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A.H., E. - D., E.O.Abusteit, A. A. Shalaby, E. T. Kishk, and H. S. Khafaga, Agro management of salthbush (Atriplex nummularia) under saline conditions, , vol. 2, pp. 353-370, 1991.
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A.Hegazy, A.Badr, and M.Kassab, "Agent Based Cloud Storage System", WSEAS International Conference, 2010. Abstract

Cloud computing technology is envisioned as the next generation architecture of IT Enterprise. It is defined as a set of scalable data servers or chunk servers that provide computing and storage services to clients. The cloud storage is a relatively basic and widely applied service which can provide users with stable, massive data storage space. Our research shows that the architecture of current Cloud Computing System moves from central to distributed one; the reason for such movement is to avoid the bottle neck introduces since all data chunks must be indexed by a master index server. In this paper, we propose new cloud storage architecture based on P2P using agents. The system is based on a new architecture with better scalability, fault tolerance and enhanced performance.

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