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R.A.K.Salama, N. A. Elneary, and F. F. Mostafa, "Influence of olive fly, Bactrocera (Dacus) oleae (Gmel.) infestation on some physical and chemical characteristics of olive fruits and their virgin oil", Journal of Food Sci., vol. 25, issue 1: Journal of Food Sci., pp. 99-106, 1997. Abstract
R.A.Rezk, A.H.Galmed, M.Abdelkreem, N. A. Abdel Ghany, and M.A.Harith, "QuantitativeanalysisofCuandCoadsorbedon fish bonesvia laser-inducedbreakdownspectroscopy", Optics&LaserTechnology, vol. 83, pp. 131, 2016. optics_laser_technolgy.pdf
R.Abu-Eittah, M., Fractional Radio Frequency for Acne Scar Treatment, , 2014. Abstract

Acne is a common skin condition specially in adult age group. Its course varies according to its severity, mishandling and management. Acne scars are quite common and lead to disfigurement and psychosocial problems. Acne scars are dermal deprasion commonly caused by the destruction of collagen. Various procedures like chemical peeling, dermabrasion, punch excision, fillers and laser resurfacing have been used with varying degrees of succees.
Acne scars are classified as rolling, ice-pick, shallow boxcar and deep boxcar. Rolling scars appear like hills and valleys without sharp borders. Ice-pick scars also known as pitted scars appear as round deep depreasions. Boxcar scars have flat-u-shaped base, broader than ice-pick scars they are round or linear at the skin surface. Shallow boxcar scars terminat in the mid-dermis, and deep boxcar scars penetrate to the reticular dermis.
Ablative laser therapies with CO2 fractional laser and Er:YAG lasers are well accepted treatment for post acne scars for creation of a controlled thermal injury to the dermis with subsequent neocollagenesis and remodeling of scarred skin.
In this study we examined the efficacy and safety of ablative CO2 fractional laser(10,600nm) in twenty patients with mild and moderate acne scars.
Patients and methods
Twenty patients(14females and 6males) with age ranging from18 years to30 years, skin type III and IV with mild to moderate acne scars ,they were treated at skin clinic in laser institute of cairo university.
Treatment with ablative CO2 fractional laser of 10,600nm wavelength. The laser fluence was delivered with settings of 20 to 40 mJ /cm2 , density level 3 using the deep resurfacing mode. Those who have any procedures such as chemical peeling , dermabrasion or retinoids treatment before they were excluded.
Patients were informed about the procedure as complications and outcomes.A written consent was taken and photographs before and after each laser sitting. Topical anesthetics were used , superficial cooling after laser sitting by chilled air. Every patient was treated for six sittings each every month apart.

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R.Gamal, N.Edrees, A.A.El-Midany, and S.E.El-Mofty, "Valuation of chloride salts and their mixtures in coal flotation without collector", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, vol. 40, issue 23, pp. 2822-2831, 2018.
R.Gamal, N.Edrees, A.A.El-Midany, and S.E.El-Mofty, "Valuation of chloride salts and their mixtures in coal flotation without collector", Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, vol. 40, issue 23, pp. 2822-283, 2018.
R.H., F., and K. Rüegge, Comparative Anticoccidial Potential of Maxiban 160 and Herb-All COCC-X against Eimeria Species Infestation on Intestinal Lesion and Oocyte Shedding in Broilers, , vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 1 - 6, 2022. Abstractjavs_volume_7_issue_2_pages_1-6.pdfWebsite

Coccidiosis is the most serious protozoal disease of poultry industry worldwide. Infected birds shed the infective oocysts in high numbers in the droppings which enables the persistence of the disease in the flock. Traditionally, the infection is controlled by chemical anticoccidial preparations. However, the extensive use of chemical preparations represented a serious problem to public health and lead to the emergence of resistant coccidian strains. To overcome this problem, commercial herbal products are available since the last few decades. The present work aims to evaluate and compare the efficiency of the anti-coccidial herbal product (Herb-All COCC-X) and the chemical preparation (Maxiban 160) in the control of coccidiosis in broilers and to determine their effect on shed oocysts. For this purpose, 320 one-day-old broiler chicks were randomly and equally divided in four groups. All groups (with the exception of the negative control group) were subjected to an infection with Eimeria acervulina and Eimeria tenella. One group was treated with Herb-All COCC-X, the second with Maxiban 160, and the third remained untreated as a positive control group. The birds were slaughtered after 41 days for PM examination. The oocysts count in droppings was significantly lower in both treated groups in comparison to the positive control one. The efficiency of Herb-All COCC-X was significantly higher than that of Maxiban 160in the reduction of the number and sporulation potential of shed oocyst. Other parameters including the FCR, body weight gain, and mortality rate did not vary significantly in both treated groups.

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