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Khalil, I., D. V. Colombara, M. H. Forouzanfar, C. Troeger, F. Daoud, M. Moradi-Lakeh, C. El Bcheraoui, P. C. Rao, A. Afshin, R. Charara, et al., "Burden of Diarrhea in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 1990-2013: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013.", The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, vol. 95, issue 6, pp. 1319-1329, 2016 Dec 07. Abstract

Diarrheal diseases (DD) are leading causes of disease burden, death, and disability, especially in children in low-income settings. DD can also impact a child's potential livelihood through stunted physical growth, cognitive impairment, and other sequelae. As part of the Global Burden of Disease Study, we estimated DD burden, and the burden attributable to specific risk factors and particular etiologies, in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) between 1990 and 2013. For both sexes and all ages, we calculated disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), which are the sum of years of life lost and years lived with disability. We estimate that over 125,000 deaths (3.6% of total deaths) were due to DD in the EMR in 2013, with a greater burden of DD in low- and middle-income countries. Diarrhea deaths per 100,000 children under 5 years of age ranged from one (95% uncertainty interval [UI] = 0-1) in Bahrain and Oman to 471 (95% UI = 245-763) in Somalia. The pattern for diarrhea DALYs among those under 5 years of age closely followed that for diarrheal deaths. DALYs per 100,000 ranged from 739 (95% UI = 520-989) in Syria to 40,869 (95% UI = 21,540-65,823) in Somalia. Our results highlighted a highly inequitable burden of DD in EMR, mainly driven by the lack of access to proper resources such as water and sanitation. Our findings will guide preventive and treatment interventions which are based on evidence and which follow the ultimate goal of reducing the DD burden.

Mohamed, M. K., S. Deuffic-Burban, F. Carrat, G. Esmat, A. Ismail, H. El Makhzangy, B. Larouze, I. Abdelbar, A. - R. El-Zayadi, and A. - J. Valleron, "Burden of hepatitis C-related HCC mortality in Egypt due to pre-2000 infections", JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. A184, MAR, 2006. Abstract
Eknoyan, G., N. Lameire, R. Barsoum, K. - U. Eckardt, A. Levin, N. Levin, F. Locatelli, A. MacLeod, R. Vanholder, R. Walker, et al., "The burden of kidney disease: improving global outcomes.", Kidney international, vol. 66, issue 4, pp. 1310-4, 2004 Oct. Abstract

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem. There is an increasing incidence and prevalence of patients with kidney failure requiring replacement therapy, with poor outcomes and high cost. There is an even higher prevalence of patients in earlier stages of CKD, with adverse outcomes such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Patients at earlier stages of CKD can be detected through laboratory testing and their treatment is effective in slowing the progression to kidney failure and reducing cardiovascular events. The science and evidence-based care of these patients are universal and independent of their geographic location. There is a clear need to develop a uniform and global public health approach to the worldwide epidemic of CKD. It is to this end that a new initiative "Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes" has been established. Its stated mission is "Improve the care and outcomes of kidney disease patients worldwide through promoting coordination, collaboration and integration of initiatives to develop and implement clinical practice guidelines."

Charara, R., M. Forouzanfar, M. Naghavi, M. Moradi-Lakeh, A. Afshin, T. Vos, F. Daoud, H. Wang, C. El Bcheraoui, I. Khalil, et al., "The Burden of Mental Disorders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 1990-2013.", PloS one, vol. 12, issue 1, pp. e0169575, 2017. Abstract

The Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) is witnessing an increase in chronic disorders, including mental illness. With ongoing unrest, this is expected to rise. This is the first study to quantify the burden of mental disorders in the EMR. We used data from the Global Burden of Disease study (GBD) 2013. DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) allow assessment of both premature mortality (years of life lost-YLLs) and nonfatal outcomes (years lived with disability-YLDs). DALYs are computed by adding YLLs and YLDs for each age-sex-country group. In 2013, mental disorders contributed to 5.6% of the total disease burden in the EMR (1894 DALYS/100,000 population): 2519 DALYS/100,000 (2590/100,000 males, 2426/100,000 females) in high-income countries, 1884 DALYS/100,000 (1618/100,000 males, 2157/100,000 females) in middle-income countries, 1607 DALYS/100,000 (1500/100,000 males, 1717/100,000 females) in low-income countries. Females had a greater proportion of burden due to mental disorders than did males of equivalent ages, except for those under 15 years of age. The highest proportion of DALYs occurred in the 25-49 age group, with a peak in the 35-39 years age group (5344 DALYs/100,000). The burden of mental disorders in EMR increased from 1726 DALYs/100,000 in 1990 to 1912 DALYs/100,000 in 2013 (10.8% increase). Within the mental disorders group in EMR, depressive disorders accounted for most DALYs, followed by anxiety disorders. Among EMR countries, Palestine had the largest burden of mental disorders. Nearly all EMR countries had a higher mental disorder burden compared to the global level. Our findings call for EMR ministries of health to increase provision of mental health services and to address the stigma of mental illness. Moreover, our results showing the accelerating burden of mental health are alarming as the region is seeing an increased level of instability. Indeed, mental health problems, if not properly addressed, will lead to an increased burden of diseases in the region.

Youssef, M. A. F. M., M. van Wely, M. A. Hassan, H. G. Al-Inany, M. Mochtar, S. Khattab, and F. van der Veen, "Can dopamine agonists reduce the incidence and severity of OHSS in IVF/ICSI treatment cycles? A systematic review and meta-analysis", Human Reproduction Update, vol. 16, pp. 459–466, 2010. Abstract
Youssef, M. A. F. M., S. Khattab, I. A. Mohsen, A. I. Foutouh, H. S. Ashmawi, M. N. Mohsen, M. van Wely, and F. van der Veen, "Can Metformin Reduce the Incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnant Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Prospective Cohort Study", Gynecological endocrinology, vol. 27, issue 10, pp. 789-793, 2011. CU-PDF
El-Sherbiny, R. M., R. E. Olson, R. B. Gilbert, and S. K. Vanka, "Capacity of suction caissons under inclined loading in normally consolidated clay", Proceedings, 1st International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (ISFOG), pp. 281–287, 2005. Abstract
Abdelrahman, H., C. Cocozza, D. Olk, D. Ventrella, and T. Miano, "Carbohydrates and Amino Compounds as Short-Term Indicators of Soil Management", CLEAN - Soil Air Water · October 2016, vol. 45, issue 1, pp. 1–8, 2017. AbstractWebsite

The objective of this work was to evaluate the suitability of carbohydrates and amino compounds in soil and soil organic matter (SOM) fractions to depict the management‐induced changes in soil over short‐term course. Soil samples were collected from two experimental fields managed according to organic farming regulations and a sequential fractionation procedure was applied to separate the light fraction (LF), particulate organic matter (POM), and mobile humic acid (MHA). Contents of carbohydrates and amino compounds were determined in soil and correspondent SOM fractions. Over a 2‐year course, carbohydrate contents decreased in the LF fraction while it increased noticeably in the POM and slightly in the MHA fractions leading into questioning whether decomposing materials get incorporated into older fractions. Amino N content constituted up to 30% of total soil N, with a major contribution of the humic fraction (MHA). Although the LF, POM, and MHA fractions showed the greatest amino N content after the compost‐legumes combinations, the carbohydrate and amino N contents in the POM and MHA fractions of the unamended soil increased as large as the corresponding fertilized plots, underlining that conservative soil management results in accumulation of labile forms of soil C and N that consequently might build up soil fertility. The changes after different treatments suggest the suitability of carbohydrates and amino compounds as short‐term indicators for soil management.

Jackson, G., P. Montorsi, M. A. Adams, T. Anis, A. El-Sakka, M. Miner, C. Vlachopoulos, and E. Kim, "Cardiovascular aspects of sexual medicine", J Sex Med, vol. 7, no. 4 Pt 2, pp. 1608-26, Apr, 2010. AbstractWebsite

INTRODUCTION: Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common and considered to be predominantly of vascular origin. AIM: To evaluate the link between ED and coronary artery disease (CAD) and provide a consensus report regarding evaluation and management. METHODS: A committee of eight experts from six countries was convened to review the worldwide literature concerning ED and CAD and provide a guideline for management. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Expert opinion was based on grading the evidence-based medical literature, widespread internal committee discussion, public presentation, and debate. RESULTS: ED and CAD frequently coexist. Between 50-70% of men with CAD have ED. ED can arise before CAD is symptomatic with a time window of 3-5 years. ED and CAD share the same risk factors, and endothelial dysfunction is the common denominator. Treating ED in cardiac patients is safe, provided that their risks are properly evaluated. CONCLUSION: ED is a marker for silent CAD that needs to be excluded. Men with CAD frequently have ED that can be treated safely following guidelines.

Adelson, J. D., R. R. A. Bourne, P. S. Briant, S. R. Flaxman, H. R. B. Taylor, J. B. Jonas, A. A. Abdoli, W. A. Abrha, A. Abualhasan, E. G. Abu-Gharbieh, et al., "Causes of blindness and vision impairment in 2020 and trends over 30 years, and prevalence of avoidable blindness in relation to VISION 2020: the Right to Sight: an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study", The Lancet Global Health, issue 20, 2020/12//. AbstractWebsite
Elbendary, A., J. R. Griffin, D. M. Elston, and S. B. Verma, "Cellular dermatofibroma: A hyperkeratotic indurated plaque on the thigh.", Indian dermatology online journal, vol. 7, issue 4, pp. 308-10, 2016 Jul-Aug.
Goncalves, D. R., J. Leroy, S. Van Hees, I. Xhonneux, P. E. J. Bols, F. Kiekens, and W. F. A. Marei, "Cellular uptake of polymeric nanoparticles by bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes and their effect on in vitro developmental competence", Eur J Pharm Biopharm, 2020/11/29, vol. 158, pp. 143-155, Jan, 2021. AbstractWebsite

Polymeric nanoparticles (NPs) are produced using bio-compatible and bio-degradable materials such as PLGA (Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)). This technology provides a valuable tool to deliver molecules to the subcellular level with a relatively low risk of cytotoxicity. However their use in the field of reproductive biotechnology is not yet scientifically substantiated. The aim of the present study was to test if PLGA NPs can be taken-up by cumulus-enclosed oocytes as a first step towards potential oocyte-targeted applications to enhance oocyte quality and fertility. We conducted a series of experiments using bovine in vitro oocyte maturation as a model to study FITC-conjugated PLGA internalization (using laser-scanning confocal microscopy) and the effect of some important physical (particle size) and chemical (conjugation with PEG) modifications. We show evidence that PLGA NPs can be taken-up by cumulus cells and to a less extent by the enclosed oocytes regardless of the NP size. The NP transfer to the oocyte appear to be transcellular (via cumulus cells and transzonal projections) and paracellular (via zona pellucida). The PLGA NPs were detected in the vicinity of the oocyte as quick as 2 h post-exposure in a protein-free medium and did not compromise cumulus cell viability nor subsequent early embryo development or embryo quality. These results suggest that PLGA NPs may have promising applications as carriers for drug or molecule delivery targeting cumulus cells and oocytes.

Chatrchyan, S., V. Khachatryan, A. M. Sirunyan, A. Tumasyan, W. Adam, T. Bergauer, M. Dragicevic, J. Erö, C. Fabjan, M. Friedl, et al., "Centrality dependence of dihadron correlations and azimuthal anisotropy harmonics in PbPb collisions at √SNN = 2.76 Tev", European Physical Journal C, vol. 72, no. 5, pp. 1-26, 2012. AbstractWebsite
Emira, A. A., A. Valdes-Garcia, B. Xia, A. N. Mohieldin, A. Valero, S. T. Moon, C. Xin, and E. Sánchez-Sinencio, "Chameleon: A Dual Mode 802.11b/Bluetooth Receiver System Design", IEEE Transactions On Circuits and Systems-II, vol. 53, issue 5, pp. 992-1003, 2006.
Vialykh, E. A., S. A. Ilarionov, H. M. Abdelrahman, and I. A. Vialykh, "Changes in Amino Acids Content in Humic Acids Repetitively Extracted From Peat And Sod-Podzolic Soils", Canadian Journal of Soil Science, vol. 94, issue 5, pp. 575-583, 2014. AbstractWebsite

Amino acids (AAs) and peptides are thought to be part of humic acids (HAs) but debate whether they are an integral part of the HAs is still going. Humic acids sequentially extracted from peat and sod-podzolic soil were analyzed for their AAs content, elemental composition and by FTIR spectroscopy. Extracted HAs were hydrolyzed in 6 M HCl for 16 h for AAs release, which was detected by capillary electrophoresis system. Alanine, arginine, sum of aspartic acid and asparagine, sum of cysteic acid and cysteine, sum of glutamic acid and glutamine, glycine, histidine, leucine and isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tyrosine, valine were identified. The total content of hydrolysable AAs in sod-podzol HAs increased by 6.2–8.2% with increasing the extraction cycles while an inverse tendency was observed for AAs released from peat HAs. Moreover, individual AAs expressed as percentages of total AAs were constant values with coefficients of variation lower than 20% for the studied HAs.

Fortuna, R., M. A. Vaz, A. R. Youssef, D. Longino, and W. Herzog, "Changes in contractile properties of muscles receiving repeat injections of botulinum toxin (Botox).", Journal of biomechanics, vol. 44, issue 1, pp. 39-44, 2011 Jan 04. Abstract

Botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) is a frequently used therapeutic tool to denervate muscles in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Although considered safe by the US Food and Drug Administration, BTX-A can produce adverse effects in target and non-target muscles. With an increased use of BTX-A for neuromuscular disorders, the effects of repeat injections of BTX-A on strength, muscle mass and structure need to be known. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the changes in strength, muscle mass and contractile material in New Zealand White (NZW) rabbits. Twenty NZW rabbits were divided into 4 groups: control and 1, 3 and 6 months of unilateral, repeat injections of BTX-A into the quadriceps femoris. Outcome measures included knee extensor torque, muscle mass and the percentage of contractile material in the quadriceps muscles of the target and non-injected contralateral hindlimbs. Strength in the injected muscles was reduced by 88%, 89% and 95% in the 1, 3 and 6 months BTX-A injected hindlimbs compared to controls. Muscle mass was reduced by 50%, 42% and 31% for the vastus lateralis (VL), rectus femoris (RF) and vastus medialis (VM), respectively, at 1 month, by 68%, 51% and 50% at 3 months and by 76%, 44% and 13% at 6 months. The percentage of contractile material was reduced for the 3 and 6 months animals to 80-64%, respectively, and was replaced primarily by fat. Similar, but less pronounced results were also observed for the quadriceps muscles of the contralateral hindlimbs, suggesting that repeat BTX-A injections cause muscle atrophy and loss of contractile tissue in target muscles and also in non-target muscles that are far removed from the injection site.

Abdelrahman, H., C. Cocozza, D. c Olk, D. Ventrella, F. Montemurro, and T. Miano, "Changes in Labile Fractions of Soil Organic Matter during the conversion to Organic Farming", Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition , 2020. AbstractWebsite

Organic farming can overcome the environmental consequences of intensive conventional farming. The objective of the work was to investigate the changes in labile soil organic matter (SOM) fractions during the conversion from conventional to organic farming in two Italian sites, namely Foggia (FG) and Metaponto (MT), that differed mainly in initial soil organic carbon (SOC) content. Fields were cultivated with lentil and wheat in rotation and treated with either: i) compost or ii) nitrogen or phosphorus (N/P) fertilizers in three field replicates. The SOM was sequentially fractionated into light fraction (LF), particulate organic matter (POM) and mobile humic acid (MHA) fraction. Isolated fractions were quantified and analyzed for C and N contents. Although total SOC responded to the fertilization treatments, the LF and POM fractions were yet more responsive. The MHA represented on average 15% of SOC at both sites, however, the LF represented only 5–6% of total SOC but was the most responsive to changes in soil management. Compost application contributed significantly greater quantities of LF, POM and MHA than did the N/P fertilizers application. The initial SOC content can play an important role in determining the impacts of introducing organic farming practices on SOM fractions. Although both sites had an initial low SOC content, the MT site, with a lower SOC content, showed a substantial fractional C increments as compared to the FG site.

KENAWY, E. L. A. M., M. F. MCCABE, S. M. VICENTE-SERRANO, J. I. LÓPEZ-MORENO, and S. M. Robaa, "Changes in the frequency and severity of hydrological droughts over Ethiopia from 1960 to 2013", Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica, vol. 42, issue 1, pp. 145-166, 2016. 2931-4463-2-pb.pdf
Reyes, C., A. Pistillo, S. Fernández-Bertolín, M. Recalde, E. Roel, D. Puente, A. G. Sena, C. Blacketer, L. Lai, T. M. Alshammari, et al., "Characteristics and outcomes of patients with COVID-19 with and without prevalent hypertension: a multinational cohort study.", BMJ open, vol. 11, issue 12, pp. e057632, 2021. Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To characterise patients with and without prevalent hypertension and COVID-19 and to assess adverse outcomes in both inpatients and outpatients.

DESIGN AND SETTING: This is a retrospective cohort study using 15 healthcare databases (primary and secondary electronic healthcare records, insurance and national claims data) from the USA, Europe and South Korea, standardised to the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership common data model. Data were gathered from 1 March to 31 October 2020.

PARTICIPANTS: Two non-mutually exclusive cohorts were defined: (1) individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 (diagnosed cohort) and (2) individuals hospitalised with COVID-19 (hospitalised cohort), and stratified by hypertension status. Follow-up was from COVID-19 diagnosis/hospitalisation to death, end of the study period or 30 days.

OUTCOMES: Demographics, comorbidities and 30-day outcomes (hospitalisation and death for the 'diagnosed' cohort and adverse events and death for the 'hospitalised' cohort) were reported.

RESULTS: We identified 2 851 035 diagnosed and 563 708 hospitalised patients with COVID-19. Hypertension was more prevalent in the latter (ranging across databases from 17.4% (95% CI 17.2 to 17.6) to 61.4% (95% CI 61.0 to 61.8) and from 25.6% (95% CI 24.6 to 26.6) to 85.9% (95% CI 85.2 to 86.6)). Patients in both cohorts with hypertension were predominantly >50 years old and female. Patients with hypertension were frequently diagnosed with obesity, heart disease, dyslipidaemia and diabetes. Compared with patients without hypertension, patients with hypertension in the COVID-19 diagnosed cohort had more hospitalisations (ranging from 1.3% (95% CI 0.4 to 2.2) to 41.1% (95% CI 39.5 to 42.7) vs from 1.4% (95% CI 0.9 to 1.9) to 15.9% (95% CI 14.9 to 16.9)) and increased mortality (ranging from 0.3% (95% CI 0.1 to 0.5) to 18.5% (95% CI 15.7 to 21.3) vs from 0.2% (95% CI 0.2 to 0.2) to 11.8% (95% CI 10.8 to 12.8)). Patients in the COVID-19 hospitalised cohort with hypertension were more likely to have acute respiratory distress syndrome (ranging from 0.1% (95% CI 0.0 to 0.2) to 65.6% (95% CI 62.5 to 68.7) vs from 0.1% (95% CI 0.0 to 0.2) to 54.7% (95% CI 50.5 to 58.9)), arrhythmia (ranging from 0.5% (95% CI 0.3 to 0.7) to 45.8% (95% CI 42.6 to 49.0) vs from 0.4% (95% CI 0.3 to 0.5) to 36.8% (95% CI 32.7 to 40.9)) and increased mortality (ranging from 1.8% (95% CI 0.4 to 3.2) to 25.1% (95% CI 23.0 to 27.2) vs from 0.7% (95% CI 0.5 to 0.9) to 10.9% (95% CI 10.4 to 11.4)) than patients without hypertension.

CONCLUSIONS: COVID-19 patients with hypertension were more likely to suffer severe outcomes, hospitalisations and deaths compared with those without hypertension.

Hernández-Molina, G., B. Kostov, P. Brito-Zerón, A. Vissink, T. Mandl, A. C. Hinrichs, L. Quartuccio, C. Baldini, R. Seror, A. Szántó, et al., "Characterization and outcomes of 414 patients with primary SS who developed hematological malignancies.", Rheumatology (Oxford, England), 2022. Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To characterize 414 patients with primary SS who developed hematological malignancies and to analyze how the main SS- and lymphoma-related features can modify the presentation patterns and outcomes.

METHODS: By January 2021, the Big Data Sjögren Project Consortium database included 11 966 patients fulfilling the 2002/2016 classification criteria. Hematological malignancies diagnosed according to the World Health Organization (WHO) classification were retrospectively identified.

RESULTS: There were 414 patients (355 women, mean age 57 years) with hematological malignancies (in 43, malignancy preceded at least one year the SS diagnosis). 376 (91%) patients had mature B cell malignancy, nearly half MALT lymphoma (n = 197), followed by DLBCL (n = 67), nodal MZL lymphoma (n = 29), CLL/SLL (n = 19) and follicular lymphoma (n = 17). Rates of complete response, relapses and death were 80%, 34% and 13%, respectively, with a 5-year survival rate of 86.5% after a mean follow-up of 8 years. There were significant differences in age at diagnosis (younger in MALT, older in CLL/SLL), predominant clinical presentation (glandular enlargement in MALT lymphoma, peripheral lymphadenopathy in nodal MZL and FL, constitutional symptoms in DLBCL, incidental diagnosis in CLL/SLL), therapeutic response (higher in MALT lymphoma, lower in DLBCL) and survival (better in MALT, nodal MZL and FL, worse in DLBCL).

CONCLUSION: In the largest reported study of hematological malignancies complicating primary SS, we confirm the overwhelming predominance of B cell lymphomas, especially MALT, with the salivary glands being the primary site of involvement. This highly-specific histopathological scenario is linked with the overall good prognosis with a 5-year survival rate of nearly 90%.

Fédière, G., A. A. Taha, J. C. Veyrunes, X. Léry, J. - L. Zeddam, S. Abol Ela, M. El Husseini, and J. Giannotti, "Characterization of a picorna-like virus isolated from the maize stem borer Sesamia cretica Led.(Noctuidae) in Egypt", Bulletin-Organisation Internationale de Lutte Biologique: SROP, vol. 17, issue 3, pp. 241-243, 1994. Abstract
Ehrenberg, A., A. Sobiraj, M. Castañeda- Vazquez, A. El-Sayed, C. M. A. Vazquez, and Z. M, "Characterization of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci Isolated from Dairy Goats in Germany", Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, vol. 1, issue 19: Medwell Publications, ISSN: 1680-5593, pp. 1-10, 2020. Abstract
Zaki, S. A. E. - H., A. F. Zayan, H. M. Nagi, A. S. A. El-Salam, S. K. Verma, S. Upadhyay, R. Chandra, A. Paul, M. F. Jubayer, and M. B. Uddin, "Chemical composition, sensory evaluation, rheological properties and starter activity of admixtures of buffalo's, cow's and soymilk.", Biotechnology, vol. 17, issue 1: orgz, pp. 19-31, 2012. Abstract
Nair, G. K. R., A. Abdelaziem, X. Zhao, X. Wang, D. Hu, Y. Wu, C. Xun, F. Le Goualher, C. Zhu, P. L. P. Yin, et al., "Chemical Vapor Deposition of Phase-Pure 2D 1T-CrS2", physica status solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Lettersphysica status solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Letters, vol. 16, issue 4: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, pp. 2100495, 2022. AbstractWebsite

2D transition-metal dichalcogenides of chromium are technologically important due to their diverse electrical and magnetic properties. Herein this study, 1T-CrS2 nanosheets as thin as 2?nm are successfully synthesized by an atmospheric pressure space-confined chemical vapor deposition method. The prepared CrS2 nanosheets are stable at room temperature. Electrical measurement shows a quasi n-type semiconductor behavior. In addition, terahertz characterizations on 1T-CrS2 reveal its potential to integrate with the ultrathin infrared sensor platforms.