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Mohamed, D. M. E. -sayed, Composite Figures in Ancient Iraq , , Giza, Cairo University, 2005. Abstract

The thesis of the “Composite Figures in Ancient Iraq ” deals with the fabulous creatures which appear in the art of the ancient Iraq .
The composite figure consists of some limbs of two or more creatures . These limps are The most instinctive parts in such creatures ; e.g. The human head which refers to the intelligence , the lion or bull body which refers to the physical power , and the wings of the bird which refers to the speed of flight .

The ancient Iraqi artist wanted to create perfect beings differentiate from the human beings , the animals , and the birds , but contain all the properties of these creatures.

This study divides to two parts , the text and the catalogue .
The text divides to introduction , four chapters and conclusion :

1 - The first chapter deals with : the notion of creation in ancient Iraq mythology .

2 - The second chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of two different beings, e.g. the two faced god , the bull – man , the boat – man , the lion – man , the winged dragon , the winged griffin and the lion headed eagle .

3 - The third chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of three different beings , e.g. Lamassu and the goddess Lamaštu .

4 - The fourth chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of four different beings e.g. the god Pazuzu .

Kamal, A. M. M., M. O. K. H. T. A. R. B. O. S. H. R. A. RIAD, and S. Mazen, Computerized Passenger Information System For Cairo International Airport Complex, , 1997.
, Corrected finite element and finite difference methods for elliptic problems with singularitiesi, , Erlangen (Germany), Friedrich Alexander Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2018.
Sultan, A., The correlation between the left ventricular mass index and the early post operative outcome in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement for aortic valve stenosis, , Giza, Cairo, 2016. Abstract

Background: multiple studies have been published concerning the correlation between the LV mass index on the early post-operative clinical outcome in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement for aortic valve stenosis ,many of them proved that with increased LVMI there was poor clinical outcome post-operative. Patients and methods: in this study, 40 patients with aortic stenosis classified into two groups according to LVMI (group I) was 30 patients and (group II) was 10 patients, underwent aortic valve replacement and the preoperative, intraoperative and post-operative data were collected. Results: we found significant clinical deterioration of patients in group I (increased LVMI) than group II, Use of inotropes more than 24 hours (27) patients (90.0%) in group I (1) patient in group II (10.0%), Icu stay (days) (3.73 ± 1.11) days in group I (1.70 ± 0.48) days in group II, Hospital stay(10.37 ± 2.50) days in group I (5.70 ± 0.68) days in group II.Conclusion: our experience suggests that with increased LVMI there is poor clinical out come in patients with aortic stenosis post aortic valve replacement.

El-Halim, M. W. A. E. - M. A., and M. A. E. - H. Ramadan, Crimes of General Tax Evasion on Sales, Issued by Law 11 of 1991, and its Amended, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractmohamed_wadea_abd_el-moneim_abd_el-halim.pdf

The subject of this study Addresses to examine the crimes of evasion of the law
of the general sales tax, and its problematic is to discuss the criminality focus in
this law, and discuss of evasion crimes and penalties thereon, and the criminal
adversarial in prosecution of criminal tax, the importance of the study represent in
obvious the problems faced by the criminal protection of the tax authority of the
State on the one hand, and the- financial rights of individuals on the other.
The study was divided into an introductory chapter and two sections:
Introductory chapter: the general provisions of the sales tax .
Section I: substantive provisions of crimes of tax evasion on sales .
Section II: the procedural and punitive provisions for tax evasion crimes.
The study recommended the reorganization of certain provisions of the Sales
Tax Act, and of that the partner is investigated in crime in solidarity with the
person who evasion of tax in compliance with the performance of the tax and
surtax. We recommend amending the text of Article (43, 45) of this law on the
additional tax.

Robaa, S. M., Desert aerosols and regional climate, , Giza, Cairo University, 1995.
RAWASH, A. H. M. E. D. A. R. A. F. A., A. Hussein, and G. Eltagy, different management of ILEAL atresia, , GIZA, CAIRO, 2014. different_management_of_ileal_atresia.pdf
Halim, M. Z. A. E., P. D. F. A. R. A. Gawad, D. A. A. E. E. Rizk, and undefined, EFFECT OF AMIODARONE ON THE LUNG OF ADULT MALE ALBINO RAT AND THE POSSIBLE PROTECTIVE ROLE OF VITAMIN E: A HISTOLOGICAL AND ULTRASTRUCTURAL STUDY, , cairo, cairo university faculty of medicine, Submitted.
Halim, M. Z. A. E., P. D. N. Y. A. E. Halim, D. A. A. E. E. Rizk, and D. H. N. Gadallah, EFFECT OF CISPLATIN ON THE TESTIS OF ADULT ALBINO RAT AND THE POSSIBLE PROTECTIVE ROLE OF VITAMIN E: HISTOLOGICAL AND HISTOMORPHOMETRIC STUDY, , cairo, cairo university faculty of medicine, Submitted.

Bag carriage is recognized as a primary occupational factor leading to slip and fall injuries. So, assessing balance during such task is critical in assessing the risk of injury. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of different bag carriage styles on the center of pressure (COP). Thirty adolescent females aging from 14 to 19 years participated in this study. They were assigned in one group. Each female was assessed five times while walking; four times with backpack, front pack, messenger bag, one shoulder strap bag carrying 10% of her body weight, and one time without bag. Medilogic® foot pressure measuring insole system was used to record COP sway and COP velocity in antero-posterior (A-P) and medio-lateral (M-L) directions for both feet during walking. Results revealed that there was no significant difference in the mean values of A-P COP sway, M-L COP sway, A-P COP velocity and M-L COP velocity for both feet among different carriage styles compared to reference (without bag) (P>0.05). It can be concluded that backpack, front pack, messenger bag and one shoulder strap bag had the same potential effect on COP sway and COP velocity in A-P and M-L directions for both feet in adolescent females during walking.
Key words: Backpack, Front pack, Messenger bag, One shoulder strap bag, Center of pressure parameters.