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Kapiel, T., Antibiotics, , London, ASCO, 2016. Abstractktb__lmddt_lhywy.pdf

كتاب : المضادات الحيوية
عدد خاص من سلسلة "إضاءات" أصدرته منظمة المجتمع العلمي العربي بمناسبة الأسبوع العالمي للتوعية بالمضادات الحيوية، وشاركت فى تأليفه.
المضادات الحيوية. الطبعة : الأولى، عدد الصفحات: 182، سنة النشر 2016.
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The purpose of this book is to provide a medium for an exchange of expertise and concerns. In order to achieve the goal, the editors have solicited contributions from both computational intelligence as well as biology researchers. They have collected contributions from the CI community describing powerful new methodologies that could, or currently are, utilized for biology-oriented applications. On the other hand, the book also contains chapters devoted to open problems in biology that are in need of strong computational techniques, so the CI community can find a brand new and potentially intriguing spectrum of applications.

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