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The density matrix expansion method, together with three different effective nucleon-nucleon forces, is used to calculate the real part of the interaction potential between two 16O nuclei. The densities of the system are constructed using two different methods. In the first, a two-centre harmonic-oscillator potential is employed to construct the density and the kinetic energy density of the combined system and of the separated nuclei. In the second method, the density of the combined system is assumed to be the sum of the two separate densities and the kinetic energy densities are given approximately by the Thomas-Fermi approximation. The authors have found that the ion-ion potential derived using the second method shows a stronger energy dependence than that derived from the first. A comparison between the ion-ion potentials in the relevant tail region also showed that the second method includes, at zero energy, 30-60% of the exchange effects due to antisymmetrisation for the Negele force. At the same energy and for the Skyrme force the second method can be considered to be a very good approximation to the first.

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Ghallab, A. M., R. S. Ott, G. F. Cmarik, D. J. Kesler, D. B. Faulkner, and J. E. Hixon, "Effects of repetitive norgestomet treatments on pregnancy rates in cyclic and anestrous beef heifers.", Theriogenology, vol. 22, issue 1, pp. 67-74, 1984 Jul. Abstract

Sixty-eight 12- to 14-month-old crossbred beef heifers averaging 285 kg were assigned at random to treated (n = 35) and control (n = 33) groups to evaluate the use of repetitive norgestomet treatments. Treated heifers received an ear implant containing 6 mg norgestomet on two occasions 16 days apart. Injections of 3 mg norgestomet and 5 mg estradiol valerate (EV) were given intramuscularly the same day as first implantation (Syncro-Mate-B). Implants were removed after eight days. Four bulls were then placed in each of two pastures containing half of the treated and half of the control heifers for 24 days after the time of the first implant removal. Progesterone concentrations from blood samples collected prior to the first treatment were used to determine reproductive status. The overall pregnancy rate 64 days after first implant removal for treated anestrous heifers (61%; 14 23 ) was similar (p > 0.25) to untreated (73%; 11 15 ) and treated (75%; 9 12 ) cyclic heifers, but higher (p < 0.1) than for untreated anestrous heifers (33%; 6 18 ). This treatment advantage resulted from an increased (p < 0.01) pregnancy rate after the second implant removal. In summary, repetitive norgestomet treatments enhanced pregnancy rate in anestrous heifers within a 24-day breeding season.

Hussein, A. M., E. L. M. Shibini, Z. Osman, and T. Sharaf, "An Efficient Load Flow Code and its Application to the Unified Egyptian Power System", 9th Annual Conference in Statistics, Computer Science, Information and Operation Research, Egypt, Dec. 1984.