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Zekri, A. - R. N., S. E. Deeb, A. A. Bahnassy, A. A. Badr, M. S. Abdellateif, G. Esmat, H. Salama, M. Mohanad, A. E. El-dien, S. Rabah, et al., "Role of relevant immune-modulators and cytokines in hepatocellular carcinoma and premalignant hepatic lesions", World Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 24, issue 11, pp. 1228-1238, 2018. wjg-24-1228.pdf
Shehata, M. H., A. R. A. A. Zayat, and A. H. Ahmed, Short term postoperative outcomes of closure versus non-closure of the peritoneum following caesarean section, , cairo, cairo, 2008.
Ahmed, H. M. A., some studies on nematodes infestation in sheep, : cairo, 2014. Abstract

Gastrointestinal nematodiasis is considered to be a primary factor of the reduction in the productivity of small ruminants worldwide, where it leads to stunted growth, reduced weight gain, poor feed utilization and conversion, low fertility, condemnation of affected organs, high treatment costs, and mortality. A total of 1095 faecal samples ,from sheep of different ages were examined parasitologically for presence of gastrointestinal nematodes in different seasons during the period from April (2012 ) to March (2013).Faecal egg counts for 831 sheep infested with gastrointestinal nematodes only were calculated to determine the intensity of infestation. 30 sheep were used for evaluation of the efficacy of used drugs , 12 sheep treated with ivermectin (noromectin®), and 12 sheep treated with netobimin (hapadex®) while 6 infested sheep left as control without treatment. The results were statistically analysed. The results showed that the prevalence of infestation was 75.8%, it was higher in the young animals than adults and in Autumn than other seasons .The collected nematodes were Trichostrongylus , Oestertagia ,Haemonchus ,Cooperia and Nematodirus. Ivermectin showed efficacies % of 91.53%,96.22%, 97.06 % and 95.38% higher than those of Netobimin which were :88.12 %, 92.7%, 92.7% and 88.50 % during the four weeks of treatment .The results revealed higher improvement in blood picture and differential leucocytic count of infested sheep after treatment by netobimin than those treated by ivermectin.
Keywords: Nematodes, gastrointestinal , sheep, prevalence, fecal egg count, blood picture, ivermectin, netobimin.

El-Aziz, N. A. A. A., M. M. Stino, and A. E. Zafrany, Spatial Poverty Map as a Guide for Regional Development Policies, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractnoha_ahmed_ahmed_abd_el-aziz.pdf

This research examines the relationship between urban parks and the quality of
life (QoL). It aims at investigating both positive and negative impacts of urban
parks on the quality of life of the city dwellers. To fulfill this aim, a theoretical
framework is produced encompassing design and management criteria covering
social, environmental, and economic goals. Afterwards, four case studies (El
Azhar Park, El Dowlia Park, El Thakfia Park, and Rod El Farag Park) are chosen
to test the theoretical framework in the Egyptian context . The results indicate that
the current provision of local parks (with one function) is under-utilized and
unable to attract and satisfy local dwellers. Design and management problems
make of those parks a burden for the city economy. However, the research finds
that regional park performance is better in providing significant QoL variables to
the park users and the non-users in the adjacent neighbourhoods. Moreover,
disparities are found among the perceptions of low, medium and high income
users towards what affect the quality of their lives and what their preferences and
priorities are. The research is concluded with recommendations regarding the
planning, designing and managing guidelines for urban parks in Cairo city, with
respect to the park accessibility (level of service) and the target users’ socioeconomic
classes. Local recommendations targeting case studies to improve their
efficiency and future research topics are suggested.

yasser essam abdel ghafar, mahmoud elsayied nour, mohamed attia ewies, and mahmoud ezat zakaria, STUDIES ON SOME FACTORS AFFECTING THE FERTILITY OF HONEYBEE APIS MELLIFERA L., QUEENS, , giza, Cairo, 2010. 5_materials_and_methods.doc
asmaa ahmad abdelaal, A. Zaher, and M. E. M. Gammal, study of prognostic significance of marrow angiogenesis assessment in de novo cases of acute leukemia, , cairo, cairo, 2015.
Zaghloul, M. A. S., N. M. Salem, and S. M. E. - Sheikh, A Study of the Raman Spectrum of Simple Clathrate Hydrates of Hydrogen, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstractmohamed_ashraf_saad_zaghloul.pdf

Clathrate hydrates are molecular structures in which water molecules form
molecular cages that host other species of molecules. These structures are formed
as a result of phase transition under specific temperatures and pressures. The shape
and stability of the structure is dependent on the guest molecules. Clathrate
hydrates are immensely present in nature, and are expected to appear in various
applications like in transport, and storage of other molecules. They are also
thought of as the future worldwide energy reservoir. Raman spectroscopy offers an
effective way to understand the dynamics of such crucial structures. Raman
spectroscopic measurements were obtained from samples of simple clathrate
hydrates of hydrogen and hydrogen deuteride, using a novel cell that allowed us to
witness the formation of clathrates, and perform in situ measurements upon them.
Understanding the Raman spectrum will help unravel new and interesting traits of
enclathrated molecules, as it reveals their quantum dynamics inside molecular
cages. The cluttered region of the Raman spectrum assigned to the vibrational
states with different occupancies have been analyzed, and a new interpretation of
this region of the spectrum is proposed in this work, based on calculations of
average occupancy per large cage for samples formed at different synthesis
pressures, and subjected to heating and quenching cycles.

Maher, M., Synthesis of Some Fused Pyrazolopyrimidine Derivatives with Expected Anticancer Activity., , Cairo, Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University, Submitted.
Zeini, N. T., A Toponomical Geographic Information System for Sinai Peninsula, , Giza, Egypt, Cairo University, 2015. Abstract

The Sinai Peninsula is a vital and important part of the Arab Republic of Egypt, geographically and historically, and it has a central and strategic position in Egypt and in the world as a whole. The uniqueness and diversity of nature of the Sinai region and its historical, geographical, cultural and religious importance are reflected in its toponyms (place-names).
The first objective of this study is to construct a GIS database (geodatabase) of toponyms in the Sinai region and then classify them into categories based on their meanings. That in turn, helps us to understand the motive behind naming Sinai places and other geographical features. The second objective in this study is to use GIS-based spatial analysis techniques and clustering methods to visualize the spatial distribution of each category of Sinai toponyms. These techniques help to enhance the mapping of Sinai toponyms spatial patterns and detect possible clusters of Sinai toponyms.
The results of this study show how the spatial distribution of specific types of toponyms is associated with human, physical and other environmental factors. This study also demonstrates the impact and potential of employing GIS-based spatial analysis techniques in toponomic studies.

Hassan, H. E., Transfer of Technology, , Giza, cairo university, 2010.
Doss, L. H., A. Abo-Elela, H. Nassar, and M. Zarif, Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) block a novel approach in trunk block, , 2013.
Aboubakr, H. M., A. A. Zayed, A. A. Ali, and M. F. Abdelsattar, The usage of cephalometric parameters as predictors for stature and gender in Egyptian adults , : Cairo University , 2016.
Mayla, A. M. M. A., Validity of Nano-chitosan as a drug carrier versus Hepatitis C virus replication in vitro, , Alexandria, Alexandria University, 2016.
Farghaly, R., I. M. Zaki, M. A. Fattah, I. Gouda, and undefined, Value of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pre-Operative Evaluation Of Pediatric Bone Tumors, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2013.