGRONOMICO MEDITERRANEO DI BARI, 2010.
Khalifa, T. M., Assessing the Readability of English Textbooks Taught to Secondary Stage Students, , e.g. Giza, Cairo University, 2014.
Elprince, A. M., Assessing the Role of Educational Policies in Achieving Equal Opportunities as an Approach to Improve Regional Disparities in the Arab Republic of Egypt during the Period (1986-2012), , Faculty of Economics and Political Science Department of Economics Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science Department of Economics Cairo University, 2018.

Sinai Peninsula is one of the most promising areas for future development. The major factor that limit the agriculture development in Sinai is the water scarcity and the sustainability of the projects. The study is aiming to assess the local water resources options in Sinai and determining its sustainability for agricultural projects. The surface water resources were evaluated by proposing flood water harvesting systems. The benefits from each system is estimated and unit cost of water is calculated. On the other hand, groundwater data are collected. The data is analyzed to estimate the unit cost of extraction and the agricultural benefits are estimated. As a result of this study, a map with the promising areas for the agricultural development from water resources prospective is developed.

Elsharkawy, L., hossam el dessouky, ayatallah sheikhany, and yehia ahmed aly, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Deglutition Disorders after Conservation Laryngeal Surgeries, , cairo, cairo, 2012.
Darwish, H. A., G. M. Khfagy, H. G. Elnahas, and E. I. Elmeshmeshy, Assessment non alcoholic liver fibrosis in type 2 diabetes mellitus, , Cairo, Cairo University, Submitted.
Hussein, I., hossam el dessouky, S. Shohdi, and A. Sheikhany, Assessment of Auditory Processing skills in Egyptian Arabic speaking children with Specific Language Impairment: An integrated approch, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2018.
Saad, I., S. Abdelaziz, A. Zeeneldin, A. Eltoni, and I. Loay, Assessment of axillary nodal status post neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: rationale and predictors, , Cairo, Cairo, 2013.