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Taha, H., H. Z. Amer, H. El-Zomor, A. A. eldin, R. Nour, R. Konsowa, W. Zekri, E. E. Nadi, and A. S. Alfaar, "Phthisis bulbi: clinical and pathologic findings in retinoblastoma.", Fetal and pediatric pathology, vol. 34, issue 3, pp. 176 - 84, 2015/06//. AbstractWebsite

PURPOSE Phthisis bulbi represents an ocular end-stage disease characterized by shrinkage and disorganization of the eye. We aim at identifying the pathologic changes of phthisis bulbi associated with retinoblastoma. DESIGN Retrospective observational case series study. METHODS 16 enucleated eyes were enrolled retrospectively between 2007 and 2012. Pathologic gross and microscopic findings were assessed. RESULTS Cases showed grossly shrunken eyes with a mean volume of 4.3 cc. Sclera was markedly thickened in the majority of cases with mean of 2272.8 μ. Choroid showed an average thickness of 1029 μ. Necrosis, dystrophic calcification, ossification, gliosis, residual viable tumor was identified in many cases. Pathologic high risk factors were seen in three specimens. CONCLUSIONS We conclude that retinoblastoma must be considered in the differential diagnosis of phthisis bulbi in the pediatric patients and active tumor was present in half of the patients.

Taha, S., and X.(S.) Shen, "A Physical-Layer Location Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Mobile Public Hotspots in NEMO-Based VANETs", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation System ( ITS), vol. 14, issue 4, pp. 1665-1680, 2013. 06542695.pdf
Taha, G., K. Sallam, M. ElShafie, S. A., A. Younes, and A. Refaat, "Sonographic guidance for tunneled central venuos catheters insertion in pediatric oncologic patients: guided punctures and guide wire localization.", 5th Scientific Annual Conference of South Egypt Cancer., Assiut, Egypt, 2012. Abstract
Taha, N. M., M. A. Sabry, M. M. El-Bahy, and R. M. Ramadan, "Awareness of parasitic zoonotic diseases among pet owners in Cairo, Egypt.", Veterinary parasitology, regional studies and reports, vol. 51, pp. 101025, 2024. Abstract

Egyptians are becoming more interested in owning and raising pets; however, most of them lack essential awareness about the risk of zoonotic parasites that could be transmitted. The objective of the present investigation was to evaluate the degree of awareness Egyptian pet owners possess concerning zoonotic parasitic diseases, the risk of transmission, and preventative measures. A cross-sectional study was conducted using an e-survey. Among 246 pet owners, 64.2% (158) were females, and 67.9% (167) belonged to the 20-30 age group. The majority, 78.9% (194), were raising cats. Only 13.8% (34) visited the veterinarian regularly, with significantly higher results among dog owners (p < 0.05). Only 31.3% (77) participants were regularly deworming their pets, and 19.9% (49) were giving their pets prophylaxis against ectoparasites, with significantly higher results among those who visited the veterinarian regularly (p < 0.0001) and among dog owners (p < 0.05). Only 54.1% (133) had heard about the term "zoonoses" before, and about 8.9% (22) of participants showed a history of zoonotic parasitic diseases, with significantly higher results among those who allowed their animals to play with other animals of neighbors and friends (p < 0.05). The obtained results concluded that the surveyed group had a relatively good degree of knowledge regarding pets as a source of zoonotic illness; raising pet owners' awareness regarding the importance of routine medical examinations and minimizing the contact of pets with other stray animals is essential.

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