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Gawdat, G., M. Youssef, D. el Fayoumi, and M. A. Salah, Dr, , Submitted.
Mahfouz, M. M., M. G. Sedhom, M. M. Essa, R. M. Kamel, and A. H. Yosry, EFFECT OF AQUATIC VERSUS CONVENTIONAL THERAPY IN TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN, , 2018. 03ijphy840.pdf
Youstina G Shokry, Sally Emad, M. H. S. H. A. Z., "MRI findings in Fournier's gangrene", Eurorad, 2013. mri_findings_in_fourniers_gangrene.pdf
Youssif", "M. M., "حوار حول البطالة وهجرة العقول",, 2011. حوار حول البطالة وهجرة العقول.doc
youssif, P. H. A., P. A. Shalaby, and P. O. Shaker, Assistant lecturer, , Cairo , 29/9/2012.
Yousif, A., T. Dicknson, A. S. Z. Moustafa, M. Said, and O. Young, Counseling on marijuana use during pregnancy: sending a more effective message to our patients., , Submitted.