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Taha., M. H., A. A. Twab., and A. A. Gowad., "Infinite Cracked Plate under Impact Anti-Plane Shear Load", Scientific Bulletin, Ain Shams University, vol. 39, issue 1, pp. 63-73, 2004.
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Tahany, M. A. A., A. K. Hegazy, M. A. Sayed, H. F. Kabiel, T. El-Alfy, and S. M. El-Komy, "Study on combined antimicrobial activity of some biologically active constituents from wild Moringa peregrina Forssk", Journal of Yeast and Fungal Research, vol. 1, no. 1: Academic Journals, pp. 015–024, 2010. Abstract
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Taher, A., M. S. Elalfy, K. A. Zir, S. Daar, A. A. Jefri, D. Habr, U. Kriemler-Krahn, A. El-Ali, B. Roubert, and A. El-Beshlawy, "Achieving treatment goals of reducing or maintaining body iron burden with deferasirox in patients with b-thalassaemia: results from the ESCALATOR study", European Journal of Haematology, vol. 87, pp. 349-354, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

This analysis evaluated the effects of deferasirox on liver iron concentration in moderate and heavily iron-overloaded patients with ?-thalassaemia from the ESCALATOR trial (n = 231).

Taher, H. M. A., M. A. Latif, A. M. K. Wishahy, S. Waheeb, Y. Saadeldin, S. Kaddah, A. H. Abdulsattar, M. A. Osman, G. H. E. Tagy, and M. M. El Barbary, "Fetus in fetu: lessons learned from a large multicenter cohort study", European Journal of Pediatric Surgery, vol. 30, issue 04: Georg Thieme Verlag KG, pp. 343-349, 2020. Abstract
Taher, H., CV, , 2014. my_cv.pdf
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Taher, H., A. Azzam, O. Khowailed, M. E. Seoudi, M. Shaban, and G. Eltagy, "A case report of an asymptomatic male child with multiple entero-enteric fistulae post multiple magnet ingestion.", International journal of surgery case reports, vol. 58, pp. 50-53, 2019. Abstracta_case_report_of_an_asymptomatic_male_child_with_multiple__________________entero-enteric_fistulae_post_multiple_magnet_ingestion_-_1.pdf

INTRODUCTION: Foreign body ingestion cases are very common in children. They usually present with obvious symptoms allowing proper diagnosis and management; however, magnet ingestion can be asymptomatic. This disorder is considered uncommon as well as challenging to diagnose before complications of intestinal obstruction or peritonitis occur due to entrapment of intestinal walls in the magnetic field.

CASE PRESENTATION: An asymptomatic four-year-old male child was admitted to our centre after passing two bullet-shaped magnets in stool that were noticed by his mother. The child was asymptomatic. An abdominal X-ray revealed five bullet-shaped magnets in the lower abdomen. Laboratory investigations were normal except for a mild leukocytosis. Surgery was performed with excision of seven entero-enteric fistulae and two intestinal anastomoses.

DISCUSSION: Between 2003 and 2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 20 complicated cases of magnet ingestion in children aged 10 months to 11 years among whom 75% had bowel perforations, and 20% suffered from generalized peritonitis. Half that number of patients required emergency laparotomy. As a result, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued the first warning announcing the hazards of high-powered magnets used in children's toys, which had been increasing exponentially. It is clear that the diagnosis of magnet ingestion is made commonly due to complications, such as peritonitis or death. However, the patient in this case was completely asymptomatic and had no complications.

CONCLUSION: A high index of suspicion regarding complications is recommended in asymptomatic cases of suspected magnet ingestion. Avoid delaying intervention once a diagnosis has been made.

Taher, S., A. H. Soliman, A. M. Ali, and M. S. El-Manadely, "RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN INTAKE WIDTH RATIOS AND DIVERTED SEDIMENT", Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, vol. 65, issue 3, pp. 205-222, 2018.
Taher, A. T., K. M. Musallam, M. Karimi, A. El-Beshlawy, K. Belhoul, S. Daar, M. - S. Saned, A. - H. El-Chafic, M. R. Fasulo, and M. D. Cappellini, "Overview on practices in thalassemia intermedia management aiming for lowering complication rates across a region of endemicity: the OPTIMAL CARE study.", Blood, vol. 115, issue 10, pp. 1886-92, 2010 Mar 11. Abstract

Despite recent advances in understanding the pathophysiologic mechanisms behind the thalassemia intermedia (TI) phenotype, data on the effects of treatment are deficient. To provide such data, we evaluated 584 TI patients for the associations between patient and disease characteristics, treatment received, and the rate of complications. The most common disease-related complications were osteoporosis, extramedullary hematopoeisis (EMH), hypogonadism, and cholelithiasis, followed by thrombosis, pulmonary hypertension (PHT), abnormal liver function, and leg ulcers. Hypothyroidism, heart failure, and diabetes mellitus were less frequently observed. On multivariate analysis, older age and splenectomy were independently associated with an increased risk of most disease-related complications. Transfusion therapy was protective for thrombosis, EMH, PHT, heart failure, cholelithiasis, and leg ulcers. However, transfusion therapy was associated with an increased risk of endocrinopathy. Iron chelation therapy was in turn protective for endocrinopathy and PHT. Hydroxyurea treatment was associated with an increased risk of hypogonadism yet was protective for EMH, PHT, leg ulcers, hypothyroidism, and osteoporosis. Attention should be paid to the impact of age on complications in TI, and the beneficial role of splenectomy deserves revisiting. This study provides evidence that calls for prospective evaluation of the roles of transfusion, iron chelation, and hydroxyurea therapy in TI patients.

Taher, A. T., H. H. Kadry, M. Allarà, V. D. Marzo, A. H. Abadi, and K. A. Abouzid, "Synthesis and binding study of certain 6-arylalkanamides As molecular probes for cannabinoid receptor subtypes", Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 28, issue 3, pp. 436-439, 2013.