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Abdel-Aty, M., and H. Abdelwahab, "Analysis and prediction of traffic fatalities resulting from angle collisions including the effect of vehicles’ configuration and compatibility", Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 36, issue 3: Elsevier, pp. 457-469, 2004. Abstract
Abdel-Azim, M. H., W. S. Kasim, and M. A. Fekry, "The Application of Two-Stage Approach in Evaluating Domestic Mergers and Acquisitions Performance Efficiency in Egypt", International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 1-23, 2019.
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Abdel-Aziz, M., "Asymptomatic Cardiopulmonary Changes Caused by Adenoid Hypertrophy", The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, vol. 22, issue 4, pp. 1401-1403, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Adenoid hypertrophy is the most common cause of pediatric upper airway obstruction, and it can lead to cardiopulmonary complications such as pulmonary hypertension, cor pulmonale, and even heart failure. The aim of this study was to detect the asymptomatic cardiopulmonary changes that could happen in children with adenoid hypertrophy.

Abdel-Aziz, M., "Asymptomatic cardiopulmonary changes caused by adenoid hypertrophy.", J Craniofac Surg. , vol. 22, issue 4, pp. 1401-1403, 2011.
Abdel-Aziz, S. B., M. A. Mowafy, D. A. Shokry, and N. A. Zaitoun, "Assessing healthcare ethics and law among Egyptian Physicians at Educational and Non-educational hospitals", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), vol. Volume 7 October , issue Issue 10, , 2018. 2._assessing_healthcare_ethics_d.pdf
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Abdel-Aziz, M., N. A. Azab, B. Khalifa, M. Rashed, and N. Naguib, "The association of Varicella zoster virus reactivation with Bell's palsy in children.", International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology, vol. 79, issue 3, pp. 328-31, 2015 Mar. Abstract

OBJECTIVES: Bell's palsy is considered the most common cause of facial nerve paralysis in children. Although different theories have been postulated for its diagnosis, reactivation of the Varicella zoster virus (VZV) has been implicated as one of the causes of Bell's palsy. The aim of the study was to evaluate the association of Varicella-zoster virus infection with Bell's palsy and its outcome in children.

METHODS: A total of 30 children with Bell's palsy were recruited and were assayed for evidence of VZV infection. The severity of facial nerve dysfunction and the recovery rate were evaluated according to House-Brackmann Facial Nerve Grading Scale (HB FGS). Paired whole blood samples from all patients were obtained at their initial visit and 3 weeks later, and serum samples were analyzed for VZV IgG and IgM antibodies using ELISA.

RESULTS: A significantly higher percentage of Bell's palsy patients were seropositive for VZV IgM antibodies than controls (36.6% of patients vs 10% of controls) while for VZV IgG antibodies the difference was statistically nonsignificant. HB FGS in Bell's palsy patients with serologic evidence of VZV recent infection or reactivation showed a statistiacally significant less cure rate than other patients.

CONCLUSIONS: VZV reactivation may be an important cause of acute peripheral facial paralysis in children. The appropriate diagnosis of VZV reactivation should be done to improve the outcome and the cure rate by the early use of antiviral treatment.

Abdel-Aziz, M., A. Nassar, and O. Sabry, "Adenoid hypertrophy is a common finding in children with antrochoanal polyp", The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology, vol. 73, issue 97, 2021. 4.pdf
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Abdel-Aziz, M., N. Azab, B. Khalifa, and M. Rashed, "The association of Varicella zoster virus reactivation with Bell's palsy in children", International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, vol. 79, issue 3, pp. 328-331, 2015. bells_palsy_7395_e_offprint.pdf
Abdel-Aziz, M. H., and D. M. M. Marzouk, Application of Building Information Modeling in Infrastructure Bridges , , cairo, cairo university, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
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Abdel-Daim, M. M., N. I. Zakhary, L. Aleya, S. G. Bungǎu, R. A. Bohara, and N. J. Siddiqi, "Aging, Metabolic, and Degenerative Disorders: Biomedical Value of Antioxidants.", Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, vol. 2018, pp. 2098123, 2018.
Abdel-Fatah, H., M. Khalil, and S. Youseif, ASSESSMENT OF FUNGAL MYROSINASE PRODUCTION BY THE ENDOPHYTIC, EPIPHYTIC AND RHIZOSPHERE SOIL FUNGAL SPECIES OF Eruca sativa, , vol. 22, pp. 1 - 12, 2021/02/22. Abstract

Myrosinase hydrolyzes glucosinolates giving various products depending on the physiological conditions. The hydrolysis products especially isothiocyanates have antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer activity, act as soil biofumigant, natural pesticides and food preservatives. Myrosinase is mainly found in cruciferous plants but few literatures reported its production by both fungi and bacteria. In this study, fifty eight fungal species were isolated from Eruca sativa and its soil (endophytic isolates from root and leaves, epiphytic isolates and rhizosphere soil isolates) and screened for myrosinase activity. About thirty six isolates (62.07% of the screened fungal isolates) were able to produce myrosinase. Isolates that exhibited myrosinase activity were 79.3% of the rhizosphere soil isolates (twenty one isolates), 63.64% of the epiphytic isolates (seven isolates), 50% of the root endophytic isolates (five isolates) and 37.5% of leaves endophytic isolates (three isolates) exhibited myrosinase activity. They belonged to the genera Aspergillus, Penicellium, Fusarium, Eumericella, Alternaria and Sclerotium. Eumericella violacea and Fusarium dimerium represented the highest percentage among myrosinase producers with 16.67%, followed with Aspergillus parasiticus, Aspergillus fumigates and Penicellium echinulatum with 8.33%. Quantitative screening indicated that Eumericella violacae (an isolate from the rhizosphere soil of E.sativa) produced the highest myrosinase activity with value15.23±0.62 U/ml.

Abdel-Fattah, M. K., A. Mokhtar, and A. I. Abdo, "Application of neural network and time series modeling to study the suitability of drain water quality for irrigation: a case study from Egypt", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 28, no. 1: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 898–914, 2021. Abstract
Abdel-Gaber, R. A., and M. F. Fol, "Aspicularis tetrapetra (Nematode, Heteroxynematidae) of laboratory mice Mus musculus (Rodentia, Muridae): a potential risk of zoonotic infection for researchers", Ciencia e Tecnica Vitivinicola, vol. 30, issue 8, pp. 125-136, 2015.
Abdel-Galil, F. M., B. Y. Raid, S. M. Sherif, and M. H. Elnagdi, Activated nitriles in heterocyclic synthesis: A novel synthesis of 4-azoloyl-2-aminoquinolines, , 1982.