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Abbink, D. A., S. K. Abd-El-Hafiz, M. Abe, H. Abiri, G. Abo, O. Abu Safia, J. D. Adam, A. L. Adenot-Engelvin, A. A. Adly, R. Adur, et al., 2013 Index IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics Vol. 43, , Submitted. Abstract
Abdelfatah, W. F., H. Abdelgawad, B. Abdulhai, T. J. Adam, J. P. Aguilar, C. Ahlstrom, N. Ahuja, S. A. Issa, N. Ait Oufroukh, S. Akehurst, et al., "2013 Index IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Vol. 14", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 2009, 2013. Abstract
Abbott, J. J., S. K. Abd-El-Hafiz, A. S. Abdel-Khalik, S. E. Abdollahi, K. Abe, M. Abe, T. Abe, H. Abiri, G. Abo, G. S. Abo, et al., "2013 Index IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Vol. 49", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, vol. 49, no. 12, pp. 5761, 2013. Abstract
Abdelgawad, H., B. Abdulhai, M. Aeberhard, A. Alhafdhi, A. Ali, C. Anagnostopoulos, M. Ang, M. Baek, M. Bahram, T. Bakri, et al., 2015 Index IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine Vol. 7, , 2015. Abstract
Lee, S. - H., D. Tran, T. Ali, B. {\c{C}}atli, H. Zhang, W. Zhang, M. Abdul-Latif, Z. Huang, G. Li, M. R. Ahmadi, et al., "A 23mW/lane 1.2–6.8 Gb/s multi-standard transceiver in 28nm CMOS", Solid-State Circuits Conference (A-SSCC), 2014 IEEE Asian: IEEE, pp. 105–108, 2014. Abstract
Osama M. Sayed, Ahmed E. M. Mekky, A. F. A. E. M. H. M., "3,4-Bis(bromomethyl)thieno[2,3-b]thiophene: Versatile Precursors for Novel Bis(triazolothiadiazines), Bis(quinoxalines), Bis (dihydrooxadiazoles), and Bis(dihydrothiadiazoles)", J. Heterocyclic Chem., 53, 1113 (2016)., vol. 53: Wiley, pp. 1113–1120, 2016. Abstract
Kocaman, N., T. Ali, L. P. Rao, U. Singh, M. Abdul-Latif, Y. Liu, A. A. Hafez, H. Park, A. Vasani, Z. Huang, et al., "A 3.8 mW/Gbps Quad-Channel 8.5–13 Gbps Serial Link With a 5 Tap DFE and a 4 Tap Transmit FFE in 28 nm CMOS", IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 51, no. 4: IEEE, pp. 881–892, 2016. Abstract
Ali, T., L. Rao, U. Singh, M. Abdul-Latif, Y. Liu, A. A. Hafez, H. Park, A. Vasani, Z. Huang, A. Iyer, et al., "A 3.8 mW/Gbps quad-channel 8.5–13 Gbps serial link with a 5-tap DFE and a 4-tap transmit FFE in 28 nm CMOS", 2015 Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSI Circuits): IEEE, pp. C348–C349, 2015. Abstract
OA, B., N. MH, K. AM, and N. AA, "360° laser retinopexy in preventing retinal re-detachment after 23-gauge vitrectomy for primary repair of retinal detachment.", Egyptian Retina Journal, vol. 3, issue 1, pp. 1-9, 2015.
Oghan, F., A. Osame, and H. Negm, "3D Moduling Before Sinus Surgery", All Around the Nose: Springer, 2020.
Oing, C., I. Verem, W. Y. Mansour, C. Bokemeyer, S. Dyshlovoy, and F. Honecker, "5-Azacitidine Exerts Prolonged Pro-Apoptotic Effects and Overcomes Cisplatin-Resistance in Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumor Cells.", International journal of molecular sciences, vol. 20, issue 1, pp. 21-32, 2018 Dec 21, 2019. Abstract

Despite high cure rates, about 20% of patients with advanced germ cell tumors (GCTs) fail cisplatin-based chemotherapy. High levels of DNA methylation have been identified in GCTs and linked to cisplatin resistance. Here, we examined the effects of DNA hypomethylating 5-azacitidine (5-aza) on two embryonal carcinoma cell lines (NCCIT, 2102Ep) and their cisplatin-resistant isogenic derivatives. Effects on cell viability and cisplatin sensitivity were assessed by the trypan blue exclusion method. Western blotting was used to examine induction of apoptosis 5-aza and results were validated by flow cytometry. Single agent treatment with 5-aza strongly impacted viability and induced apoptosis at low nanomolar concentrations, both in cisplatin-sensitive and -resistant cell lines. 5-aza exerted an immediate apoptotic response, followed by a prolonged inhibitory effect on cell viability and cell-cycle progression. Sequential treatment with 5-aza and cisplatin reduced cellular survival of the cisplatin-resistant sublines already at nanomolar concentrations, suggesting a partial restoration of cisplatin sensitivity by the compound. 5-aza demonstrated anti-tumor activity as a single agent at low nanomolar concentrations in GCT cells, irrespective of cisplatin-sensitivity. 5-aza may also have the potential at least to partially restore cisplatin-sensitivity in non-seminoma cells, supporting the hypothesis that combining DNA demethylating agents with cisplatin-based chemotherapy may be a valid therapeutic approach in patients with refractory GCTs.

Youssif, B. G. M., A. M. Mohamed, E. E. A. Osman, O. F. Abou-Ghadir, D. H. Elnaggar, M. H. Abdelrahman, L. Treamblu, and H. A. M. Gomaa, 5-Chlorobenzofuran-2-carboxamides: From allosteric CB1 modulators to potential apoptotic antitumor agents, , vol. 177, pp. 1 - 11, 2019. AbstractWebsite

Cannabinoids as THC and the CB1 allosteric modulator CBD were reported to have antiproliferative activities with no reports for other CB1 allosteric modulators as the 5-chloroindole-2-carboxamide derivatives and their furan congeners. Based on the antiproliferative activity of two 5-chlorobenzofuran-2-carboxamide allosteric CB1 modulators, a series of novel derivatives was designed and synthesized. The synthesized compounds were tested in a cell viability assay using human mammary gland epithelial cell line (MCF-10A) where all the compounds exhibited no cytotoxic effects and more than 85% cell viability at a concentration of 50 μM. Some derivatives showed good antiproliferative activities against tumor cells as compounds 8, 15, 21 and 22. The most active compound 15 showed equipotent activity to doxorubicin. Compounds 7, 9, 15, 16, 21 and 22 increased the level of active caspase 3 by 4–8 folds, compared to the control cells in MCF-7 cell line and doxorubicin as a reference drug. Compounds 15 and 21, the most activecaspase-3 inducers, increase the levels of caspase 8 and 9 indicating activation of both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways and showed potent induction of Bax, down-regulation of Bcl-2 protein levels and over-expression of Cytochrome C levels in MCF-7 cell lines. Compound 15 exhibited cell cycle arrest at the Pre-G1 and G2/M phases in the cell cycle analysis of MCF-7 cell line. The drug Likeness profile of the synthesized compounds showed that all the compounds were predicted to have high oral absorption complying with different pharmacokinetics filters.

Pan, L., A. S. Fahmy, A. Spooner, R. G. Weiss, M. Stuber, and N. F. Osman, "535. STRAIN ENCODED (SENC) IMAGING FOR DETECTION OF REGIONAL DYSFUNCTION IN PATIENTS WITH MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION AT 3T", Age (yrs), vol. 66, pp. 6–6, 2005. Abstract


Sherif, S. M., H. M. Gaber, and S. A. Ouf, "64. Studies with pyridoazinethiones: Synthesis, transformations, and biological evaluation of cyanopyridazinethiones and their heterocyclic fused derivatives", The 2nd International Conference of Pharmaceutical and Drug Industries, National Research Centre, March 7-9, , 2005.
Payne, A., A. Daniel, A. Mehta, B. Thompson, C. S. Bamji, D. Snow, H. Oshima, L. Prather, M. Fenton, L. Kordus, et al., "7.6 a 512× 424 cmos 3d time-of-flight image sensor with multi-frequency photo-demodulation up to 130mhz and 2gs/s adc", 2014 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers (ISSCC): IEEE, pp. 134-135, 2014. Abstract


Osman, S. A., A. M. Aboul-Enein, A. Ibrahim, and H. M. Salem, "8- The effect of induced hypercholesterolemia on blood and tissue lipids of rats", Arab J. Lab. Med., vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 34, 1979.
Gregoire, V., J. Overgaard, and E. Shash, "82: An example of the integrated model: the EORTC DAHANCA-1219 trial", Radiotherapy and Oncology, vol. 110: Elsevier, pp. S40, 2014. Abstract
El-Shabrawi, M. H., S. Omran, S. Wageeh, M. Isa, Sawsan Okasha, Mona Isa, N. A. Mohsen, O. Zekry, E. Gamal, H. M. El-karaksy, and others, "99mTechnetium-macroaggregated albumin perfusion lung scan versus contrast enhanced echocardiography in the diagnosis of the hepatopulmonary syndrome in children with chronic liver disease", European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology, vol. 22, no. 8: LWW, pp. 1006–1012, 2010. Abstract


Refai, M., H. El-Monsory, and M. Osman, ": Incidence of yeasts in sputa and urine in chest and urinary diseases.", Mykosen 299-302 , vol. 14, pp. 299-302 , 1971. incidence_of_yeasts_in_sputa_and_urine.pdf
Omar, H. M., and O. A. AL-Sagir, ":On the camel nasal bot fly ;Cephalopina titillator: Prevalence and possible transmission to human at Al-Qassim area, Saudi Arabia", Proceedings of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences, vol. ,49(, issue 1, pp. 1-7, 1999. pdf_cephalo_alsagir_.pdf