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Osman, W. ’aA., H. Taher, H. Darweesh, M. A. Samie, O. G.Shaker, M. A. Samie, D. A. L., and H. Ateyya, "The possible anti-inflammatory effect of extra virgin olive oil with colchicine in treatment of resistant cases of familial Mediterranean fever in a cohort of pediatric Egyptian patients", Future journal of pharmaceutical sciences, vol. 10, issue 17@, 2024.
Osman, K. M., H.A. Ali, J. A. ElJakee, and H. M. Gala, "Prevalence of Chlamydophila psittaci Infections in the Eyes of Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep and Goats in Contact with a Human Population", Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 2012, vol. short communication, pp. 1-7, 2012.
Osman, M. S., A. A. Tharwat, I. A. El-Khodary, and A. G. Chalabi, "Stability in Multi-Scenario Portfolio Programming Problem with A Parametric Study", International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Information Sciences, vol. 13, issue 3, pp. 41-54, 2013.
Osman, T., E. Kenawy, K. I. Abdrabo, D. Shaw, A. Alshamndy, M. Elsharif, M. Salem, M. Alwetaishi, R. M. Aly, and B. Elboshy, "Voluntary Local Review Framework to Monitor and Evaluate the Progress towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals at a City Level: Buraidah City, KSA and SDG11 as A Case Study", Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 17: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, pp. 9555, 2021. Abstract
Osman, K. M., M. Elhariri, Z. M. S. A. Girh, and N. AlAtfeehy, "Consequences to international trade of chicken hatchlings: Salmonella enterica and its public health implications", International Journal of Advanced Research (2014), vol. Volume 2, Issue 5 ,45-63, issue ISSN 2320-5407 I, pp. 45-63, 2014.
Osman, D., A. Yousef, S. El-Badry, and A. El-Taweel, "Effect of Moderate Exercise on Breast Milk Leukocytes in Exclusively Breast-feeding Mothers", International Journal of PharmTech Research, vol. 9, issue 3, pp. 01-08, 2016. AbstractWebsite

Although it is well documented that moderate exercise enhances cell-mediated
immunity, effect of moderate exercise on breast milk leukocytes has not been studied yet. So,
the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of moderate exercise on breast milk
leukocytes in exclusively breast-feeding mothers. Forty-seven exclusively breast-feeding
mothers at 1st to 5th month postpartum were randomized into two groups. Group A received
breast-feeding and nutritional counseling and engaged in moderate aerobic exercise for 4
weeks with a total of 12 sessions. Group B received only the same breast-feeding and
nutritional counseling for 4 weeks. Both groups were evaluated pre and post-intervention.
The outcome measures were maternal anthropometric parameters and breast milk total and
differential leukocytes counts. Post-intervention, there was a non-significant difference in the
maternal anthropometric parameters (P > 0.05) while there was a highly significant increase
in breast milk total and differential leukocytes counts (P = 0.001) in favor of group A. There
was a significant inverse relationship between maternal anthropometric parameters and
lymphocytes count in group A. This study explored that moderate aerobic exercise during
exclusive breast-feeding was associated with increased breast milk total and differential
leukocytes counts.

Osman, Z., "Limitation of Ground Fault Currents in the Cairo 500/220 Autotransformer Substation", 8th Annual Conference in Statistics, Computer Science, Information and Operation Research, Egypt, Dec. 1983.
Osman, A. H., "Pathological studies on some hepatic affection in horse", J. Egypt Vet. Med. Assoc, vol. 65, pp. 99-113, 2005.
Osman, M. A., T. Potter, and M. A. Mohamed, "Photochemical Degradation of Dicofol", The9th European Society for Photobiology, 18-21 September, Granada, Spain., 1999. Abstract
Osman, T. A., G. S. Nada, and Z. S. Safar, Different Magnetic Models in the Design of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings Lubricated with Non-Newtonian Ferrofluid, , vol. 14, issue 3, pp. 211 - 223, 2003. AbstractWebsite

This work is concerned with theoretical study of hydrodynamic journal bearings lubricated with ferrofluids exhibiting non-Newtonian behavior. Based on the momentum and continuity equations for ferrofluid under an applied magnetic field, a modified Reynolds equation has been obtained. Assuming linear behavior for the magnetic material of the ferrofluid, the magnetic force was calculated. The Reynolds equation has been derived to be able to apply to any magnetic field distribution model. Using different magnetic field models, the equation has been solved numerically by the finite-difference technique with appropriate iterative technique and pressure distributions have been obtained. The boundary shape of the load-carrying active regions (positive-pressure regions) and cavitation regions (zero-pressure regions) could be then determined. The solution renders the bearing performance characteristics, namely: load-carrying capacity, attitude angle of the journal center, frictional force at the journal surface, friction coefficient and bearing side leakage. The results indicated that the flow-behavior index has a large effect on the bearing performance. When the bearing operates at high eccentricity ratios, the increase of flow-behavior index gives higher load capacity, lower attitude angle, higher frictional force, lower friction coefficient and higher side leakage. At low eccentricity ratios where the magnetic effects are significant, the effect of the flow-behavior index depends mainly on the magnetic field distribution model used.

Osman, M. S., H. Rezazadeh, M. Eslami, A. NEIRAMEH, and M. Mirzazadeh, "ANALYTICAL STUDY OF SOLITONS TO BENJAMIN-BONA-MAHONY-PEREGRINE EQUATION WITH POWER LAW NONLINEARITY BY USING THREE METHODS", U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series A, vol. 80, issue 4, pp. 267-278, 2018.
Osman, A. H., M. S. M. El-din, A. M. Saafan, and S. Safwet, "Assessment to the Effect of Low Power Diode Laser On Wound Healing In Immunosuppressed Animals", Egyptain Journal of Comparative Pathology and Clinical Pathology, vol. 21, no. 4, 2008. Abstract
Osman, E. O., N. A. Khalil, A. Magdy, and Y. El-Dash, "Pyridazine and pyridazinone derivatives: Synthesis and in vitro investigation of their anti-inflammatory potential in LPS-induced RAW264.7 macrophages", Drug Development Research, vol. 85, no. 2, pp. e22173, 2024. AbstractWebsite

Abstract New pyridazine and pyridazinone derivatives 3a–g, 4a–f, 6a, and 6b were designed and synthesized. Cell viability of all compounds was established based on the viability of lipopolysaccharide-induced RAW264.7 macrophage cells determined via the MTT assay. In vitro inhibition assays on human COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes were conducted to probe the newly synthesized compounds' anti-inflammatory activity. The half maximal inhibitory concentration values for the most active compounds, 3d, 3e, and 4e towards COX-2 were 0.425, 0.519, and 0.356 µM, respectively, in comparison with celecoxib. The newly synthesized compounds' ability to inhibit the production of certain proinflammatory cytokines, such as inducible nitric oxide synthase, tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin-6, and prostaglandin-E2, was also estimated in lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophages (RAW264.7 cells). Compounds 3d and 3e were identified as the most potent cytokine production inhibitors. The results of molecular modeling studies suggested that these compounds were characterized by a reasonable binding affinity toward the active site of COX-2, when compared to a reference ligand. These results might be taken into consideration in further investigations into new anti-inflammatory agents.

Osman, K. A., M. A. Al-Doghairi, S. Al-Rehiayani, and M. I. D. Helal, "Mineral contents and physicochemical properties of natural honey produced in Al-Qassim region, Saudi Arabia", Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment, vol. 5, issue 3/4: WFL publisher, pp. 142, 2007. Abstract
Osman, E. E. A., "Analytical investigation of different mathematical approaches utilizing manipulation of ratio spectra.", Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, vol. 188, pp. 469-477, 2018 Jan 05. Abstract

This work represents a comparative study of different approaches of manipulating ratio spectra, applied on a binary mixture of ciprofloxacin HCl and dexamethasone sodium phosphate co-formulated as ear drops. The proposed new spectrophotometric methods are: ratio difference spectrophotometric method (RDSM), amplitude center method (ACM), first derivative of the ratio spectra (1DD) and mean centering of ratio spectra (MCR). The proposed methods were checked using laboratory-prepared mixtures and were successfully applied for the analysis of pharmaceutical formulation containing the cited drugs. The proposed methods were validated according to the ICH guidelines. A comparative study was conducted between those methods regarding simplicity, limitations and sensitivity. The obtained results were statistically compared with those obtained from the reported HPLC method, showing no significant difference with respect to accuracy and precision.

Osman, A. A. E., R. A. El-Khoribi, M. E. Shoman, and M. W. A. Shalaby, "Preprocessing Trajectory Learning Techniques For Robots: A comparative study", 2022 International Conference on Decision Aid Sciences and Applications (DASA): IEEE, pp. 1412-1415, 2022. Abstract
Osman, M., B. F. Zaitchik, and H. S. Badr, "North Atlantic Centers of Action and Temperature Variability in the Eastern United States", AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, vol. 2018, pp. GC21E–1153, 2018. Abstract
Osman, K., A. Orabi, and H. yehia, "Surveillance of Multi Drug Resistance Bacillus cereus in Retail Meat", veterinary medical journal, vol. 61(3), pp. 33-38, 2014.
Osman, H., A. Atef, and O. Moselhi, "Optimizing inspection policies for buried municipal pipe infrastructure", Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, vol. 26, no. 3: American Society of Civil Engineers, pp. 345–352, 2011. Abstract
Osman, K. M., A. D. Kappell, M. Elhadidy, F. E. Mougy, W. A. A. El-Ghany, A. Orabi, A. S. Mubarak, T. M. Dawoud, H. A. Hemeg, I. M. I. Moussa, et al., "Poultry hatcheries as potential reservoirs for antimicrobialresistant Escherichia coli: A risk to public health and food safety", Scientific Reports, vol. 8, issue 5859, pp. 1-14, 2018.
Osman, A., H. A. Goda, M. Abdel-Hamid, S. M. Badran, and J. Otte, "Antibacterial peptides generated by Alcalase hydrolysis of goat whey", LWT - Food Science and Technology, vol. 65, pp. 480-486, 2016. AbstractWebsite
Osman, M. S., D. Baleanu, K. U. Tariq, M. Kaplan, M. Younis, and S. T. R. Rizvi, "Different types of progressive wave solutions via the 2D-chiral nonlinear Schrödinger equation", Frontiers in Physics, vol. 8, pp. 215, 2020.