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Zawbaa, H. M., and A. E. Hassanien, Automatic Soccer Video Summarization, , Cairo, Cairo Unversity, 2012. Abstract

This thesis presents an automatic soccer video summarization system using machine learning (ML) techniques. The proposed system is composed of ve phases. Namely; in the pre-processing phase, the system segments the whole video stream into small video shots. Then, in the shot processing
phase, it applies two types of classi cation (shot type classi cation and play / break classification) to the video shots resulted from the pre-processing phase. Afterwards, in the replay detection phase, the proposed system applies two machine learning algorithms, namely; support vector machine (SVM) and arti cial neural network (ANN), for emphasizing important segments with championship logo appearance. Also, in the excitement event detection phase, the proposed system uses both machine learning algorithms for detecting the scoreboard which contain an information about the score of the game. The proposed system also uses k-means algorithm and Hough line transform for detecting vertical goal posts and Gabor lter for detecting goal net. Finally, in the event detection and summarization phase, the proposed system highlights the most important events during the match. Experiments on real soccer videos demonstrate encouraging results. The event detection and summarization has attained recall 94% and precision 97.3% for soccer match videos from ve international soccer championships.

Zayed, M. A., City planning in the era of information technology, : Cairo University , 2003.
Zalabani, S. E. M., H. I. El-Askary, O. M. Sabry, and A. M. Khalil, A Comparative Pharmacognostical Study of Certain Clerodendrum Species Cultivated in Egypt, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2019.
Zayed, N. O. A. A., P. D. T. A. Radwan, P. D. M. A. Samy, and D. H. al-kadi, Comparison between ultrasound guided unilateral thoracic paravertebral block and thoracic epidural in upper abdominal surgeries, , Cairo , Cairo , 2015.
El-Geoshy, A. A. H., U. M. Rashad, F. A. Atta, and H. M. Zakaria, Comparison of Ground Reaction Force between Normal Subjects and Parkinsonian Patients, , Giza, Cairo University, 2006.
GAD, S. H. I. M. A. A. A. H. M. E. D. A. L. S. A. E. E. D., U. S. A. M. A. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. AL-BARRANY, H. A. L. A. S. A. E. E. D. ZAGHLOUL, and M. O. N. A. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. ALI, DESCREPTIVE STUDY OF TRAUMATIC ABDOMINAL INJURIES AT KASR-ALAINY HOSPITAL , , Giza, Cairo univ , 2015. Abstract

Abdominal trauma is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in all age groups in the world. However, identifying serious intra-abdominal pathology due to trauma can be a challenge. The current work is a cross sectional descriptive study of cases admitted to Kasr Al-Ainy hospital during the period from 1st of January to 31st of December 2014 with traumatic abdominal injuries. Data were analyzed regarding demographic criteria, cause, manner, site and type of wound, accompanying injuries, radiological investigations, treatment, period of hospital stay and outcome.

The total number of the studied cases was 227. The most frequent age group being those between 18-40 years (72.2%) with male predominance (92.1%) and 93.4% of the cases were from Greater Cairo. The homicidal cases comprised the highest frequency among the studied groups (50.7%). Stab wound was the commonest type (58.1%) followed by firearm injuries (25.1%) and contused wound (14.1%). Regarding the cause, 81.9% of cases were due to violent assault and 72, 7% of the cases undergone surgery. Most of the cases were recovered (80.6%) and the mortality rate was 7%. Nowadays, cases of abdominal trauma are increasing at an alarming rate in all world communities. Proper management is the key for better outcome and prognosis.

Mohammed, H. S., H. S. Zaghloul, A. F. Hanon, and K. A. Bayoumi, Descriptive study of thoracic trauma cases in kasr al ainy hospital during year 2012, , cairo, Cairo, 2015. 1-abstract.pdf
Ahmed, J. A., M. M. Zaki, H. A. El-Mahallawy, E. A. A. Khalifa, and N. Z. Bocktor, Detection of intestinal microsporidia and coccidia in diarrheic cancer patients, , Cairo, Cairo University, Kasr AlAiny Faculty of Medicine, 2016.
El-Sherif, G. H. E. - D., P. D. H. A. Sami, P. D. Y. A. Zakaria, P. D. A. M. Emara, and P. D. G. A. A. El-Atta, Disability evaluation for occupational and environmental exposure to asbestos Egypt, , cairo, cairo, 2009.
Zeeneldin, A., N. Gad Elmawla, A. Elkhodary, and N. Allahloubi, Dose-dense chemotherapy versus conventional chemotyherapy as primary therapy in advanced breast cancer, , Cairo, Cairo, 2001.
Khaled, W. A. H., A dramatic program to develop some social empowerment concepts for children with special needs in the integration institutions, , Giza, Cairo University, 2019. Abstractenglish.pdf

The concept of social empowerment for children with special needs in the institutions of ordinary people is a necessity of modern education in the field of people with special needs, because it is important to show the potential of these children and contribute to their interaction with members of society in a constructive manner.
The developed countries pay attention to the mentally handicapped children as considered citizens entitled to education, and are a part of the community, the mentally handicapped rehabilitation who are able to participate in various activities of human life, has become a national duty and a natural right for these children to move from marginalization to empowerment and social integration.
Based on the principle of social justice, and provide interaction experiences between people with special needs and their ordinary peers, which may enable children with mental disabilities to imitate the behavior of their peers and provide opportunities for social acceptance of both parties.
Children who are mentally disabled need to feel beloved, belonging and being accepted within their community, as they are an important part of the fabric of this society, and are positive and passive members who depend on others to meet their needs and requirements. They need to be trained and enabled to participate, learn, and contribute in different collective activities in the kindergarten community.
Drama is also one of the best ways to help provide a safe environment for understanding and alleviating the social and psychological problems of educable mentally handicapped children.

Mahmoud, K., A. Zaki, Z. Ashour, and A. W. Sena, Echocardiographic predictors of right ventricular dysfunction after mitral valve surgery, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.
Zahran, S. S., B. E. G. Nahhas, and N. A. Fiyaz, Effects of Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis on Prprioception and Dynamic Balance, , cairo, cairo university, 2007. abstract.pdf
Zahra, I. M., Effects of Integrated Brand Communications on the Relationship between Egyptian Population and Brands, : Cairo University, Faculty of Mass Communication, 2009.