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Abdel-Rahman, T. M., N. M. Khalil, M. N. Abd El-Ghany, S. A. M. Elsoud, S. M. Abbass, E. E. Sayed, M. M. Mahmoud, A. M. Mahmoud, A. M. Ebrahim, R. R. Abdel-kader, et al., Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences, , Submitted. Abstract
Amany EZZAT Ayad, MD, F. I. P. P., M. C. Osama H Salman, M. D. A M Ibrahim, and M. D. Guistino Varrassi, "A Response to: Letter to the Editor regarding “Influences of Gender on Intravenous Nalbuphine Actions After Major Abdominal Surgery: A Multicenter Study”", Pain and Therapy Journal , vol. 202/, issue 24 August, Submitted.
S, E. L. H. A. B. A. S. H. Y., R. E. H. A. B. F. A. U. A. D. A. B. D. ELKODOOS, M. A. N. A. L. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. ELSAWY, and B. A. S. M. A. M. O. H. A. M. E. D. OSMAN, "A REVIEW OF MEDICAL DEVICES-RELATED PRESSURE ULCERS", IJBPAS, June, 2018, : 1133-114, vol. 7(6), pp. 1133-114, Submitted.
El-Kammah, K. M., K. S. E. A. Wahab, L. M. I. Oyoun, and H. S. M. Gabr, Studies on Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodidae) salivary glands and gut immunogenecity, , Submitted. Abstract
Mohamed, K. O., P. A. Halim, R. A. Hassan, S. O. Hassanin, M. G. Khalil, A. M. Abdou, and E. O. Osman, "Synthesis and biological evaluation of halogenated phenoxychalcones and their corresponding pyrazolines as cytotoxic agents in human breast cancer", Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 37, issue 1, pp. 189-201, Submitted.
Ahmed, A. A., A. A. Mohamed, I. A. Guled, H. M. Elamin, A. H. Abou-Zeid, J. Loko Roka, R. Van den Bergh, S. Au, E. De Plecker, R. Zachariah, et al., Womens/Reproductive Health:[32], , Submitted. Abstract
Abdel-Rahman, R. F., A. F. Hessin, M. Abdelbaset, H. A. Ogaly, R. M. Abd-Elsalam, and S. M. Hassan, "Antihypertensive Effects of Roselle-Olive Combination in L-NAME-Induced Hypertensive Rats", Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, vol. 2017, issue 2017, pp. 1-24, Submitted.
O, M., and H. B, "Breast Molecular Profiling and Radiotherapy Considerations.", Novel Biomarkers in the Continuum Of Breast Cancer, London, Springer, Submitted.
Okasha, T. M., W. Y. Mohamed, M. S. Ismail, and K. S. Anbar, Cerebral Oxygenation among Acute Traumatic Brain Injury Patients , , Germany, LAP LAMBERT, Submitted.
Farouk, K., Osama Ibrahem, Mohamed Essam, Ahmed El Shaeer, and S. Sheta, "Correlation between Mixed Venous and Central Venous Oxygen Saturation in Patients Undergoing CABG", The Egyptian Heart Journal, 2009, vol. 61, issue 2, Submitted.
Gouda, O. E., G. Osman, W. Salem, and S. H., "Cyclic Loading of Underground Cables Including the Variations of Backfill Soil Thermal Resistivity and Specific Heat With Temperature Variation", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER DELIVERY, vol. 33, issue 6, pp. 3122-3129, Submitted.
K.Ramadan, N., A. O.Mohamed, S. E.Shawky, and M. Y.Salem, "Different stability–indicating techniques for the determination of triclabendazole", Analytical Chemistry An Indian Journal, vol. 12, issue 11, pp. 428-438, Submitted. paper_final_sara_analytical_chemistry_an_indian_journal.pdf
Homos, M. D., M. T. Ali, M. F. Osman, and D. M. Nabil, "DTI metrics reflecting microstructural changes of normal appearing deep grey matter in multiple sclerosis", The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, vol. 48, pp. 1005-1008, Submitted.
and Ossama E. Gouda, Adel Z. El Dein, G. A. M., "Effect of Dry Zone Formation around Underground Power Cables on Their Ratings", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER DELIVERY, vol. 26, NO. 2,, pp. 972 - 978, Submitted.
Mostafa, R. E., A. A. A. Salama, R. F. Abdel-Rahman, and H. A. Ogaly, "Hepato- and neuro-protective influences of biopropolis on thioacetamide-induced acute hepatic encephalopathy in rats", Canadian iournal of physiology and pharmacology, vol. 95, issue 2017, pp. 539–547, Submitted. cjpp-biopropolis.pdf
do Ossama E. Gouda, U. C.;;, U. B. de Ghada M. Amer, and U. V. S. A.(E.)- do do Adel Z. El Dein, "Redução da capacidade de corrente pela formação de zonas secas no solo", CABOS SUBTERRÂNEOS, pp. 130-142, Submitted. 2_em_portuguese_1_2010.pdf
Ali, M. T., M. F. Osman, M. D. Homos, and D. M. Nabil, "Role of 3-T diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in differentiation between benign and malignant hepatic lesions", The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, vol. 47, issue 2016, pp. 1231-1241, Submitted.
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Hamdy, M., Osama Tahye, Khaled Farouk, A. E. Hadidy, and S. M. Ashraf Hussein, "Trimetazidine Improves Left Ventricular Systolic Function in Diabetic Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease", Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association, Vol. 89, No. 1-12, June, 2006 , Submitted.
Zaher, A., H. Moustafa, W. Omar, H. Farag, and I. Ezzat, "Assessment of treatment response and tumour viability using Tl201, Tc-MIBI and Tc-MDP in bone and soft tissue sarcoma", First Egyptian International Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Hurghada , 25-27 February, Submitted.