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Omar, W., H. Elgawaby, H. Elatroush, A. Moafi, and K. Mashhour, Comparison Between Complete Revascularization in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention versus Culprit-Only Revascularization, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2012. md_paper.doc
Al-Wahab, A. M. A. A., D. R. I. Badawy, G. M. Obaya, and D. R. M. M. A. Al-Haq, Comparison of blind tracheal intubation through the intubating laryngeal mask airway (LMA-Fastrach™) and the Air-Q™ , , cairo, cairo, 2012. ahmed_master.pdf
Mowafy, H. A., T. S. Elgohary, E. Omar, A. Battah, and M. H. Mohamed, Correlation between vascular endothelial growth factor level and the severity of the acute thrombotic events, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2009. total1.pdf
Fouad, A. M., W. M. Aref, M. M. Fathi, and M. G. Omar, Diagnostic Significance of plasma osteopontin in hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma, , cairo, Cairo university, 2013. abstract.pdf
Sayed, M., H. Okasha, H. Hussien, M. A. L. Sharkawy, R. F. Salam, W. A. Nabaoy, and M. S. M, Diagnostic Value of Sonography, FNAC and Genetic Alteration in Diagnosis of Malignant Thyroid Nodules, , Giza, Cairo univ , 2015. Abstractabstract-template.pdf

Background:-Thyroid nodule is common, malignancies found in ≈ 9-15% of the nodules evaluated with FNAB (1). High resolution US and FNAB are the most important steps in diagnostic workup of thyroid nodule. 20–40% of FNABs yield undetermined cytology (2). Surgery is required in indeterminate FNAB, but only quarter of them prove to be malignant after surgery (3), so 77% underwent unneeded surgery. so, finding a mean to diagnose malignant nodule preoperative is important. advances in molecular genetics can be applied to develop a new diagnostic markers for FNA samples.Objective:- evaluating the diagnostic value of high resolution U/S, FNAC, and BRAFV600 in diagnosing malignant thyroid nodules. Patients and Methodology: 50 patients from Kasr alainy endocrine outpatient clinic with solitary or multiple thyroid nodules, All subjected to Full history and examination, thyroid profile, high resolution neck U/S, U/S guided FNAC and BRAFV600E analysis on FNAB using DNA sequencing then HRMA for confirmation Results: - The incidence of BRAFV600E mutation among PTC patients was 55.6%, P value < 0.001. The sensitivity of BRAFV600E mutation was 42.9%, specificity was 100%. Ultrasound sensitivity in detecting malignancy was 88.2%, specificity 72.7%. Addition of ultrasonography to BRAFV600E analysis increased ultrasound sensitivity in detecting PTC preoperative to 92%.There was a positive correlation between most suspicious ultrasonography findings and presence of BRAFV600E mutation (increased AP/T diameter, Increase intra-nodular blood flow, cervical lymphadenopathy, absent or incomplete halo (all p value < 0.001), irregular border p value 0.004 , micro calcifications p value 0.007.
Conclusion1-High resolution US and FNAB are the most important steps in diagnosis of thyroid nodule.2-BRAFV600E mutation detected mainly in PTC.3- Adding BRAFV600E analysis to U/S and FNA will increase the sensitivity of preoperative diagnosis of PTC especially in indefinite nodules. 4-BRAFV600E positivity was associated with most known suspicious U/S finding and significantly present in cases with cervical lymphadenopathy that may give it a prognostic value.5-HRMA is simple, accurate, low cost tool for BRAFV600E analysis.

hossam el dessouky, A. A. Aziz, D. M. O. Othman, and M. K. E. D. Tawfik, Early Exposure to Visual Media and its Effect on Language Development in Arabic Speaking Children, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2015. Abstract

Early language development is stimulated by the linguistic input that children hear on a regular basis. Since media has become an integral part of Egyptian children’s lives in the past decade it is essential to study its role on language development. The aim of this work is to detect the relation between delayed language development and increased exposure to visual media. The study was conducted on 140 Egyptian, Arabic speaking children, with age range between two and five years. The Children were divided into two groups; 70 children with delayed language development, and 70 typically developing children. A questionnaire was designed to assess the media viewing habits of each group. The results obtained from this study revealed an association between early and excessive exposure to visual media and delayed language development.

Key words: Visual media – Television – Language development- Language assessment- Media viewing habits.

Ahmad, A. A. E. - M. K., M. H. E. - S. Badawie, and M. A. Oteafy, The Effect of a Program Based on Curiosity in Developing some Cognitive Processes and Thinking Skills for Pupils of the Preparatory Stage, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractassem_abd_el-mageed_kamel_ahmad.pdf

The current study aims at studying the effect of a program based on Curiosity
in developing Attention, Visual perception and Critical thinking for pupils of the
preparatory stage. Sample of the study consisted of (30) pupils of the second year
of the prep. Stage as a Control group, and (30) pupils as an Experimental group.
The current study reached differences between the pre-measuring and the post
measuring for the experimental group in (Attention, Visual perception and Critical
thinking) variables in favor of the post measuring, also The study reached
differences in the post measuring between the Experimental and Control groups in
favor of Experimental group in (Attention, Visual perception and Critical thinking)

eman m. othman, and adel nossier, effect of balance exercise program on balance in lower limb ulcers, , cairo, cairo university, 2012.
Mahmoud, M. S., S. A. Mohamed, K. A. Olama, and S. N. E. M. Dien, Effect of different electrodes placement on hand functions in children with hemiparesis, , Giza, Cairo University, 2014.
Emam, R. A. E. - D., O.K.Shaaer, H.A.G.El-Din, and I.F.Souliman, Effect of glycemic control on sexual function of diabetic femalepatients, , Cairo, Cairo, 2015.
Mohamed, D. M. E., A. mohamed Y, M. H. M, and F. M. O, EFFECT OF ULTRAVIOLET ON MUSCLES VITALITY IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN WITH VITAMIN D deficiency, , Egypt, Cairo University, Submitted. publication.pdf
Osama, M., The Effectiveness of Rebel to Party Transformation: The Case of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) [in Arabic], , Cairo, Cairo University, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, 2020.
Fadel, N., H. el dahab, and S. hassan osman, the efficacy of fentanyl in management of emrgence hypertension in neurosurgery patients , , cairo, cairo university, 2011.
Mustafa, M. Y., N. A. Fadel, H. A. E. W. A. el dahab, and S. H. Osman, Efficacy of low dose Fentanyl at dural closure in controlling emergence hypertension in cranial surgery, , cairo, cairo, 2013.