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Ragab, M. T., M. A. Sharafeldin, and N. I. Makled, "study on wool characteristics of fine and coarse wool crossbreds", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, 1971. Abstract
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Abdallah, M., and M. Refai, ": Favus, ein kosmetisches und mykologisches Problem. ", Kosmet. Dem. , vol. 39, , pp. 14-17 , 1971. favus_a_cosmetic_and_mycological_problem.pdf
Refai, M., H. El-Monsory, and M. Osman, ": Incidence of yeasts in sputa and urine in chest and urinary diseases.", Mykosen 299-302 , vol. 14, pp. 299-302 , 1971. incidence_of_yeasts_in_sputa_and_urine.pdf
Rieth, H., and M. Refai, "Bei Mikrosporie Diagnose und Feststellung der Abheilung kulturell sichern", Mycoses, vol. 14, issue 12, pp. 601, 1971. rieth_et_al-1971-mycoses.pdf
Elgindi, I. M., M. A. Raafat, E. R. M. Abou-Hussein, and S. M. Allam, "Metabolism of 45Ca in lambs", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, vol. 1971, 1971. Abstract

Nutritional myopathy has been induced in both rats and lambs by feeding diets low in selenium. The distribution of 45Ca, administered as 45CaCl2, has been examined firstly by autoradiography, and secondly by measuring the excretion of 45Ca in urine and faeces. Autoradiographs of skeletal muscle from unsupplemented animals showed radioactivity over discrete muscle fibres at a stage when no abnormalities were apparent using conventional staining techniques. Similar retention of 45Ca was found in some of the tubules in the kidneys of selenium-deficient rats. Total excretion in urine and faeces of lambs, examined for 48 h after intravenous administration of 45CaCl2, showed that in normal animals 18-6% of the dose was excreted, whereas in dystrophic lambs 12-0% was lost. The difference was significant at the 2% level. The respiratory rates of isolated skeletal muscle mitochondria, measured polarographically in the presence of glutamate and pyruvate as substrates, were low for dystrophic rats. Respiratory control indices were 1-0 for the same preparations but for supplemented rats they were all above 1-0. The differences in respiratory rates were significant at the 1% level. The major conclusion drawn from the results of these experiments is that one of the first effects of sleenium deficiency which can be visualized is the abnormal retention of calcium by individual muscle fibres.

Ragab, M. T., M. M. Shafie, and M. Kilani, "Milk yield and milking rates of the individual quarters of the udder in buffaloes, Egyptian cows and Friesian cows", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, 1971. Abstract

25 buffaloes, 18 Egyptian cows and 26 Friesian cows were hand-milked twice daily at 0700 and 1500 h throughout lactation. Quarters were milked individually in sequence: right fore, right rear, left fore, left rear. Forequarters contributed 28.7, 39.8 and 38.4% of morning milk and 32.2, 44.8 and 38.2% of evening milk of buffaloes, Egyptian cows and Friesian cows, respectively. Relative milk yield from each quarter remained fairly constant throughout lactation. Milking rates of forequarters wer

Shafie, M. M., M. T. Ragab, and M. Kilany, "Milking time and initial milk yield in buffaloes, Egyptian cattle and Friesian cattle", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, vol. 1969, 1971. Abstract

The time taken to hand milk (milk flow time) and to strip each quarter of (i) 19 buffaloes, (ii) 12 Egyptian cows and (iii) 26 Friesian cows was measured in the morning and evening on 2 days/wk throughout lactation. Average milk flow time (min) and stripping time (min) for each group respectively were: (i) 5.6 and 3.1, (ii) 3.4 and 2.9, (iii) 3.4 and 3.0 in the morning; and (i) 3.5 and 1.6, (ii) 2.9 and 1.5, (iii) 2.4 and 2.5 in the evening. Correlation coeff. between milk yield and total mil...

Refai, M., "Studies on Tego 51 as an antifungal disinfectant. Bull Pharma", . Res. Inst. Osaka, Japan, vol. 87/88, , pp. 13-14 , 1971. tigo.pdf
Refai, M., "Ueber das Vorkommen von Schimmelpilzen in der Gefluegelindustrie, Bestimmung der pathogenitaet von Schimmelpilzen ", in Huenerembryonentest und Disinfektionsversuche. In Grimmer, H. and Rieth, H., Endomykosen und Dermatmykosen. , Berlin, Grosse Verlag,, 1971. incidence_of_moulds_in_poultry_industry_and_determination_of_pathogenicity_of_moulds_in_chicken_embryo.pdf
Knight, J. A., S. Anderson, and J. M. Rawle, "Chemical basis of the sulfo-phospho-vanillin reaction for estimating total serum lipids", Clinical chemistry, vol. 18, issue 3: Oxford University Press, pp. 199-202, 1972. Abstract
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