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INTRODUCTION: Augmenting the bladder with a seromuscular gastrointestinal flap is a promising alternative approach aiming for a mucus-free bladder augmentation; however, the contraction (shrinkage) of the flaps remains a major concern. Enteric nervous system (ENS) abnormalities cause a failure of relaxation of the intestinal muscle layers in motility disorders such as Hirschsprung's disease and intestinal neuronal dysplasia. In mammals, the submucosal enteric nervous plexus contains nitrergic inhibitory motor neurons responsible for muscle relaxation. The authors hypothesize that mucosectomy disconnects the submucosal nervous plexus from the myenteric plexus resulting in flap shrinkage.

STUDY DESIGN: After ethical approval, mucosectomy was performed on vascularized flaps from the ileum, colon, and stomach in five anesthetized pigs. In Group (I), only the mucosa was scraped off with forceps, creating a sero-musculo-submucosal flap, while in Group (II), the mucosa and submucosa were peeled off as one layer, leaving a seromuscular flap. Isolated and detubularized segments served as control. The width of each flap was measured before and after the mucosectomy. The ENS was assessed by neurofilament immunohistochemistry in conventional sections and by acetylcholinesterase and NADPH-diaphorase enzyme histochemistry in whole-mount preparations.

RESULTS: The stomach contracted to a lesser extent of its original width, 92.82 ± 7.86% in Group (I) and 82.24 ± 6.96% in Group (II). The ileum contracted to 81.68 ± 4.25% in Group (I) and to 72.675 ± 5.36% in Group (II). The shrinkage was most noticeable in the colon: 83.89 ± 15.73% in Group (I) and to 57.13 ± 11.51% in Group (II). One-way equal variance test showed significant difference (P < 0,05) between Group (I) and (II), comparing stomach with ileum and ileum with colon. The histochemistry revealed that the submucosal nervous plexus containing nitrergic inhibitory neurons was disconnected from the myenteric plexus in Group (II) of all specimens.

CONCLUSION: Mucosectomy resulted in significant immediate shrinkage of the flaps. This was more expressed when also the submucosa was peeled off, thus fully disrupting the ENS. The shrinkage affected the stomach the least and the colon the greatest. This phenomenon should be taken into consideration when planning mucus-free bladder augmentation.

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