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Mohamed, D. M. E. -sayed, Relief on the Stone Surfaces in the Hittite and Assyrian Empires in Comparison with their Similarities in Ancient Egypt., , Giza, Cairo University, 2014. Abstract

Art is the mirror of its time. It reflects the thoughts and the believes of the ancient civilizations. This thesis is titled with " Relief on The Stones in The Hittite Empire, The Assyrian Empire and Their contemporaries in Ancient Egypt : A Comparative Study " is dealing with Relief as one of the most important tools revealing the level of development of the old nations. It is divided into two volumes : The Text and The Catalogue .
The Text, consists of an introduction, three parts and the conclusion. Every part includes an introduction, two chapters and the conclusion. Every chapter consists of some items : the rock reliefs, the wall- slabs, stelae,obelisks, and seals.
The first part is titled with " The scenes of the deities". The first chapter of this part deals with Gods and Goddesses in The Hittite empire. The divine pantheon became a Hurrian completely at the end of the Hittite empire. It is depicted entirely in Yazilikaya. The chief god was the storm god Teshup and the chief goddess was his wife Hebat or the sun goddess of Arinna.
The second chapter deals with Gods and Goddesses in the Assyrian empire. The supreme god was Assur who absorbed all exploits and attributes of the Sumerian and the Babylonian gods as Enlil and Marduk. Teshup and Assur are compared with the Egyptian god Amun.
The second part is titled with " The scenes of the King". Kingship was sacred. It descended from heaven. All of the Hittite king, the Assyrian king and the Egyptian king seized both the religious and the civilian powers.
The first chapter in this part deals with the king in The Hittite empire. The second deals with the king in the Assyrian Empire. The Egyptian king was more humility before his deities than the Hittite and the Assyrian king .Whereas the Egyptian and Assyrian kings had a lot of military scenes, the Hittite king had few depictions. The Egyptian and the Hittite kings deified themselves obviously.May some Assyrian kings did the same as Assurbanipale.
The third part is titled with " The scenes of the individuals". In contrast with ancient Egypt, there was no art for individuals in the Hittite and the Assyrian empires. But we can trace it in the royal art. Finally, come the conclusions, indexes and references.
The second volume involves the figures of the deities , the kings and some individuals in the three Hittite, Assyrian and Egyptian civilizations.

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