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W, O., A. E. - D. H, E. I, M. H, Z. G, and F. H, "Comparison between Tl-201 and Tc99m MIBI scintimammography in palpable breast masses. Correlation with mammography and histopathology", 81st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America, North America, Nov 26- Dec 1, Submitted.
Khalafallah, K., H. Moustafa, S. Wagih, and F. H, "99mTc MIBI, Tl201 and 131I whole body scanning in the follow up of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer", First Egyptian International Nuclear Medicine meeting, Hurghada , 25-27 February, Submitted.
H, M., O. WM, S. AH, M. SM, and E. - H. Sh, ": Thallium-201 and Tc99m HMPAO SPECT imaging in brain lesions", IAEA/WHO symposium on tomography in Nuclear Medicine, Present status and future prospects, Vienna, Austria, 21-25 August, Submitted.
Britton, K., S. Solanki, H. Ameral, A. Bhatangar, J. Katamihadja, J. Malamits, M. H, V. Soroa, F. Sundram, D. Warehan, et al., "Imaging of bacterial infection", European congress Nuclear Medicine, Paris , 2-6 September, Submitted.
Akizu, N., V. Cantagrel, M. S. Zaki, L. Al-Gazali, X. Wang, S. L, and G. J, "Biallelic mutations in SNX14 cause a syndromic form of cerebellar atrophy and lysosome-autophagosome dysfunction", Nature genetics, vol. 47, issue 3256, pp. 528-534, Submitted.
professor Wedad, D. M., A. D. N. professor Elzayat, and D. M. lecturer Abdelhak, comparative study of general anesthesia versus combined spinal- epidural anesthesia on the fetus in cesarean section., , Cairo, Cairo university, Submitted.
Farrag, A., A. ELFaramawy, M. A. Salem, R. A. Wahab, and S. Ghareeb, "Coronary artery ectasia diagnosed using multidetector computed tomography: morphology and relation to coronary artery calcification", Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2013, vol. 29, issue ISSN 1569-5794, pp. 427-433, Submitted.
W., M., B. K., and R. G.M., "Correlation between Plantar Pressure and Plantar Microcirculation in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patients.", Egypt J. Neurol. Psychiat. Neurosurg, vol. 50, issue 2, pp. 177-186, Submitted.
Attia, G. M., M. J, R. L, E. - E. W, S. D3, L. C, and S. N, Evaluation of the effects of Eserine and JWH-133 on brain dysfunction associated with experimental endotoxemia., , Submitted.
Shona, S. I., E. H. M. Aasar, S. M. Zaki, and W. M. Sayed, "Morphological and Morphometric Renal Changes in the Adult Albino Rat Following Oral Administration of Deltamethrin and the Possible Protective Role of Vitamin "E ", International journal: Journal of Applied Sciences Research, vol. 6(4), issue 4, pp. 280-290, Submitted.
Wadie, D. A., D. O. T. D. M. E. Badry, D. S. A. E. Shafee, D. A. Hussein, D. I. A. E. D. tarek Helmy, and D. K. Monereto, "On PUMP versus off PUMP coronary bypass grafting post-operative clinical and laboratory focus on neurological outcome", Medical Journal of Cairo University, Submitted.
nehal hamdy elsaid, N. A. G. Mohamed, R. F. Salam, and mary wadie, "Vitamin D as a risk factor for premature atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 diabetes", Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Submitted.
Guo, W. - B., G. - Q. Xue, X. Li, Y. - A. Liu, L. - C. Sun, Y. - F. Chang, C. - H. Chang, C. - L. Chung, Y. Wang, W. Wang, et al., down there?, : CSIRO, Submitted. Abstract
Ebrahim, A., Warda Youssef Mohamed, F. A. Allah, and Y. A. Alsalam, "Dysphagia Related Health Consequences among Patients with Acute Stroke In Cairo, Egypt", The Medical Journal of Cairo University, vol. volume 86, No. 7, pp. 4159- 4167, Submitted.
Shemi, R., R. Wang, E. ‑S. M. S. Gheith, H. A. Hussain, S. Hussain, M. Irfan, L. Cholidah, K. Zhang, S. Zhang, and L. Wang, "Effects of salicylic acid, zinc and glycine betaine on morpho‑physiological growth and yield of maize under drought stress", Scientfic Reports, vol. 11, issue 3195 , Submitted. effects_of_sa_gb_and_zn_on_maize.pdf
ZIETHAR, M. O. N. A. M. A., I. S. Waked, R. O. K. A. I. A. A. TOSON, and R. A. G. A. B. A. A. SHERIF, "Endermologie versus low level laser therapy on postmastectomy lymphedema", Medical Journal of Cairo University , vol. 89, issue September , Cairo , pp. 1359-1366, Submitted. mjcu_volume_89_issue_september_pages_1359-1366.pdf
Zafer, M. M., M. E. M. Bastawisie, M. Wassef, A. F. A. Hussein, and M. A. Ramadan, "Epidemiological features of nosocomial Klebsiella pneumoniae: virulence and resistance determinants", Future Microbiology, vol. 17, issue 1, pp. 27-40, Submitted.
Hassan, S., A. Emam, S. A. Ward, A. Z. Hamid, and M. Badawi, Estimation of Carbon Nanotube Sensors Performance using Linear, Fuzzy and Neural Regression Models, , Submitted. Abstract
Al-Inany, H., A. Wahba, H. A. Hashim, H. Fatemi, A. Abousetta, Hoda Abdelaal, O. N. Riade, M. Mahmoud, A. Soliman, and S. Sharkawy, Evidence Based Women’s Health Journal, , Submitted. Abstract
Al-Inany, H., A. Wahba, H. A. Hashim, H. Fatemi, A. Abousetta, Hoda Abdelaal, O. N. Riade, M. Mahmoud, A. Soliman, and S. Sharkawy, Evidence Based Women’s Health Journal, , Submitted. Abstract
Roorda, M., R. Cavalcante, H. Abdelgawad, B. Abdulhai, and C. Woudsma, EXCLUSIVE TRUCK FACILITIES IN THE TORONTO AREA: RATIONALE AND MODEL, , Submitted. Abstract