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Tawfik, F. S., A. Ramadan, and A. Y. Ellithi, "Assessment and Modelling of the Radiation Behaviour through Atmosphere for North Eastern Part of Egypt", Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, vol. 4, no. 6: 美國大衛出版公司, pp. 38–42, 2010. Abstract
Tawfik, W., and S. Sawaf, "Approaching the ppb detection limits for copper in water using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy", Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 9101: SPIE, 2014. Abstract

Copper concentrations in drinking-water is very important to be monitored which can cause cancer if it exceed about 10 mg/liter. In the present work, we have developed a simple, low laser power method to improve the detection limits of laser induced plasma spectroscopy LIBS for copper in aqueous solutions with different concentrations. In this method a medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood have been used as a substrate that absorbs the liquid sample to transform laser liquid interaction to laser solid interaction. Using the fundamental wavelength of Nd:YAG laser, the constructed plasma emissions were monitored for elemental analysis. The signal-to-noise ratio SNR was optimized using low laser fluence of 32 J cm-2, and detector (CDD camera) gate delay of 0.5 μs. Both the electron temperature and density of the induced plasma were determined using Boltzmann plot and the FWHM of the Cu at 324.7 nm, respectively. The plasma temperature was found to be 1.197 eV, while the plasma density was about 1.66 x 1019 cm-3. The detection limits for Cu at 324.7 nm is found to be 131 ppb comparable to the results by others using complicated system. © 2014 SPIE.

Tawfik, S. A., and H. A. H. Fahmy, "Algorithmic Truncation of MiniMax Polynomial Coefficients", {The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, (ISCAS), Kos, Greece}, pp. 2421–2424, may, 2006. Abstract

Elementary and high-level functions can be computed in hardware using polynomial approximation techniques. There are many techniques in the literature to calculate the coefficients of such polynomials. Remez algorithm [1] provides the optimal polynomial in the Chebyshev sense that is minimizing the maximum error (minimax approximation). This paper presents an algorithm for truncating the coefficients of the minimax polynomials obtained from Remez algorithm using an algorithmic method. A gain of 3 and 4 bits of accuracy over the direct rounding is reported. Muller [2] addressed the same problem but his algorithm is applicable for the second order polynomials only. This paper presents an algorithm that is applicable for any order.

Tawfik, W., "Accurate measurement of few-cycle laser pulses using SPIDER", Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, vol. 58: Electromagnetics Academy, pp. 135-142, 2015. AbstractWebsite

In this work, I report measuring the pulse duration of few-cycle pulses using spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction (SPIDER) with high accuracy. These few-cycle pulses were generated via self-phase modulation (SPM) in nonlinear medium (neon gas) in a one meter hollow-fiber followed by a pair of chirped mirrors performed the dispersion compensation. The observed reconstructed pulse intensity autocorrelation function varied from 5.35 fs to almost 13 fs. Moreover, the applied method allows for direct controlling of the pulse duration through variation of the chirping of input pulses at different pressure of neon gas. The observed results indicate that the SPM was enhanced for high neon pressure (2.5 atm.) and short input pluses (32 fs) without chirping. The obtained results may give an opportunity to monitor and control ultrafast transit interaction in femtosecond chemistry. © 2015, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved.

Tawfik, R., "Africa and Sport-mega events: the experience of the 2010 FIFA world cup", The Fourth European Conference on African Studies (ECAS4), Uppsala, Sweden, 16 June, 2011. ecaspaper.pdf
Tawfik, A. M., "Air Vessel Sizing Approach for Pipeline Protection Using Artificial Neural Networks", Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, 2023.
Tawfik, W., and S. Sawaf, "Approaching the ppb detection limits for copper in water using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy", Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies VII, vol. 9101: International Society for Optics and Photonics, pp. 91010L, 2014. Abstract
Tawfik, D., A. Zaccagnino, A. Bernt, M. Szczepanowski, W. Klapper, A. Schwab, H. Kalthoff, and A. Trauzold, "The A818–6 system as an in-vitro model for studying the role of the transportome in pancreatic cancer", BMC cancer, vol. 20, no. 1: Springer, pp. 1–17, 2020. Abstract
Tawfik, W., and S. Sawaf, "Approaching the ppb detection limits for copper in water using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy", Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies VII, vol. 9101: SPIE, pp. 160-176, 2014. Abstract
Tawfik, A. R., A. Hany, K. Rana, and M. Ali, "Aortic remodeling after thoracic endovascular repair of acute uncomplicated type B aortic dissection", Egyptain journal of Surgery, issue 38, 2019.
Tayeh, O., A. Fahmi, M. Islam, and M. Saied, "Asymmetric dimethylarginine as a prognostic marker for cardiovascular complications in hypertensive patients", The Egyptian Heart Journal, vol. 63, pp. 117-124, 2011. ADMA.pdf
Tayel, S. A., M. A. ElNabarawy, M. M. Amin, and M. H. H. AbouGhaly, "Application of Novel Orally Disintegrating Platforms in the Formulation of Sumatriptan Succinate Mucoadhesive Sublingual Tablets: in-vitro Characterization Studies", Fourth Scientific Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, 2013.
Tayie, M. S., "Administrative Context and the Legal Framework Governing Water Resources and Agriculture in Egypt", Conventional Water Resources and Agriculture in Egypt: Springer International Publishing, 2019.
Tayie, M. S., ""An Overview of Aswan High Dam and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam". (2019) ", Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Versus Aswan High Dam: Springer International Publishing, 2019.
Teaima, M. H., N. A. El-Nabarawy, and D. A. Helal, "Assessment Of Spanlastic Vesicles Of Zolmitriptan For Treating Migraine In Rats", Drug Design, Development and Therapy, vol. 13, pp. 3929–3937, 2019. assessment_of_spanlastic_vesicles_of_zolmitriptan_for_treating_migraine_in_rats-2019.pdf
Telagh, R., W. Hui, M. Abd El Rahman, F. Berger, P. E. Lange, and H. Abdul-Khaliq, "Assessment of regional atrial function in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathies using tissue Doppler imaging.", Pediatric cardiology, vol. 29, issue 2, pp. 301-8, 2008 Mar. Abstractlbhth_lwl.pdf

BACKGROUND: This study applied tissue Doppler imaging and color tissue Doppler imaging to study atrial function changes in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The profile of the segmental atrial velocities and the strain rate were determined and compared with those of normal matched control subjects.

METHODS: This study investigated 20 patients with HCM and 20 age-matched healthy control subjects. In a four-chamber apical view, tissue Doppler imaging was used to measure the lateral left and right atrial (LA and RA) and interatrial septal (IAS) wall systolic, early, and late diastolic velocities. Similarly, the atrial strain rate during ventricular systole (SR(S)) and the early (SR(E)) and late (SR(A)) diastolic phases in patients and control subjects were measured. The interventricular septal tissue Doppler-derived isovolumic relaxation time was calculated.

RESULTS: Only the IAS annular and middle segments showed a significant reduction in the early diastolic velocity (mean, 4.01 +/- 2.2 vs 8.7 +/- 1.1, p = 0.001; 3.23 +/- 2 vs 6.01 +/- 1.9, p = 0.001, respectively) for the patients with HCM in comparison with the control subjects. Generally, the atrial strain rate was clearly reduced. The systolic strain rate (SR(S)) was significantly reduced in the LA wall in the annular (p = 0.007) and middle (p = 0.001) segments and in the IAS middle segment (p = 0.007). Similarly, there was a reduction of the early diastolic strain rate (SR(E)) in the LA annular (p = 0.001) and middle (p = 0.01) segments and in the IAS annular (p = 0.05) and middle (p = 0.001) segments, as well as in the RA annular segment (p = 0.02). The RA middle segments showed insignificant changes.

CONCLUSION: Atrial function may be affected by HCM due to impairment of myocardial diastolic function. Strain rate imaging is reproducible, yields readily obtained parameters that provide unique data about global and longitudinal segmental atrial contraction, and can quantify the atrial dysfunction in patients with HCM.

Terra, E., and A. Mohammed, "An Approach for Textual Based Clustering Using Word Embedding", Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics Paradigms: Analysis, Applications and Challenges, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 261–280, 2020. Abstract

Numerous endeavors have been made to improve the retrieval procedure in Textual Case-Based Reasoning (TCBR) utilizing clustering and feature selection strategies. SOPHisticated Information Analysis (SOPHIA) approach is one of the most successful efforts which is characterized by its ability to work without the domain of knowledge or language dependency. SOPHIA is based on the conditional probability, which facilitates an advanced Knowledge Discovery (KD) framework for case-based retrieval. SOPHIA attracts clusters by themes which contain only one word in each. However, using one word is not sufficient to construct cluster attractors because the exclusion of the other words associated with that word in the same context could not give a full picture of the theme. The main contribution of this chapter is to introduce an enhanced clustering approach called GloSOPHIA (GloVe SOPHIA) that extends SOPHIA by integrating word embedding technique to enhance KD in TCBR. A new algorithm is proposed to feed SOPHIA with similar terms vector space gained from Global Vector (GloVe) embedding technique. The proposed approach is evaluated on two different language corpora and the results are compared with SOPHIA, K-means, and Self- Organizing Map (SOM) in several evaluation criteria. The results indicate that GloSOPHIA outperforms the other clustering methods in most of the evaluation criteria.

Tharwat, A. A., I. A. El-Khodary, and A. A. Radwan, "Applying the Stability Notions of Parametric Programming to Practical Applications", 8th International Conference on Parametric Optimization and Related Topics, PARAOPT VIII, Cairo, Egypt, November, 2005.
Tharwat, N. A., O. A. Al-Bedak, R. E. Hamouda, R. E. H. Sherif, R. M. mounir, and A. M. Samii, "Antifungal effect of gold nanoparticles on fungi isolated from onychomycosis patients", Az. J. Pharm Sci. , vol. 60, pp. 26-42, 2019.
Tharwat, A. A., I. A. El-Khodary, and A. A. Radwan, "Applying the Stability Notions of Parametric Programming to Practical Applications", 8th International Conference on Parametric Optimization and Related Topics, PARAOPT VIII, Cairo, Egypt, November, 2005. Abstract
Tharwat, A., and others, "Application of operations research techniques in archaeology", مؤتمرات كلية الآثار, 2014. Abstract
Thielebein, J., K. K. Poland, N. M. El Sawi, N. S. Geweely, S. Qusti, M. Mohamed, A. Kamel, C. Merera, and A. Abebe, "A. Beker, TA Gipson, R. Puchala, AR Askar, K. Tesfai, GD Detweiler, A. Asmare and AL Goetsch (USA)......", J. Appl. Anim. Res, vol. 38: Taylor & Francis, pp. 279–285, 2010. Abstract