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Background: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common entrapment neuropathy due to compression of the median nerve as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. The function of the hand can be severely affected by the sole loss of sensibility of the hand even though motor function is normal. Until now there is no optimal physical therapy protocol for making patients with CTS satisfied with the functional outcomes therefore most of patients are refuge to surgical interference. Aim of Study: To investigate the efficacy of sensory re-education paradigm on pain intensity, symptom severity, and functional outcomes in carpal tunnel syndrome patients. Subjects and Methods: Thirty patients suffering from mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome were enrolled. They were randomly assigned into two equal groups. The study group (A): received sensory re-education paradigm in addition to a selected physical therapy program. The control group (B): received the same selected physical therapy program only. Pain intensity level was assessed by the visual analogue scale (VAS), symptom severity and functional outcomes were assessed by Boston Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questionnaire (BCTQ). The assessment was done before and after twelve treatment sessions. Results: There was a statistically significant improvement in pain intensity, and symptom severity in both groups post treatment. There was a statistically significant improvement in functional status score post treatment only in group (A) (P<0.05). A significant difference was recorded between both groups in favor of the study group in functional status score post treatment (p<0.05). Conclusion: Adding Sensory re-education paradigm to traditional physical therapy is a beneficial rehabilitation program in improving the functional outcomes in patients with CTS

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The use of metal clasps on anterior teeth may cause esthetic problems; recently acetal resin and Versacryl have been used as alternative materials to improve esthetics, Material and Methods: Ten patients were selected to receive an interim partial denture with different clasp materials, retention of different clasp materials was measured by using digital force meter. Results: There was a significant difference in the retention between the three different materials, the Versacryl clasp showed more retention than the wrought wire clasp followed by the acetal resin clasp. Conclusion: within the limitation of this study it was shown that the retention of the Versacryl clasp was the highest and the retention of acetal resin clasp was closer to the wrought wire clasp.

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The study aims to investigate the relationship between dividends policy and
market value. The study also describes the firm's financial performance and its
link to the type of dividend policy. In order to achieve that goal, The researcher
implements empirical study using a sample of 30 firms that form EGX30. The
statistical analysis is done by using Mann Whitney, Chi-Square and stepwise
regression. Statistical results revealed the following. First, there is statistical
significant relationship between dividend policy (systematic and un systematic)
and stock market value. Second, there is no significant relationship between the
type of dividend policy (systematic and un systematic) and firms financial
performance. Third, There is statistical and significant relationship between
dividend policy form (cash dividend-retained earning-stock dividend) and stock
market value. Fourth, there is strong positive relationship between cash dividend
and stock market value. Fifth there is strong positive relationship between retained
earnings and stock market value. Finally, there is inverse and week relationship
between stock dividend and stock market value.

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